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Dear expats, you no longer need to go to government offices to obtain your visa, we can do it for you with a POA.

In addition, we facilitate the process for visa transfers, cedulas and licenses.

If you need a will, EOL or POA, contact us for more information.

About us:

We have a solid standard of honesty and transparency in all the processes and services we offer. These characteristics demonstrate our responsibility and commitment to our clients. During all these years of experience we have satisfactorily resolved all clients needs and we have successfully processed all types of Visas and legal documents for Expats from different nations.

Our Team:

Luis Urgilés, is a retired judge and former President of the Provincial Court of Justice of Azuay, Master in Administrative Law, Commissioner of the ombudsman’s office in Azuay, Academic advisor and teacher of the masters in constitutional, political and administrative law of the Eloy Alfaro University, District Delegate of the State Attorney General’s Office Azuay, and more.

Indira Urgilés, has held positions as Ecuadorian Central Authority of International Adoptions at MIES (Ministry of Social Inclusion), National Attorney of Adoptions and Legal Status Clarification and Foreign Affairs Specialist. Honest and strong professional skilled in case study, legal interpretation, languages, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning, and more.

Karina Urgilés, She has worked for more than 10 years with foreigners, providing visa services, wills, real estate, etc., She is the founder and administrator of Expat Community Ec.

Contact information:

Karina Urgiles


An Amparo visa is granted to dependents as an extension of somebody who already holds a temporary or permanent visa. These visas are also called “Amparo” (Dependent) visas.
In the new provisions of the law for visas of ´´Amparo´´ under marriage it is necessary that the marriage be registered in Ecuador.
For more information, contact:
Dra. Lina Ulloa
Immigration, Civil and Constitutional Lawyer
Address: Av. Jose Peralta 1-19 and Av. 12 de Abril, Acropolis Building, 3rd Floor, office 312.
Telephone numbers: (07) 410-3588 or 098-420-5336

Contact information:

Dra. Lina Ulloa


With live Jazz featuring: “The Jim Gala Quartet w/ singer Mariangel Mundary”!

Saturday, February 10th! —Jazz for Lovers!

Jim Gala (piano), Mariangel Mundary (vocals), Christian Torres (bass), Freddy Abad (drums)

Music: From 6:00pm to 9:00 pm

Jazz Ecuador: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Jim Gala is a great talent, among the greatest jazz piano players alive. His creativity and musical depth enrich one’s soul. His trio is the amplifier of the universe. Destiny needs you; keep creating!” —James Hill, jazz trumpeter, composer& arranger

“Cuenca is blessed to have such an artist in Jim Gala. I’ve played with some of the greats on both sides of the Atlantic, yet I have never heard such a transformative unique jazz pianist as Jim Gala. Simply put he’s a true musical genius.” —Bill Scott, Broadway Singer, & Arranger

“Jim Gala is one of my musical idols. He is a real soul man. No one plays like him.His musical philosophy, sensibility and taste are impeccable. He changed my life with his music. I actually quote him often and wrote about him in my book.But, maybe I’m laying it on too thick. He’s down to earth and just a cool dude.I may have to go all the way to friggin’ Ecuador just to see him again before I die.” —J. Riley Cain, Pianist, composer & Arranger

Contact information:

James Gala Quartet



Dear Expats in Cuenca and all Ecuador,
My name is Alina and I am currently volunteering for the non profit organisation FUPEC (Familias Unidas Por las Enfermedades Catastróficas). The foundation works for people with catastrophic diseases, especially cancer.

At the moment we have a program for this February that’s called ,’Ferrero dorado’ that stands for golden February and means that this month is dedicated to make the people aware of all types of cancer and FUPEC organized a lot of programs for the patients. One of these is for children with leukemia that will receive little boxes with fun toys and other materials.
As you can imagine, that type of work is not always very easy but when you see how thankful the children and patients are, it makes everything worth it.

The heart of our foundation are the people that volunteer and we can always need more help. On the way you can practice your Spanish with the patients. So if you would like to help us realize our programs for the people that need it the most, then we welcome you into the family that always accompanies you.

