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Ecuadorian business groups meet with Correa in Quito, ask for relaxation of some regulations, reduction of taxes and import tariffs

Business leaders meet with government officials in Quito.

Following two days of meetings with President Rafael Correa and other government officials, business leaders say the government is listening and appears to be open to making changes to improve Continue reading »

Cuenca van drivers demand the right to transport passengers legally

Cuenca van drivers protest outside transit authority headquarters yesterday.

More than 40 van drivers gathered yesterday in Cuenca’s historic district and at the regional headquarters of the national transit commission (CTE), demanding the right to transport passengers. Currently, vans Continue reading »

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Expat Life

Why creating an end-of-life plan in Ecuador is a good idea for expats

EMUCE, Cuenca City Cemetery

Editor’s note: Guest columnist Wendy Jane Carrel is a bi-lingual North American currently at work on a report about continuing care and end-of-life options for older adults, including foreign residents, Continue reading »

Punctuality: The differences in what’s considered “on time” between North and South America


Punctuality is one distinct example of the differences between the Ecuadorian and North American cultures. Most expats tend to be compulsively prompt and even, by local standards, ridiculously early. Ecuadorians, Continue reading »

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