Ecuador wants border help from Colombia, Redondels to be replaced, Dance performances

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Domingo, 18/3/2018

Hola, Todos

Pagina cultural-

Sunday’s agenda events –

“Jornadas Libertarias” (Libertarian Days) – This collective is opening a show called “PintadaPintaPintemosPintaremosPinton”

(GraffitiPaintPaintPaintPaint) <Sounds like a conjugation exercise from Spanish class.> Sunday in El Barranco.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events – Registrations for the “Treinta cuentos contados desde la artesanía” (Thirty stories told from crafts) ended today. The event <if it is an event>, organized by “El Subte de la Chuna” collective will be from mañana hasta el 8/6.

Proyecto de danza – Exercise number 2, “Mirada: Danza Contemporánea” (Look: Contemporary Dance) will be el jueves y viernes próximos in the Casa del Coco.

Articles about –

“El Avispero” – This theater group was started 23 years ago and it is planning to premier “El Vendedor” to celebrate the anniversary.

Review – The show by “Insula,” a French jazz-fusion trio was reviewed.

Museo de las Conceptas – There will be a forum el próximo martes desde las 18:00 titled “Espiritualidad e Interculturalidad” (Spirituality and Interculturality) about the knowledge and cosmovision of Cuencano and regional community leaders. Panelists will include Xavier Guamán who has studied the knowledge and customs of his cañari ancestors; Isabel Lituma from the Asociación Intercultural Yachak Pumapungo with knowledge of health and life from Andean traditions; and two psychologists. The program will continue on 21/3 a las 17:00 with a special alignment with the equinox, a from of celebrating Pawkar Raymi or the fiesta de las flores (festival of flowers) and the Día Mundial del Agua (World Water Day). At this program there will be taitas and mamas who will share blessings and petitions to care for nature and maintain the culture.

Kinetic sculptures – There is a show of sculptures by Sofía Litardo as part of her thesis work. The show will be at “La Vitrina” on the lower level of the CCE until 28/3. Each sculpture has a “manivela” (crank – your word for the day) <Just because I like the look of it.> which you can manipulate to make the sculptures of an owl, cóndor, toucan, and hummingbird move.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Listos deseños de dos distribuidores para Las Américas (Designs ready for two interchanges on Las Américas) – The redondels on De Las Américas at the Choferes gas station near the Industrial Park and at the intersection with Turuhuaico near parque de Miraflores will be replaced with interchanges. <The rendering shows something like the underpass on Las Américas at Gran Colombia.> There is no date set for construction which should take 9 months at each site.

Crash on the vía Lumagpamba-Paute killed the driver and injuring a 9 year old girl. A pick-up truck was also damaged and the driver injured. The driver of the container rig was not found.

Pipeline – Petroecuador completed maintenance work on the Sistema de Oleoducto Transecuatoriano in the El Salado sector of Napo Province. <Pop quiz – which climate zone is Napo in?> The duct had been dented from landslides and the replacement of 25 meters of pipeline was done with a technique called “hot tapping and plugging” during which the pipeline continues to operate.

Border – After the peace agreeement was signed with FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia), Ecuador warned that there was a risk of transferring insecurity from illegal drug gangs into Ecuador. The traffickers are dissident FARC members. The first violent incident was the bombing of a police station in San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas with another incident a month later in El Pan. Early el pasado viernes, residents of Gorbón awoke to chaos when an “artefacto explosivo casero” (homemade bomb) blew up at a Navy checkpoint. The Gobierno (Ecuadorian Government – remember this one.) asked the Colombians to increase the military presence in their territory.

Solidaria – The Club Rotario Tomebamba held a give-away for Venezuelan immigrants who arrive in Cuenca with nothing. The Rotarians gave away gas tanks, mattresses and a food staples such as milk, flour, oil, etc. Most of the recipients were middle class with a lot of architects, engineers, and graphic designers. <Because they’re good at reading writing on the wall?>

Actualidades – As usual, if the description of an article interests you, go to to read the whole thing. <Or run it through your translation program and then read it.>

Historias de mujeres: del homicidio al femicidio, un Camino recorrido (Stories of women: from homicide to femicide, a journey)

Casa patrimoniales republicanas cuencanas (Patrimonial Republican houses in Cuenca) – <This is another essay about mostly other stuff by the same unreadable essayist.>

Historia del Himno Nacional del Ecuador (History of Ecuador’s National Anthem)

Sports and health – The article is “La bailoterapia – una alternativea de salud” (Dance therapy – a health alternative)

Internacional –

Brazil – The biggest investigation into corruption in the history of Brazil is the Operación Lava Jato (Operation Car Wash). In 4 years, 123 businessmen and politicians, some on multiple counts, have been sentenced to a cumulative 1,861 years and 20 days for crimes related to the national oil company, Petrobras.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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