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Ecuador News

Ecuador says Julian Assange residency at its London embassy is ‘not sustainable’; Staff complains about his sloppy personal habits

Ecuador is considering kicking Julian Assange out of its embassy in London.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

The South American country is looking for a third country to mediate in the case of WikiLeaks founder Assange, who has sought refuge in Knightsbridge embassy for more than five years.

Foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa told media on Tuesday that notable asylum cases in recent years have sometimes required mediation by a third party.

She called the current situation “not sustainable”.

According to a former embassy employee, the issue with Assange involves much more than politics. “It is a small place and not suitable as an apartment,” says Molly Frommer. “And then there is the issue of his personal habits which leave a great deal to be desired.”

Off the record, other employees have complained for years that Assange leaves dirty clothes around the embassy and never washes the dishes. He also wanders through the five-room suite during working hours, sometimes interrupting work. In one widely reported case, he walked through the embassy conference room in his underwear when a consul was meeting with the South African ambassador. “He didn’t even apologize and there was a big hole in the back of his underwear,” says Frommer.

Frommer adds that President Lenin Moreno took a personal dislike for Assange when Moreno worked for the United Nations in Geneva. “One time when he visited London, he told Julian to clean up his room and take a bath.”

Assange has been at the embassy since June 2012 to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face accusations of alleged rape.

While Sweden has temporarily dropped that investigation, British officials say they would still arrest him on charges of bail jumping.

Assange also fears a possible U.S. extradition request stemming from the leaking of classified U.S. documents.

Ecuador’s Espinosa said: “No solution will be achieved without international cooperation and the cooperation of the United Kingdom, which has also shown interest in seeking a way out.”

Last year, Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno warned Australian-born Assange, 46, against making controversial political statements after he spoke out in support of the pro-independence movement in Catalonia.

Source: The Evening Standard

  • Pixelvt

    Kick the now smelly bum out, but by him some Jockeys first please

    • Pamela

      It’s highly inappropriate for “tourists” who are guests in this country such as yourself to be bad mouthing a citizen of Ecuador.

      • Pixelvt

        get over it, this is a public forum for all interested persons, this has zero to do with where I choose to live, you have never bad mouthed another Ecuadorian, really ? get a life and stop attacking me over a personal opinion that simply differs from yours, you are showing your small mindedness

        • StillWatching

          You KNOW how I feel about the “guest in their country” crap.

          • Pixelvt

            yup and agree

  • Michael Berger

    Moreno worked for the United Nations” = Bad news for us

    • Susan Mac

      He was special envoy for the rights of the disabled in Geneva for three years and I think that’s great news for us. He did a lot of good things for the handicapped in Ecuador when he was VP.

  • Carl Compton

    The piece about his unpleasant personal habits comes from an article in The Onion. It’s a joke, a parody, not true.

    • Pixelvt

      Have you ever looked at him, he is unkempt and sloppy looking, Onion or not

      • StillWatching

        Bill, we don’t judge you on your looks, do we? Why not afford Assange the same respect.

        By the way, in your post, above, you wrote this: “but by [sic] him some Jockeys…”

        I suggest we actually buy him some new underwear.

        • Pixelvt

          Really ? Of course we do and I am sure people judge me by my appearance as well. As for the typo, big misteak

          • StillWatching

            I’ve always liked your sense of humor so the “big misteak” didn’t go over my head.

            I figured you’d know I was using the Royal We when I said “we don’t judge you on your looks”. I meant I don’t.

            The one time I saw you, you were wearing a Hardly Davidson T-Shirt (it was blue) and I forgave you for that terrible gaffe. In my house, we don’t even speak the two words of that over-priced, over-weight and under-powered bike you were advertising on your chest. Even my little son knows the punishment for speaking or writing those words would be meted swiftly and severely and he avoids them like the plague.

            • Pixelvt

              wrong guy SW, never had a HD, but I did have a Honda back in the day, and a Suzuki too, I was high school age . I have had some cool cars though, MGB, 1964 Pontiac Lemans convertable 3 speed on floor, and a nice Jeep Wrangler, not to mention many other boring ones LOL

              If you see me you will recognize the visor I wear, if Pam sees me, my new nemesis, I will ad-visor her,

              • StillWatching

                Just so you know where my heart and head is:


                I’ll see if I can send you the video that won’t open in that link.

                • StillWatching

                  Did you ever get my e-mail?

    • richard benz

      This is no joke. Assange’s bad habits have been well documented in the British press (Guardian and Daily Mail) with quotes from employees at the embassy and former employees. Sky tv recently had a story about his sexual harassment of one of the former employees. The guy is an unhousebroken slob who should be shown the front door. It may be the stuff of satire for the Onion but there’s nothing funny about it for people who work at the embassy.

      • Pixelvt

        jeeese we got a guy in the white house like that, must be contagious

        • Ray Fitzsimmons

          Not anymore. We suffered through 8 long years with that individual.

          • Nightguy

            Only to trade him in for a f<(king moron as Tillerson would say.

    • StillWatching

      Carl! Don’t bother people with facts. That isn’t a currency they deal in. Facts get in the way of allowing such people to have their wishes to be the father of their thoughts.

    • Phillip Suttle

      Yes! I wondered if anyone would recall that little gem.

  • StillAlive

    The situation may be unbearable for the embassy staff, but it is unfortunately quite sustainable. Consider it a lifetime gift of Correa to the people of Ecuador.

  • EdGar Toepel

    What is there to mediate? Either he remains or leaves.

    • StillWatching

      What is there to mediate? Conditions under which he stays or goes.

  • Kevin Lichtman

    Assange was a geo-political pawn of Correa’a anti U.S. rhetoric and policies. Moreno wants improved political and economic relationship with the U.S. and Assange stands in his way.

    • Nightguy

      He helped get Trump elected by dumping the Clinton emails Putin gave him. Trump should give him a condo in one of his Towers as thanks. Either that or he can bunk with Bannon. He’s another slob.

      • Kevin Lichtman

        He’d still have to make a trade….and possibly acquire a nickname in the process, any suggestions?

      • Pixelvt

        Bannon snorts weed according to dRump, how is that done anyway ?

  • jaun sanchez

    Kick his butt out!!!

  • Acbig1

    Yea, it got so bad that today Ecuador made him a CITIZEN. Is anyone really that surprised?

  • Dan p

    There are reports that he was granted Ecuadorian citizenship and requested diplomatic status.