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Economy is in crisis awaiting COE ‘yellow light’ decision; Big changes planned for public transit; Red Cross offers Covid tests; Driver’s licenses

Jueves, 21/5/2020

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Búnker Escénico – This organization formed by local artists and residents of Azuay has scheduled various activities on Facebook. Every lunes a las 20:30, it broadcasts “Lunes de tretro leído” in which well known people tell stories. On el sábado, 23/5 a las 19:30, it will present Sangre Inmortal, about two apprentice magicians who conduct a ritual to achieve immortality.

Bienal – The Fundación Municipal Vienal de Cuenca organized a drawing contest, “La casa, mi casa, tu casa,” for children between 8 & 12. 70 kids entered, and their drawings are part of a digital catalogue on the Bienal’s social networks.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Economía parada desespera (Despair from stopped economy) – Cuenca’s economy is in crisis due to the restrictions under the red stoplight. Friday, the cantonal COE will decide whether or not to change the color amid urgent pleas from productive sectors to reopen the economy to keep jobs and stop the crisis. Indurama’s director spoke of the situation saying, “esto es insostenible,” (this is “untenable” – your word for the day) with losses of 95%. It laid off 630 employees through despido intempestivo (untimely dismissal) so that their ex-employees would not lose their labor rights. The company also extended their health services and the commissary. About 7,000 — and probably many more — Cuencanos have lost their jobs in the last 2 months, accodring to the labor ministry. <All I can say is, I am so grateful to have Social Security.>

Informal vendors in Cuenca are not waiting for the yellow light. (El Mercurio)

Bus service – The Dirección de Gestión de Movilidad of Cuenca announced that when buses resume service, they will run more continuously. Public transport will restart only when the stoplight goes to yellow <Enjoy the clean air while the red light lasts.> and they will run with bio-security protocols. The driver will be isolated in an acrylic compartment. The city is studying the possibility of combining some routes to improve frequencies with buses coming every 3, 4, or max. 5 minutes. Spokesman Guilherme Chalhoub said that before the pandemic, the average wait between buses was 8 minutes with each bus carrying 90 people. With the pandemic, each bus can only carry 27 so wait times need to decrease especially during horas pico (rush hour). <Will there still be a rush hour? How will they control the students when classes restart?>

Garbage transfer station – EMAC is working on a project for a garbage transfer station where garbage can be classified and transferred to larger trucks. This will reduce the number of trips to the Pichacay land fill and save $1,000,000. The landfill’s useful life is until 2031, and a transfer station will increase that by 4-5 years.

Cruz Roja – The Red Cross is seeing people at their medical center from 8-13:00 and they are planning to increase those hours. They provide services in family medicine, X-rays, ultrasounds, electrocardiograms and lab work. The fee for a medical exam is $10. They also do rapid tests for COVID-19 for $35. To make an appointment, call 283 8948 so as to avoid crowding at the center. The Red Cross is also calling for blood donations which can also be done at your house.

Drivers’ licenses – La Agencia Nacional de Tránsito (ANT) is delivering licenses to your house once you have done the paperwork on line. Go to This is a pilot project in Azuay and Pichincha. Also during this health emergency, you will not be sanctioned if you’re driving with an expired license.

Duende Trueque (The barter elf/goblin/leprechaun) -The Duende Trueque event was created in 2003 to exchange things and services <like a cashless swap meet? I’m so proud of myself that I remembered swap meet.>, but the activity disappeared over time. However, with the pandemic, it has reappeared, only on Facebook. About 1,000 people have joined, mostly offering services. Join Duende Trueque on Facebook. You need to comply with certain requirements: exchanges do not involve money, information about your product or service, and what you are offering has to be legal.

Tree planting – 1,500 native trees were planted in communities in Tarqui Parish as part of a 4 million tree reforestation project led by the Gobierno Provincial del Azuay. They were planted along the riverbanks with the support of the residents who have also promised to protect them. The species included willow, chachaco, linden and eugenia as well as capulí, peach, apple, passion fruit, and reina Claudia.

