Council moves to clean up messy utility wires

Mar 18, 2014

Ecuador’s National Telecommunications Council (Conatel) says it plans a nationwide program to consolidate and bury utility cables. The council said it is also studying ways that cables and transmission lines can be shared by utility companies.

chl wires1

In a press release, Conatel acknowledged, “there are problems with our utility poles due to messy cable and electric service installation. We are taking immediate action to improve the utility infrastructure in Ecuador.”

During his Saturday telecast, President Rafael Correa showed photos of power pole overloaded with cables. “We need to do something about all these noodles,” he said. “The Government is implementing policies to modernize our utility system, to provide a higher degree of organization, cleanliness and safety, especially in our cities.”

Correa and Conatel also say that many of the cables on utility poles are illegally installed.