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Attorney for Coopera members arrested during Thursday protest

Gustavo Castro

Gustavo Quito, attorney for members of the financial cooperative Coopera, was arrested Thursday in Cuenca at the parents’ home of Alianza País executive secretary Doris Soliz. Quito says he and Continue reading »

WEEKLY NEWS WRAP: Digest of Ecuador, Cuenca and Latin America news

Ecuador's National Assembly voted for a new marriage law on Monday.

Vendors complain about conditions of city markets Cuenca public market vendors are complaining about maintenance problems in the facilities. At the 10 de Agosto Market on Calle Larga, vendors say Continue reading »

Ecuador’s Central Bank electronic money program is far behind schedule; in Cuenca and other cities it is no where to be seen

An account holder takes a tutorial of the Central Bank’s new electronic money system that will operate by cell phone.

Ecuador’s ambitious electronic — or digital — money program is lagging far behind early expectations, and is almost entirely unavailable in some cities, such as Cuenca. Although it is operational Continue reading »

Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano died as summit ended; despised by dictators, Europe and the U.S., his ‘truthfulness was furious’

Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano

By Amy Goodman For the first time in more than half a century, the presidents of the United States and Cuba have had a formal meeting. Barack Obama met with Continue reading »

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Expat Life

What’s the scoop on salt? We need some but most of us eat too much


By Susan Burke March, MS, RDN, LD/N, CDE Salt is an acquired taste. You may love it now, but you weren’t born that way. Just consider what happens if you Continue reading »

What do Cuencanos say about expats? A follow-up to a 2009 survey

Expats have helped improve Cuenca's restaurant scene.

Editor’s note: As part of a 2009 University of Cuenca student project, Silvia Lara collected comments from a cross-section of Cuencanos about their impressions of North American expats. At the Continue reading »

Expats are too quick to seek legal solutions, attorney says

The provincial court house in Cuenca.

According to Quito attorney Gustavo Martinez, too many North American expats consider filing a law suit before they try to resolve problems personally or through mediation. “In Ecuador, legal action Continue reading »

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