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Ecuador bows to Chinese pressure, removes ‘China’ name from Taiwan commerce office

Moreno pledges financial support to complete Cuenca’s tranvía project

Martes, 27/6/2017: Ecuador promotion, N. American writers, Electric service cut-offs, Many mini restaurants, Odebrecht, IESS

Quito bus owners and drivers clash with passengers over proposed fare increase

Check out thirteen of the craziest driving laws in the world

Cuenca pushes for revision of national driving violation penalties

Depositors in illegal bank will have to wait for return of funds — if there are any

Lunes, 26/6/2017: Animal shelter, Sayausí Parish celebration, Turmeric treatment

Although most Panama hats are exported from Cuenca, the weavers live in small villages of the Andean countryside

It’s Moreno vs. Correa and Moreno is bringing in the heavy hitter

Moreno grants six more pardons to indigenous leaders jailed in mining protest

Opposition parties say they have the votes for an impeachment trial of Glas