Sincerely Alina (volunteer in FUPEC)

Feel free to contact us here
tel. 098 703 2442

Name: FUPEC volunteers

Phone: 0987032442

Contact information:

FUPEC volunteers



Three years ago a big white dog, dragging a huge chain cutting cruelly into her neck, showed up outside our gate. Because our lease did not allow us to keep her, we had her spayed, vetted and Jo Austin helped us place Sky in foster care.

A year later, we placed Sky with Carmita Avila and Rescate Animal Cuenca. Sky was not an easy dog to rehome. Big, expensive to feed, Sky ran away every chance she got. She didn’t like other female dogs. Otherwise, she was kind, loving, gentle, great with kids and cats.

Carmita sent Sky to a trainer for the running. Finally, the right home adopted Sky and she is now happily a part of her Forever Family.

I am very grateful to Carmita and her group.

Rescate Animal Cuenca is a grassroots organization of foster homes. Local Ecuadorians, they aren’t as well known or well publicized and supported in the Expat community. Since 2013, they have placed over 1700 deserving pets.

They have much need of food, medicines, veterinary expenses, etc. To help, they are holding a raffle and need volunteers to sell/buy tickets and/or make donations.

Won’t you help deserving pets like Sky find – and give – love and happiness?

You can donate via PayPal at:
Donations can also be made directly through Carmita at Banco Pichincha. You can reach Carmita to donate, buy or sell raffle tickets at:
099 945 4563

Sky thanks you and so do I!

Doreen Dvorin

Contact information:

Doreen Dvorin



The National Institute of Cultural Heritage (INPC) and the Agroecological Network of Austro, invites Cuenca expats to join a tasting and marketing event promoting traditional sweets of the Carnaval season. The event features two culinary experts, Tatiana Rodríguez and Carlos Bacacela.

Date: Friday, February 9,
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Place: Auditorium at Casa de las Palomas, Benigno Malo 6-40

Contact information:

The National Institute of Cultural Heritage


The dogs of Fundación FAAN are pretty excited about our upcoming art show at idiomART with the donated art collection by Leah Bolger. Each vibrant art piece has been named for a particular FAAN shelter dog and benefits from the show will help us to build Ecuador’s most modern animal shelter. Noel Batista from Trio Noan will be performing at the art opening and guests treated to a welcoming glass of “Wine to the Rescue”. This is a free community event. Donations for our shelter dogs are always welcome.

To highlight the exhibit, we also have during the month of love, a special FAAN creative salon and Art History Discussion on “Dogs in Art Through the Ages” on February 27th from 11 AM – 1 PM. Enjoy a fascinating art history discussion that explores the bond between humans and canines for thousands of years. Then work together to create a collaborative community art piece for the new shelter.
A $20 session donation includes a brown bag snack.
Save your space for both events at or through idiomART
Support the Arts! Support the Dogs.

Contact information:

FAAN Ecuador


Please share this with you Cuenca football friends!
Nómadas Bristó is the place to be for Super Bowl fans in Cuenca! The combination of a professional 6ft x 9 ft LED screen, a great sound system, delicious Super Bowl food, and a football pool is a fantastic setup for a memorable game day experience. Plus, the fact that it’s a fundraiser hosted by Social Vision adds an extra layer of goodness to the event.
We’re hoping that the Super Bowl Fundraiser at Nomadas Bistro is a huge success, both in terms of creating a vibrant atmosphere for football enthusiasts and in supporting our charitable cause. Wishing you an exciting Super Bowl!

Contact information:

Social Vision



Due to circumstances beyond our control, our show at Chill & Chela has been cancelled. Our next show will be at Common Grounds on Saturday, February17th at 6:00PM. We hope to see you there!

Contact information:

80's Vibe



Sabrina is intelligent, confident, and has an attitude that she is ready to take on the world. She is highly creative, has a great personality, is fun to work with, and she speaks English.

