Ecuador stuns Argentina in historic football victory in Buenos Aires

Oct 9, 2015

Ecuador celebrates its first goal against Argentina Thursday night.

Ecuador celebrates the victory against Argentina Thursday night.

In bars and restaurants across Cuenca, thousands of football fans erupted in cheers last night as Ecuador scored its first goal against Argentina. A little more than a minute later, they erupted again as Ecuador scored a second goal.

Ecuador’s 2-0 victory, in the first round of the 2018 World Cup qualifier tournament, marked the first time it has defeated Argentina on its home turf. Argentina was heavily favored in the game.

The game appeared headed for a scoreless draw until Ecuador’s Frickson Erazo sent a header into the Argentine net on a corner kick. A little over a minute later, Felipe Caicedo sealed the win with a counter-attacking move and a side-footed effort past the Argentina’s goalie.

Although Argentina was without its star Lionel Messi, who is recovering from a knee injury, Ecuador was also missing its top two scorers.