Azogues requires vaccine cards; New delta cases identified; Pumapungo park reopens to the public; CIDAP arts festival makes plans; Vaccine schedule

Jul 28, 2021 | 14 comments

Martes, 27/7/2021

Hola, Todos –

Actividadides –

Plantean que el Festival de Artesanías sea “emblema” (Proposal that the Festival de Artesanías is an “emblem”) – Each Festival de Artesanías de América costs the Centro Interamericano de Artesanías y Artes Populares (CIDAP) between $100,000 and $120,000; and each year there is uncertainty about getting enough money to hold another Festival even though it costs less than other festivals of similar scope. This year, the Concejo Cantonal de Cuenca is considering a proposal that would declare the Festival an emblematic event in the city with a fixed budget and an established physical space. The space being considered with be the sidewalks along av. 12 de Abril between the Todos Santos and Centenario bridges, and the paseo Tres de Noviembre. On el 23/7, the jury finished curating the applications for national submissions. The 80 artesans who will occupy the national pavillion will be announced in a few days. The international artesans who will occupy the international pavillion will be selected this week. The call for the competition for the CIDAP medal are open. <I hope they’ll have the food booths again.>

Parque Pumapungo on Calle Larg, site of the Inca temple, reopens to the public for the first time in almost a year and a half.

Parque Pumapungo reabre puertas (Pumapungo Park reopens doors) – The Parque Arqueológico y Etnobotánico Pumapungo reopened last weekend after closing because of the health emergency. The site will be open from martes a domingo from 10-16:00 with a 50% capacity. Visitors to the park on Calle Larga next to the Banco Central can tour the park with groups no larger than 5 people. The use of masks is mandatory. The park administrators said that the museum will stay closed. <Do you think the birds enjoyed their break from people staring at them all day?>

Titular –

Variante Delta se expande (Delta variant expands ) – The Centro de Vigilancia Genómica of the Universidad Espíritu Santo (UEES) identified 6 new cases of the Delta variant which were confirmed by national authorities. On 26/7, new cases were identified in Machala (3), Guayaquil (2), and Samborondón (1) through sequencing samples. The patients’ contacts were found in all cases, epidemiologial fences were activated, the contacts are being isolated, and follow up activities and community vigilance activities were started. Including these new cases, there are currently 36 delta variant cases in El Oro, 5 in Guayas, 2 in Azuay, and 3 in Pichincha and one case of Delta plus in El Oro. As part of the epidemiological surveillance strategy, a network of labs including the Instituto Nacional de Investigación de Salud Pública (INSPI) and university labs has been activated to detect Delta variant cases in the country.

Cuenca –

Los adolescentes piden vacunarse (Teens ask to get vaccinated) – Currently vaccines are being given to people over 16 and children between 12 & 15 with aggravated illnesses. One father, accompanied by his son, cousin and a family friend who are all between 13 & 15 years old, went looking for vaccines for the kids. He went to 3 different locations, including the Políforo de la Universidad Católica de Cuenca which was empty, and was turned down at each site since the children were too young. They will have to wait until the goal of vaccinating 9 million people in the first 100 days the Gobierno has been met. <Aw, open it up to the kids. Strange to hear a kid saying they want a shot, but these are teens and not toddlers.>

From el lunes, 26/7 to el miércoles, 28/7, the Unidad Educativa María Auxiliadora (Salesianas), will not be set up for vaccinations, but only on these days for reasons particular to the school. People looking for their second dose of Pfizer during the 3 days can go to the colegio Manuel J. Calle.

Ejecutivo completará equipo en un mes (Executive will complete team in a month) – The Executive branch team is being filled in Zone 6 (Azuay, Cañar, Morona Santiago). With 60 days into the new Gobierno Nacional, the change of zone and provincial authorities is about 65-70% complete with both new faces and others who have worked with previous administrations. Some officials are appointed by the different ministries, others by new national appointees, and others after a formal competition process.

Region –

Azogues: exigen el carné de vacunas (Azogues: vaccination card required) – The Municipio de Azogues has become the first public institution in the country to require a vaccination card to conduct business in any of its departments. The measure went into effect el pasado viernes and municipal guards will be responsible for asking for the cards. <So all of you freaking out about your visa process can unwad your underwear, take a deep breath, and relax – at least until the next time the rules change.>

Nabón traza futuro para jóvenes (Nabón traces the future for young people) – Over 100 students graduated from high school in Nabón Canton ayer, and a large part of them will not be able to attend university for economic reasons. One student was thinking about going to the US if she couldn’t make enough money in the next year to finance university. The Consejo Cantonal de Nabón approved an ordinance to help graduates with scholarships, mostly for those of limited means. The council is talking to universities to see if there are any that would grant scholarships of 50-75% with the city picking up the remainder.

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