Sabrina will graduate as a lawyer from the University of Cuenca in three weeks. I mentioned that she is very intelligent. She will be graduating as the class Valedictorian, or the top student, so she has superb legal knowledge.

She has helped me with many legal aspects like drafting and reviewing contracts and giving me advice on Ecuadorian law when I need it. Her legal advice is actually better, and more useful, than many lawyers, and her cost is much more reasonable.

She’s not only smart but she is also very diligent and very efficient, and she has a great problem solving ability.

I know you will enjoy working with Sabrina for your legal and facilitator needs.

Name: Sabrina Candela

Phone: 0939062758

Contact information:

Tom Northcote


We can help you make that happen!

We are a dating service exclusively dedicated to counseling gentlemen interested in meeting good women for romance and love.

It does not matter
If you think your age is a disadvantage (it is not).
If you don’t speak Spanish well
If you are not computer literate
If you have some dating anxiety
Or if you are shy

We will help you meet any challenge as you meet, and get to know, good women.

By using our time tested method, we can guarantee your results.

Your complete privacy is assured. Your personal information will be held in complete confidence.

And, we offer a free initial consultation.

Contact us

Contact information:

Heart Connections for Men


Exceptional Repertoire of Classic Danceable Music, Performed by World Class Musicians!


Some artists performed include:

Albert King, Antonio Carlos Jobim, BB King, Charlie Parker, Earl Klugh, Eric Clapton, Jaco Pastorius, Jimi Hendrix, John Scofield, Joe Cocker, Jeff Lorber, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Pat Martino, Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Meters and The Neville Brothers (New Orleans Royalty), with Classic Jazz and Samba, John Chapman’s original blues songs, and more.

John Chapman – Vocals and Guitars

John Chapman is a versatile full-time professional guitarist, singer-songwriter, composer, and music producer with 45 years of guitar-playing experience from the greater New York City area, USA.

Some performance credits include Billy Johnson (Santana, Maze), Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood), Daryl Johnson (The Neville Brothers, Emmy Lou Harris, Daniel Lanois), Frank Martin (Sting, James Taylor, Madonna), Graham Hawthorne (David Bern, Bon Jovi, Faith Hill, India Arie).

Francisco Polo – Drums, Percussion

Frank Polo is a veteran professional from Venezuela with 50+ years’ of experience on drums and percussion.

Some of Frank’s credits include:
-Timpalista de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Carabobo Venezuela por más de 35 años..
-Timbalista itinerante de la Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Caracas..
-Timbalista de la Orquesta Sinfónica Metropolitana de Bogotá..

Christian Tenorio – Bass Guitar

Christian is a session musician on six-string guitar and bass guitar, sharing stages with outstanding musicians such as Tadashi Maeda, Jim Gala, Su Terry, Michael Lee, Matt Greisen, Freddy Abad, Patricia Martínez, Esteban Encalada, Christian Torres, Pedro Ortíz.

Contact information:

Mercury Blues Band


In March 2023, the Government ordered through a presidential decree; amnesty be granted along with the issuance of a visa called VIRTE for foreign citizens of all nationalities, except those from Venezuela.

The initial requirements set forth in the decree are as follows:
1. To have entered Ecuador before September 2022.
2. Starting from your entry date before September 2022, you must remain in Ecuador and must not have left the country.
3. Register in the Government’s web page (This registration only be done until August 15, 2023).

The Virte visa application will possibly begin in June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility is supposed to establish the procedure and other requirements for this type of visa.

Any additional information please do not hesitate to contact

Contact information:

Dra. Lina Ulloa


Stress and anxiety often cause muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, and may even trigger headaches, fatigue and depression.

Although relaxation massage usually applies a light touch and long strokes, the pressure will always be adjusted to your comfort level. Combining different techniques will not only remove stress and tension from affected areas but may also address knotted muscles to soothe your body and mind.

My goal is to provide you with a unique, deeply relaxing massage experience.

