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As no one can ever know what the future will bring (especially in the time of Covid-19), assuring your family, heirs and/or spouse a reliable transition with regards to your estate, self and worldly effects has never been more important than it is now. Email Attorney Sara Chaca at as per any/all of the above referenced documentary matters for the benefit of those whom you care about most in this world.

To that end, here as follows are three separate articles that Attorney Sara Chaca wrote and published on “Cuenca High Life” which have collectively been viewed thousands of times by Expats, concerning the pertinent topics of Ecuadorian Wills, Estate Planning & Powers of Attorney, respectively, which shall collectively give you a good understanding of the general process and requirements to oversee all such important matters here in Ecuador with respect to any monies and property you bring to, buy and earn/receive in Ecuador, including to guarantee the carrying out of your personal desires of what shall occur around the time of and following your passing (i.e. Living Will & Cremation vs. Burial), plus any applicable Power of Attorney issues per you and your assets and/or medical situations during your lifetime:  AND  AND





Phone: 099-296-2065


Physical Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel (2 story office building with balcony that shows directly above it the words “Ecuador Visas”)


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Attorney Sara Chaca


You know Ecuador it is not the perfect place to drive a car, you have to be SO aware. The chance to have a transit accident is high especially if you are not 100% alert.
Let’s say, you are walking down the street and are hit by car. Did you know that it is mandatory by the law, that public and PRIVATE hospitals attend to the victims?
This is because Ecuadorian law indicates that all vehicles that circulate in the country have a Public System for the Payment of Traffic Accidents (SPPAT), which protects all citizens economically, whether drivers, passengers or pedestrians who suffer injuries or unfortunately die in a traffic accident caused by the circulation of a motor vehicle on Ecuadorian territory.
“The Public Service for the Payment of Traffic Accidents (SPPAT) guarantees citizens their right to receive an immediate and quality health service throughout Ecuador.

An affected citizen has the right to the following:

  • Transportation and mobilization expenses for victims of up to USD 200.00 per person.
  • Medical expenses up to USD 3,000.00 per person.
  • Payment for permanent, total or partial disability, for an amount of up to USD 5,000.00 per person.
  • Payment for death, in the amount of USD 5,000.00 per person.
  • Funeral expenses, in an amount of up to USD 400.00 per person.

This is all according to the website of the Public Service for Payment of Traffic Accidents, you can find mere info in this link:

What if you have private health insurance?...

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Cuenca Expat Insurance


Help your loved one make a smooth and supported transition.

Vilca Hospice and the Casa Asistencial de Vilcabamba offer complete end-of-life care to anyone in need.

The Casa Asistencial provides homey, comfortable, and loving care to residents at any stage of infirmity. We are licensed by the municipality of Loja and staffed by trained nurses, with oversight by a skilled doctor with experience in palliative care.

We offer long-term care at monthly rates or short-term care at day rates. We love our residents like our own relatives, and we care for them as such.

As your loved one approaches the end, they will have the option to transition to a hospice suite staffed and run by our partners at Vilca Hospice.

The hospice suite is arranged for the comfort of the patient AND friends and family, so your loved one is supported and comfortable in the final days of their life. Family and friends are welcome to visit and stay, but Vilca Hospice will also coordinate trained sitters to ensure that your loved one is never alone. They can also help you organize legal documentation and funeral and cremation services, as necessary.

For more information, photos, or assistance in English….
·     Visit
·     Email
·     Or call 098 688 4411

For information about Vilca Hospice, please visit

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Maureen E Lauder

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