DINING WITH PENNY: The next time you visit Paute, be sure to sample the great food and service at Corvel

Dec 1, 2009 | 0 comments

Tucked away in downtown Paute, Corvel (Simon Bolivar 8-37 y Lumtur) is a charming little restaurant that lives up to its motto, “The art of good service.”

Not only does it offer comfortable seating, both indoors and on the terrace and patio areas, but it contains a museum of indiginous crafts and clothing, a billiard room and table futbol. There’s banquet space and a wide selection of food and beverage. It’s a great place for a special event or, for great meal when you’re visiting Paute.

Corvel’s owner and chef, Patricio Coronel, and his wife Ruth Velez, attend personally to the customers and make sure that the restaurant’s motto is fulfilled. Portions are large: when our group visited there was plenty of food to share and we still had a hard time clearing our plates. And everything was superb.

Enjoy breakfast, both Americano and Tipico, for $2 to $2.50. Lunch and dinner menus include various ceviches ($5), and soups, (the locro pauteno  is the best locro de papas I’ve tasted: for only $1.80) including the yummy seafood and chicken  offerings ($2-$4). Main courses include meat, chicken, and seafood. I tried the Trucha Marinera and wasn’t disappointed. The salmon-flavored trout was literally smothered in seafood sauce, filled with huge chunks of crab meat, pulpo and shrimp. Entrée prices range from $4.50 to $6.50.

Chef Patricio offers some very tasty house specials daily, including BBQ ribs, shrimp in liquor flambed at the table, and a combination plate of chicken, pork and chorrizo for $5 to $7. Tipicos del Ecuador include chicken, beef and pork dishes ranging from $1.80 to $3.50. There are also rice and pasta dishes ($5.50), as well as truly tasty choices for vegetarians ($2.50-$3.50). Even the kids receive great service at Corvel, with their very own menu with $3 selections.

Be sure to save room for dessert because Corvel has some great ones, including bananas flambe prepared at the table for only $1.50. To drink, you’ll find all kinds of batidos, jugos, augas, cervezas and wines as well as coffees and teas, priced from 50 cents to $1.50.

Dining at Corvel is a unique experience and well worth the 25-mile drive from Cuenca. Enjoy the scenery and a delicious meal. For further information or to book a special event, call 2 251-1556.

Photo captions: The patio at Corvel and a chicken dish; photo credit: Penny Ripple


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