Domingo, 1/5/2016: Risky work, Free Space for artists, Beatles tribute, High water

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Sunday events –

Ruta a las parroquias (Route to the Parrishes) – An introduction to the rich cultures and crafts of Sayausí and the Parque Nacional de las Cajas started Sun. in the Parque San Sebastián.chl jeanne logo

Misa (Mass) – today at 9:30 in the Colegio de Odontólogos de Azuay in honor of their patron, the Virgen Dolorosa.

Teatro -at Imay (El Batán y El Oro). “Cuentos” (Stories), a theater and puppet work will be at 16:00 with “Sangre Inmortal.  Ni contigo ni sin ti” (Immortal Blood.  Neither with you nor without you.)  (Is this one of those vampire things?) will be at 18:00. Admission cost: Bring a story or rompecabeza (puzzle – literally headbreaker – your word for the day) and box of paints or markers to donate to the coast.

Upcoming event –

Tribute to the Beatles – this Fri, 6/5 at 21:00 in the centro cultural República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55 y Hermano Miguel).  Cost: $7.00.  (Elevator music?)

Articles about –

Artists joined to help quake victims – 8 bands from Cuenca and 1 from Guayaquil gave a free benefit concert yesterday in spite of the rain.  Admission was an aid kit.

“El Salón” – The “El Salón” Café Bar (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova) is a free space where artists can develop their art.  Currently, they have tango classes on Wed. & Fri. and painting workshops for children are planned for Sat.  The organizer, Xavier Espinosa, is in talks with foreign (that’s you and me, folks – so how does it feel to be the alien?) artists to hold an exhibit and install a “mercadito.”  “El Salón” also offers home made cakes, lunches, snacks and organizes international food nights. Hours are Tue-Thu from 10-21:00, Fri until 20:00 and Sat from 10-16:00.  Interested artists can contact them at Facebook:  El Salón and tuiter (Twitter – that was your Spanish pronunciation class for today) @ElSalonCuenca.  (If you’re interested in tango lessons I suggest taking the initiative and visiting them.)

Padre Carlos Crespi – the Italian priest who founded schools that later become the Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesiano came to Ecuador in 1923 as a missionary to the Amazon with his movie camera.  He captured the Shuar on film which was made into a documentary years later.  He also showed films to children – Charlie Chaplin, Tarzan, Popeye, etc. that he brought from Italy. When the movie showed a kiss, he would stand in front of the screen so the kids couldn’t see.  (Times have certainly changed.)

Donate a book – Books in good condition are needed for children in Esmeraldas y Manabí.  Take them to the City Library, the old Escuela central (corner of Benigno Malo y Gran Colombia), MMAM (Sucre y Coronel Tálbot) or the centro cultural “Casa de Chaguarchimbana.” (Calle de las Herrerías).

Otras Cosas – 

Titular – Laborar en alturas, dura tarea (Working at heights, a hard job) This Diá Internacional del Trabajo (Internacional Workers’ Day – I bet the US celebrates Labor Day in Sept because May Day had communist associations.) article interviewed 3 workers who work at high risk jobs – a window washer, an electrical lineman, and a construction worker.

Seasonal warning – Stay away from the river banks since the increased flow can undercut the banks.  (Did you think all that peligro tape was just to give the cops something to do?)

Actualidades – 

Articles about –

The “Casona Sucre,” a 1933 house at Sucre y Estévez de Toral which was recently restored into 5 apartments, each modernized but containing much of the original construction and finishes.

A photo exhibit at the Sala Proceso – Arte Contemporaneo (Luis Cordero 7-22 y Pres. Córdova) opened 6/4 and will run to 16/5 with hours from 10-19:00, Tue-Fri and 9-13:00 on Sat.

1949 earthquake in Ambato – After the earthquake, taxes were imposed similar to those currently imposed – on cigarettes, liquor and high salaries. That quake killed some 6,000 people and at least 30 children were brought to Cuenca to an orphanage opened by the Salesianos and paid for by several Azuayan legislators and the organization of professional chauffeurs.

Internacional – 

Venezuela – Pres. Maduro formed a commission to review “una por una” (one by one), the signatures collected by the opposition for a referendum to revoke his presidency.  (I wonder if he thinks he can stretch that out until his term is up?)

Peru – The Fuerza Popular Party of presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori was fined 395,000 soles ($120,000) for giving gifts and money to influence voting during the campaign.  A VP and congressional candidate were excluded from the campaign. (Opposite from the US where the candidates are the ones receiving money during the campaign.  The gifts from the candidates to their constituents come after they’re elected.)

Colombia – A section of the main oil pipeline supplying Arauquita near the Venezuelan border was attacked and damaged by ELN guerrillas.

Deportes –

52nd edition of  Las Cruces – This race will be run on 15/5 in honor of Luis Mendieta Andrade.  (No registration info given so be patient or ask someone who knows – and that’s not me.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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