An expat with a heart of gold donates Cuenca t-shirts to help local charities; Buy yours today!

Apr 10, 2022 | 7 comments

By Leita Hulmes

I know I have already written a few stories about the Hearts of Gold Foundation but today I want to tell the story about a man with a heart of gold.

David McDevitt has started his own campaign to help, not just Hearts of Gold and the Cuenca Soup Kitchen but three other local charities; Helping Kids in Ecuador, Mujeres con Exito and Hogar de Esperanza. He and his wife, Sally, bought 250 high-quality, 100% cotton T-shirts back from the U.S. Then he created the sketch of the Cathedral domes, had it printed on the front of the shirt (see the sketch below) and then listed the five beneficiaries on the back. There are two sizes – large in black and extra large in dark blue. I find the extra large makes a great night shirt for me!

The image of the Cuenca cathedral on a t-shirt that supports five local charities.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $15 (I actually donated $30) for which you get a T-shirt as a thank-you!  My dentist, Jose Acosta, donated his entire costs of a check-up and cleaning – $75!

All proceeds will be equally split among the five charities. David’s plan is that once the T’s are all gone, he will invite the head of each charity to a dinner (at his expense!) and pass out cash envelopes. He has already raised over a $1,000. The T’s also make a great souvenir of Cuenca. I’m planning on taking a few back to the States as presents for some friends!

So how do you get one of these really kewl shirts? Check out Kolo restaurant on Sunday morning around 10:30. Dave has a semi-permanent table there and you can also see the special T-shirt Dave made for Kolo.

You can also reach him by email at or give me a call, Leita, at 099-194-4086 (WhatsApp). I will be happy to receive your donation and provide you with the thank you gift of a T-shirt of your choice.  Then you, too, can show that you have a heart of gold!


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