Descuentos y compras –

Webinar – How to survive the coming collapse of the global economic model – presented by Daniel Estulin, author of The True History of the Bilderberg Club, and Doctor of Conceptual Intelligence – miércoles, 3/6 a las 17:00 – $20.00 – register at

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25 thoughts on “Economy is in crisis awaiting COE ‘yellow light’ decision; Big changes planned for public transit; Red Cross offers Covid tests; Driver’s licenses

  1. I’m reaching the point to where I’ll have to admit that “herd immunity” is the final solution to the pandemic crisis in Ecuador. It’s not something that I look forward to. There are too many unknowns about the long term effects of this virus, assuming one survives the initial infection.
    I’m convinced that the infection rate in Ecuador is vastly underreported. The lack of testing and the fact that most infected Ecuadorians stay home and won’t go to the hospital until it’s almost too late supports my assumption.
    The article concerning bus service and Jeanne’s comment about school children drives the point home even further. Ecuador is not ready for remote classrooms. I remember the days of being on the bus when classes let out. We were packed like sardines with rambunctious kids spreading their germs like there was no tomorrow. Combining bus routes to increase the frequency of busses at the stops, at first glance does not make sense as a solution. There is a set number of people all waiting to reach their final destination. It will be a stroke of genius if the city can figure that one out. We’re either going to be crowded on the bus or crowded at the stops.

    1. Haha, the tram would help a bit, but I largely agree with you. Unless we see an effective vaccine, I also agree herd immunity will rule, and unless someone tests every day, it is almost useless. The only real testing that is valid is antibodies, assuming the antibodies protect you going forward, and the jury is out on that as well (I think it is likely though).

      Obviously this lockdown is unsustainable, I predicted (to myself LOL) that it would come to protests and/or worse, the 2 PM curfew works against safety, the economy is in very rough shape. I happen to agree that Sweden took the right approach and did not destroy their economy and apparently were set up to handle case loads at hospitals. The curve is flat lets move on.

      1. The Swedish model is an option and has kept their businesses open, for now, but the rates of infection are too high to sustain the economy. It is starting to effect output and the health care system there has so far been ok, it hasn’t been overwhelmed, but the initial reports on herd immunity are not good, cnn reports that the numbers are about the same as countries that have locked down but the death rate is three times it’s surrounding countries. The next few weeks should shed more light so we have a better picture of the experiment.
        In the end we will all be vaccinated or part of the herd immunity experiment, opening up isn’t an option it’s a necessity. Therefore the data from Sweden is very high on my watch list…

          1. I actually enjoy his input, views from the other side make me second guess and work harder to disprove or prove his information. I have been wrong before, it was along time ago and I didn’t like it… so I try hard to ensure my data is good and my information is accurate… but Freddy has given some pretty informative thoughts, most in the form of a thesis, 75,000 words or more, clear and concise isn’t his strong suit. I sometimes think his goal is to out write us all… nevertheless, if I have the time, which we all have during lockdown, it’s a good exercise to second guess and ensure we’re on the right path…. statistically… and scientifically….

            1. You would love Charlie. He preaches the same mantra, which goes something like “If you don’t know what the opposing viewpoint is, how can you refute it?” I talk with Charlie privately sometimes and that guy is one hell of a brilliant, educated person.

              1. Perhaps we can all get together after this disaster and have enlightening conversation with the whole group… are you in Freddy?

                1. No, I have sworn an oath to socially distance from FUE and all other conspiracy theorists that appear here regularly.

        1. “CNN reports”……..
          By default, that renders the analysis faulty. The only source worse than CNN is the New York Times.

          1. Only fools and ideologues dismiss information based on source and they only do so because they can’t refute the actual information itself.

            1. There are sources I don’t read at all, the bias is overwhelming.. I weigh the source against the data, if they are consistently leaning in one direction from the data I will dismiss their articles as propaganda.

          2. Larry –
            What are the Top-5 most reliable news sources that you would suggest we Go-To?
            I’ll wait right here. 🙂

            1. Sorry, Ken, this is where trumpistas always disappear. They can’t name 5 news sources, much less do they read or listen to them. Fox News or now, OAN is about the limit of their lexicon.

                1. Very cool. If this works, it will be a huge time saver for me because I’ve been doing this manually for years. Thanks for posting this.

                  Just installed this and it works easily and flawlessly. I tested it on “Natural News” and it confirms everything I already know. This should be a boon on unknown websites.

        1. In the end we get to see the results from both sides, we aren’t out of this yet. Their experiment might just be the better way… or comparable to what we are doing with the lockdown… the difference in economy vs. Deaths…. if in the end herd immunity works better… than when this returns or we get another we can deal with it appropriately…

          1. exactly. brag after all of the results are in. not now. he talks as if Sweden has discovered the 100% solution or vaccine for the virus. Australia has a distinct advantage of being an island and being able to stop all entries until the virus has slowed down but that means they have no antibodies for later.

    1. Yeah, and you do that with science that drives results and the results will automatically deal with the fear.

  2. “New data suggests that Sweden might have one of the highest Covid-19 deaths-per-capita rate in Europe.”
    (BBC May 21)

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