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Cuenca’s tram project ‘has left the station,’ but opposition to it continues; El Centro property owners, city officials and expats weigh in

Tram on display in Otorongo Plaza in 2013.

By Sylvan Hardy Although it appears that the final obstacles for Cuenca’s new electric tram system have been overcome, controversy Continue reading »

Ecuadorians who left for the U.S. and Europe in the 80s and 90s return to seek better lives; tens of thousands come home to Cuenca

Rafael Correa meets Ecuadorians in Genoa, Italy in 2012.

By Ruxandra Guidi Last April, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa took his weekly radio show “Enlace Cuidadano” on the road to Continue reading »

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Expat Life

Why do expats go home? Why do they seek new overseas ‘havens’? Interviews with departing and relocating expats reveal the reasons

Expats meet U.S. Embassy officials in 2011

Editor’s note: Originally from California, Rick Ingle describes himself as a “student of expatriation.” Rick has lived overseas since 1984 Continue reading »

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