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Voluntary affiliation to the IESS Social Security Institute is the public health insurance option taken by foreigners in Ecuador. It has a monthly premium of $85, this is calculated by applying 20.6% of the Basic Salary. It has coverage for: all types of illnesses (including pre-existing conditions), maternity, invalidity, disability, etc.
The IESS has a budget of 10,170 million dollars this year, of which only 2,177 million are for health coverage, of which USD 40 million per year are lost due to acts of corruption in the purchase of medicines and supplies and the payment to external medical providers, in addition to the mismanagement of BIESS, the institution’s bank, as affirmed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Francisco Cepeda, in an interview with the virtual newspaper
Cepeda stated that a notice will be sent to the Executive this month, where it is proposed to make significant changes; such as raising the retirement age, adjusting the calculation of pensions for retirees, among others. Also, he is aware that raising the premium rates...

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