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City says tram will be rerouted outside of the historic district; pressure from property owners moves train to Av. Las Americas

chl tram otorongo

The city has agreed to the demands of the Cuenca Civic Collective to reroute the tram outside of the historic Continue reading »

Ecuador ends environmental projects with Germany as the result of an attempted ‘unauthorized’ Yasuni visit by German lawmakers

chl yasuni pix

Ecuador has halted environmental cooperation deals with Germany worth some 43 million euros to the Latin American country after German Continue reading »

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Expat Life

Why do expats go home? Why do they seek new overseas ‘havens’? Interviews with departing and relocating expats reveal the reasons

Expats meet U.S. Embassy officials in 2011

Editor’s note: Originally from California, Rick Ingle describes himself as a “student of expatriation.” Rick has lived overseas since 1984 Continue reading »

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