CUENCA DIGESTEcuador cell phone numbers change tomorrow

Sep 29, 2012 | 0 comments

Ecuador’s Office of Telecommunications reminds the country’s cell phone users that an extra “9” will be added to all cell numbers at midnight September 30.

The new digit will be inserted after the initial zero. In other words, if the current number is 08 942 4424, it will become 098 942 4424. The change is part of the recent order that cell calls between different service providers must have the same per-minute cost. The change also allows for the allocation of 100 million new numbers that the telecommunications office says will be needed for high-tech purposes in the next 25 years.

Cell phone users with smart phones can have the extra digit added automatically to contact list numbers through programs provided by the service carriers. Users of non-smart phones must make changes manually. About one-third of the 16 million cell phones in Ecuador are smart phones.

The change will also affect internet connections made through cell numbers as well as M2M networks.


The rains have returned to Cuenca following the July to September dry season, helping douse wildfires that have plagued the area in recent weeks.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, a pattern of moist air flowing west from the Amazon region should continue to bring rain to the parched southern Ecuadorian sierra in the coming weeks.

Institute spokesman Homero Jacome says that the October through early December period should produce about 2.25 inches of rain per month, based on historic averages. Rainfall averaged about one inch in July, August and September.

The weather institute says it is keeping close tabs on the possible development of an El Niño later in the year. Past El Niños have caused devestating flooding, particularly on Ecuador’s coast.


The Azuay Council of the Judiciary has announced new rules that allow the public to file complaints against attorneys they feel have acted in an unethical or corrupt fashion.

According to council director Andrea Arteaga, those who feel they have been treated wrongly should submit an official letter to the the council describing the alleged offense and indentifying the attorney.

If the council finds the complaint to be valid, penalties against attorneys can range from one to six months suspension of professional activities.


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