Leading insurance broker expands services to meet North American expat needs

Mar 10, 2021

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“Did you turn off the iron? Did you lock the house? Where did you leave your laptop? Did you just feel that tremor? How does the fridge break down just after the warranty? What will it cost to get a hip replacement without insurance?”

You’ve probably asked yourself one of more of these questions many times in your adult life. Everyone has. And before you moved to Ecuador, you didn’t worry too much because you had insurance for all of these things. You didn’t think twice about buying insurance either. It made sense. You did it. And you likely needed it more than once.

So how did those “needs” change when you moved to Ecuador? Did you stop needing to insure a home of condo? Or did you stop needing renter’s insurance?

Did you suddenly trust that the iron would turn off by itself like it says on the side of the box? Did you stop needing a car?

Did you stop caring about the cracks in the wall that the latest earthquake caused? Did you not care that you had to buy another appliance to replace one that was only three years old?

Of course not! None of those things happened!

But what did happen is that you moved to another country and probably don’t speak the language very well. And because of that, you’ve been afraid to try to find insurance for all of your needs.

Maybe you’ve gotten health insurance from an agent that all of the expats trust. But that was it, you didn’t think you could find someone else who could get you homeowner’s insurance. Or renter’s insurance, or car insurance.

You just added that to the list of things that would be different about living in another country.

For the last year, Cuenca Expat Insurance has been building a product portfolio for all of your insurance needs!

And if that name sounds vaguely familiar, it should. It is part of the same team that brought you and your friends Cuenca Expat Health Insurance. That’s right, the team that is among the most trusted health insurance providers in the expat community has expanded its services to cover ALL of your insurance needs.

Left to right: Alex Calderon, Daniela Cordero, Monica Mena, Ramiro Crespo.

In addition to health insurance, Cuenca Expat Insurance now offers homeowner’s, renter’s, fire, car, theft, appliance, electronic equipment, and even pet insurance! They can cover you for all of those life emergencies that you didn’t worry about in North America. And they can do it for less than you think.

Because in addition to growing their offerings in healthcare over the last year, Cuenca Expat Insurance has also partnered with 7 more large insurers to be able to bring you lots of different options for your insurance needs.

They can cover you thru BMI, VUMI, AIG and a host of other local insurance companies. Because Cuenca Expat Insurance is a credentialed brokerage of all of these insurers, you don’t have to shop around and be forced to fit all of your needs into one company policy.

And being credentialed means that it has been approved by all of these companies to sell their insurance products, and they have been licensed and approved by the governmental insurance bodies to offer you the coverages you need. Cuenca Expat Insurance even carries omission insurance on themselves, to be sure you’re covered even if they make a mistake in your policy.

Daniela with two happy clients

Many of our readers have worked with Cuenca Expat Health Insurance already and have been extremely satisfied with the hands-on service that Daniela Cordero has provided them for their health insurance needs (look at what others have said about Daniela’s amazing service.

As you can imagine, Daniela has been quite busy during the pandemic, not only with adding people on to new policies, but also making sure her clients still got their other healthcare needs met during this difficult time.

In fact, in just the last couple of months, Daniela has had to help two separate clients though a hip replacement and a surgery for a fractured femur. The coverage value for those two patients exceeded $30,000! But their out-of-pocket expenses were minimal, thanks to the policies that Daniela steered them towards.

Alex Calderon

All of Daniela’s clients can rest assured that she will continue to offer them the highest level of customer service, because though she will be the point person for English-speaking clients, Cuenca Expat Insurance has hired Alex Calderon, a highly experience insurance broker, to handle any new policies for other types of insurance. Working as a team, Daniela and Alex feel they can offer expats a wide array of insurance services at a price that they can be happy with.

They’ve even arranged for insurance policies to either be paid in lump sums, or via automatic monthly credit or debit withdrawals.

So, if you’ve worried about leaving that iron on, or you’re losing sleep at night worrying about someone breaking into your home while you go back to visit the grandchildren, give Daniela and Alex a call. They can put you at ease.

Or better yet, stop by the centrally located Cuenca Expat Insurance office and tell them exactly what it is you need to have covered. They’ll know how to handle all of it, and you’ll be able to stop worrying about the little things and start enjoying your time in your expat adventure.

Av. Remigio Tamariz and Av. Solano
Edificio Office
5th Floor, Office 5-5

Contact information:
099-520-6384 (within Ecuador)
(+593) 995-206-384 (outside Ecuador)


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