Thinking of Moving to Ecuador? Take this Short Quiz (#13)


1. A cell phone company offers unlimited local calls and 100 minutes of international calls for $40 / mo. Is this an average deal, a good deal, or a bad deal?
2. While waiting for a cab, a four-door pickup truck with a green stripe down the side and a bunch of official-looking numbers on it pulls up to you. What’s about to happen?
3. What are some of the most common dog foods in Ecuador?
4. How common are automatic transmissions in Ecuador and why?
5. A person is correctly told that dragon fruit is delicious and so buys one. But of what should they beware?

0. Strongly recommend going to
1. Probably best to go to
2. Consider going to
3. 50/50
4. You might be ok without
5. I need to talk to you about being a content provider. Please go to and click Support.

* Alternatively, one can go to Amazon and buy the book for only $9.99.

Stay tuned for more questions in a few days.

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