38,000 Cuencanos jabbed in one day; Animal-lovers needed; Residents protest bike path; Chocolate factory opens to public; Landslides block highways

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Martes, 20/7/2021

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I am breaking my own rule that if it isn’t in El Mercurio, it won’t be in this column. I am looking for people who are interested in animal welfare and want to take part in a hands-on volunteer activity. The Fundación ARCA has a series of spay/neuter clinics scheduled in Cuenca through the end of the year and I need help doing what is probably the least desirable work at those clinics – washing and sterilizing surgical instruments. The next clinic will be the weekend of July 24 & 25. If you think you might be interested in helping, please email me at felizencuenca@gmail.com with your name, phone number, and the best time to contact you.

Actividades –

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See article below in Negocios section.

Titular –

The pace of vaccinations has increased dramatically in Cuenca as it has in the rest of the country.

Inundaciones por credida de los ríos (Floods due to rising rivers) – Rivers in Cuenca rose due to the rains, and the río San Francisco in Gualaceo flooded 4 sectors, affecting 20 families.

Cuenca –

Gobernador evalúa el avance de vacunación (Governor evaluates vaccination progress) – In his regular Monday press conference, Governor Esteban Bernal said the Plan de Vacunación is advancing at a good pace. Last martes, 13/7, 38,000 people were vaccinated in one day, 8,000 with the 1st dose and 30,000 with the 2nd. 63.5% of Azuayans have received vaccines; 408,748 have gotten their 1st dose, and 142,173 their 2nd. He also mentioned the Policía Nacional which has conducted the controls to enforce capacity, social distancing and clandestine parties. He also lauded the public-private partnership to vaccinate employees of different businesses. In that context, 7 additional vaccination centers were opened where 14,000 people received their jabs <I like the word “jabs” – less typing.> The businesses contributed the infrastructure and supplies while the government provided the medical personel, advice and vaccines. On el lunes, other vaccine centers were opened in the GADs of El Valle and Santa Ana.

Sector turístico se protege contra la Covid-19 (Tourism sector protects itself against Covid-19) – The Ministerio de Turismo finished vaccinating 15,254 people in the tourist industry ayer. These included hotel workers, travel agents, tourism operators, food and drink purveyors, guides and transportistas in 10 provinces including all in Zone 6 (Azuay, Cañar, & Morona Santiago).

Estudiantes, pieza clave en la inoculación (Students, key piece in the inoculation) – Various people have been added to the fight against Covid including students at different institutions. 120 students at the Instituto Superior Tecnológico American College have been rotating on 2 shifts, 7 days a week. Students studying Paramedicine are taking vital signs after patients are vaccinated, and students in Gerontology are helping vaccinate senior citizens. They are also working at sites vaccinating employees of private businesses.

Obras municipales de ciclovías deben acoplarse a norma (Municipal bicycle lane works must comply with regulations) – Once the machinery started to remove lawns, trees and vegetation near the río Yanuncay to build projects complementary to the ciclovías, a large number of residents along 27 de febrero protested. They included biologist Gustavo Morejón who asked the Gobierno Provincial del Azuay (the environmental authority) to find out if the City had the environmental permits to work on the banks of the river. What they discovered was that a certificate was issued in septiembre de 2017 when Marcelo Cabrera was mayor and the Prefectura (head of the province) was not the environmental authority. The certificate which said the bike lanes were low environmental impact, was issued when the Código Orgánico del Ambiente (Comprehensive Environmental Code) was not in effect in the country. The Provincial Government is waiting for the city to issue a new permit. Morejón’s position is that this is not a low impact project since the plants being removed are protective and being next to a river that rises significantly, there should be special management of the vegetation.

Sucesos –

Árbol cae en la Av. 12 de Abril (Tree falls on Av. 12 de Abril) – A tree whose roots gave way fell on a taxi on 12 de Abril y calle Imbabura resulting in dents in the taxi, but no injuries. It occured where work was being done on the sidewalks. Vehicular circulation was briefly restricted.

Region –

Deslaves afectan tres vías estatales (Landslides affect three state roads) – Landslides and rock falls affected 3 roads. There were at least 2 slides on the vía Gualaceo-Plan de Milagro-Limón which connects Azuay with the Oriente at the Loma de la Virgen y Tinajillas sectors. Crews were working to clear the road at Tinajillas yesterday afternoon. The vía Paute-Guarumales-Méndez, another access to the Oriente was only blocked for a few minutes at Tubán y San Pablo. The vía Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme which connects with the coast, had a rockfall at km. 49 which only interrupted traffic temporarily.

Macrodeslizamiento en Nabón enciende alertas (Macro-landslide in Nabón sets off alerts) – the Gobierno Provincial del Azuay has taken immediate action to work with the Municipio de Nabón to attend to an emergency in the Rosas barrio where a large slide occured due to the winter and an accumulation of water. The Provincial government sent dumptrucks with breakwater type material and an excavator to create drains to mitigate the impact. <Seems really late in the year to have landslide stories. I think usually the fire stories start about now.>

Nacional –

Candidatos a contralor deberán somerterse a análisis psicológico (Controller candidates must undergo psychological analysis) – <This is your civics lesson for the day.> The CPCCS has established the requirements for those who want to become the Comptroller of the country, including a psychological exam. <Passing an ethics exam should be a part of the qualifications.> The Reglamento para el Concurso de Méritos y Oposición (Regulations for the Contest of Merits and Opposition) state that applicants must be Ecuadorians over 18 and be in enjoyment of their political rights. <As in not prohibited from holding office, voting, etc.> Applicants must present a certificate from a professional in industrial psychology, a psychiatrist or related field showing their abilities and aptitude to hold the position. The 6 month process includes 2 phases to earn 100 points – 50 on merit, and 50 in a written exam. Merit points will be awarded for academic background, professional experience, training, publications and professional recognition. The written exam will be prepared by professors in different universities.

Negocios –

Industrial Fátima renueva y abre sus puertas al público (Industrial Fátima renews and opens its doors to the public) – Industrial Fátima was founded in Cuenca in 1942 to make artesanal chocolate. In the last few months it has made changes in its image to open its doors to the public. The founder, Honorato Peralta, built the chocolate processing machinery by hand. The factory is on Calle del Batán 4-56 between El Oro y Remigio Tamariz. Hours are lunes a viernes from 8 -13:00 and 14-17:00, and on sábados to noon.

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