CNE will consider election irregularities but only if they are backed by solid evidence

Apr 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Juan Pablo Pozo, president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), said Wednesday that the council will review alleged voting irregularities but only if they are backed up by credible evidence.

CNE President Juan Pablo Pozo.

His comments came hours after a news conference by defeated presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, who is claiming he was denied victory in Sunday’s election due to fraud. Specifically, Lasso and his campaign managers cite 1,795 alleged irregularities in Guayas Province that they say affect 592,350 votes.

Lasso is demanding a total recount of all votes cast in Sunday’s election.

“There are several avenues that those objecting to the outcome of the election can pursue, including an appeal to Electoral Dispute Tribunal (TCE),” Pozo said. “In any case, they must provide legitimate documentation. We will not conduct an election review based on whim.”

Pozo said CNE would act within 48 hours once it receives a challenge. As of Wednesday afternoon, he had not received one from Lasso’s Creo political party. He said any review of ballots or recounts would be held publicly, in the presence of representatives of both candidates as well as impartial observers.

On Tuesday, Pozo said that the margin of Lenin Moreno’s win over Lasso, 230,000 votes out of 11 million cast, makes it almost impossible for a challenge to change the election outcome.

Moreno’s Alianza Pais (AP) says it supports a review of the results but said it wanted Lasso to offer an apology to the nation if his challenge is not successful. In particular, AP says that Lasso should be held accountable for violence and physical damage caused by his supporters in Quito, Guayaquil, and other cities.

“When it has been reconfirmed that they (Lasso and Creo) lied to the country, and when it is proven that the popular will of the people was legitimately represented, he should offer a sincere apology to the people of Ecuador,” said Doris Soliz, AP executive director. “They should pay for the violence they are responsible for by spreading false information.”


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