Conscious Living: The way of mastery and the Third Pulse

Nov 9, 2022 | 2 comments

Editor’s note: This is Part 1 of a three-part series about Conscious Living.

It is vital to begin by saying that each of us hears the “call for the master.” It is hard-wired into our genetic code. Now it is highly likely that this call is never answered, as our conditioning, our ego development, is specifically designed to “deny and project” this call. But in spite of the rather universal resistance to this evolutionary thrust, the call will be heard by some. I can name a dozen or so who in the past century have heard this call and did their best to translate what they heard. It was once fashionable for such transmitters to be called “mediums” or “channels.” The few that I became aware of and, to varying extents was affected by, were Jane Roberts (Seth), Pat Rodegast (Emmanuel), and Helen Shucman (A Course in Miracles).

There appears to have been an “opening” of sorts that happened in the mid 1960’s through the early 1970’s, specifically during the 7 years that A Course in Miracles was being transcribed (1965-1972). A Course in Miracles was published in 1976. M. Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Traveled” was published in 1978, and became a bestselling phenomenon. Why? In my book “The Third Pulse,” I proposed that beginning in 1932 we would begin a collective process of accelerated evolution which would last 100 years. In my vision I saw a first pulse beginning in 1932 with events that led to World War 2 and the detonation of nuclear devices over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The second pulse came in 1967, the “summer of love,” and specifically marked by the first use of satellite broadcasting technology by the BBC of England. The event was called Our World and was broadcast to and estimated 400-700 million people (this was more than 10% of the world’s population at the time). The highlight of this broadcast was The Beatles singing the song “All You Need is Love.”

Fast forward some 50 plus years and The Event that is currently gripping our planet, which in my vision began in 2019, and we see the ingredients for the coming Third Pulse. Those who are paying attention will no doubt see this Event as transformational. I call this Event the birthing of our new earth. And I see the official “birthday” as somewhere around October 12, 2032. What will this Third Pulse look like? If we consider that the First Pulse was an energetic blast of an atomic explosion, and the Second Pulse was the electronic broadcast of a satellite television transmission, it would make sense with today’s technology that the Third Pulse could be a global download via the World Wide Web.

It can be said that our species, homo sapiens, succeeded in one arena, while failing in many. We failed to find a way to live together in peace and harmony; we failed to learn how to raise all members of our species out of poverty. But we were wildly successful in creating technology of communication. I would offer that this was our collective purpose, our evolutionary imperative. Why? So this technology could serve us in the delivery of the Third Pulse. Now some might say that more likely the Third Pulse would be nuclear Armageddon. Others might posit that the Third Pulse would be an environmental catastrophe. Elon Musk might warn that the Third Pulse might be out of control artificial intelligence unleashed upon humanity. But I would offer that the appearance of one disaster or another is truly magnificence in disguise.

We have to embrace ancient wisdom in order to fully understand our modern dilemma. This is why the foundation of my Conscious Living teaching is Taoist wisdom. “Reversal is the movement of the Way. Disaster is that whereon good fortune depends…” Eckhart Tolle said essentially in “The Power of Now” that what appears as evil is simply that which we do not yet fully understand. Chogyam Trungpa explains this more thoroughly in his masterpiece “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.” “Whenever we confront something we regard as evil it poses a threat to the self-preservation of the ego. We are so busy preserving our existence in the face of this threat that we cannot see clearly at all……We must really surrender, give something up in a very painful way. We begin to dismantle the basic structure of this ego…..The process of dismantling, undoing, opening, giving up is the real learning process.”

Here we see the shimmering truth, the answer to our dilemma. The world as we knew it, what we thought was real and valuable, is dissolving before our eyes. We think the globalists who tell us that by 2030 “you will own nothing and you will be happy” are the enemy, the true evil on the planet. Is this true? The end of one world is the beginning of another. Only to the caterpillar all it sees is the end of its world. There is nothing in the caterpillar that survives its transmutation into the butterfly. Our invitation in this time is to trust, accept, surrender, and welcome the Third Pulse that will “deliver us from evil.” Are you ready?

Louis Bourgeois lives outside of Cuenca with his wife and young daughter. He teaches courses in Conscious Living and Conscious Dying. If you would like to participate, he can be contacted at


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