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For Chilean empanadas and a lot more, Rancho Chileno is hard to beat

chl rancho5

By Larry Schunk A few years ago, I spotted this place across the airport parking lot and gave it a Continue reading »

Cuenca university students demand that the city keep bus fares at 25 cents; city considers raising fares that have not changed in 12 years

chl buses

Cuenca college students are demanding that city officials follow Quito’s lead and keep municipal bus fares at 25 cents. Following Continue reading »

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Expat Life

Part-time expat says Cuenca gets better and better; he enjoys the changes and catching up on gringo gossip and conspiracy theories

Parque de la Madre: great for creative loafing.

Editor’s note: Martin Simmons and his wife Rebecca have divided their time between Cuenca and California since 2002. A former Continue reading »

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