Book an appointment now and enjoy a massage in the comfort of your Cuenca home

Contact information:

Elsa Rojas


There is a new visa category for persons working online. It gives the opportunity to foreigners who have a job under a sponsor relationship or business owners.
For more information, contact Dra. Lina Ulloa at:

Address: Av. Jose Peralta 1-19 and Av. 12 de Abril, Acropolis Building, 3rd Floor, office 312.
Telephone numbers: (07) 410-3588 or 098-420-5336

Contact information:

Dra. Lina Ulloa


Known personality: Unlike puppies whose personalities are still developing, senior dogs have well-established temperaments. This allows adopters to choose a dog whose personality matches their own preferences and lifestyle.

FAAN is currently focused on our Senior Dog adoptions. Arrange a play date with Pastora and other senior dogs at the FAAN shelter. You should just see their excitement and gratitude when they learn that they will live out their days with their own family BECAUSE you picked them!

Request an adoption application and interview with a FAAN volunteer and we will work on helping you with the perfect match with one of the awesome seniors now at the FAAN shelter. Warning they play canasta in the afternoon.

Contact information:

FAAN Ecuador


There has been a category change in the Investor Visas. The new regulation authorizes the substitution of the investment that guarantees the visa; as long as the new investment complies with the new values ($42.500); You can change the CD investment visa from one bank to another bank or from CD to property and vice versa.
For more information, contact Dra. Lina Ulloa at:

Address: Av. Jose Peralta 1-19 and Av. 12 de Abril, Acropolis Building, 3rd Floor, office 312.

Telephone numbers: (07) 410-3588 or 098-420-5336

Contact information:

Dra. Lina Ulloa


Do you have unused items cluttering up your space? This is the perfect time to free up some space at home! D’Ellas Second Hand gladly accepts donations of furniture, clothing and more.

Your gently used items can find a new home, and your generosity can make a big difference. Plus, if you can’t drop them off, we can arrange pickups. Let’s turn your pre-loved goods into opportunities for a brighter future.

Contact information:

Francis Santiago



Join us and be part of the positive change in Cuenca!
Are you passionate about community service? Would you like to contribute to making our city a better place for everyone? Then this invitation is for you!

This February 9th at 3 PM, we are organizing a special meeting for the ex-pat community interested in volunteering for community service programs and projects. The meeting will take place at Hearts Of Gold, where we can share experiences, ideas, and, most importantly, our dedication to making a difference.

For 10 years, Hearts Of Gold has worked for the benefit of the Azuay community, reaching over 50,000 people, including children, the elderly, women, and people with disabilities. We want this mission to continue and to transform the lives of thousands more with your help.

During this meeting, we will provide detailed information about available volunteer opportunities, the projects we are working on, and how you can contribute. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to meet other ex-pat residents with similar interests while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

We hope to see you there and share the joy of serving our beautiful community together! Your help can make a difference!

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us. Let’s make Cuenca an even better place, together!

Hearts Of Gold – Chimborazo L-14 and Esmeraldas, behind Estadio La Gloria

RSVP to the detailed email

Contact information:

Hearts of Gold


It’s Carnival time!!! As usual (or always according to old timers) it is raining and chilly. Plus, if you are out and about you will not only get wet from the weather BUT also from all the revelers. Finally, you are home from all the fun and happy chaos looking for some hot comfort food. Look no further than King Smokehouse for a delicious, filling special. Felix has stocked the tienda with an ample supply of his hand cut tender pork chops and delicious sauerkraut. Just brown up your chops and toss in a jar of sauerkraut and simmer (or bake) until done then dig in. Simple, delicious food always. A package special: one package of pork chops and a full-size jar of sauerkraut – together only $13.00! Need a beverage to go with? When you head to the Smokehouse check out all the great options (beers, wine, alcohol, and more). Our tiny tienda (Tienda Gourmet) is your one stop shop for all things delicious. Just across from Parque San Sebastian one of the fun, fun, fun spots for Carnival.

Contact information:

King Smokehouse


Expat Community CP

Blue Box CP

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