Effort to replace Assembly president at an impasse; Prison searches and cleaning underway; Crafts and candy fair at San Blas; Cojitambo sites upgraded

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Miércoles, 6/4/2022

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

La Chismosa enciende su primera vela (La Chismosa lights its first candle) – FM station, Radio La Chismosa (FM 104.1), will celebrate its 1st anniversary with a free concert. The “Tour Party Reggaeton 2022” will be el próximo domingo a las 14:00 in the Parque Curiquingue. Performers will include Makano, Erick Lexi, Aldo Ranks y Nene Mike. There will be well known international artists appealing to a young audience.

The site of Cañari ruins at Cojitamba, north of Cuenca, is being restored in hopes of attracting more tourists. The Inca Trail (Qhapac Ñan) circles the bottom of the mountain.

Expoferia “Eres Azuay” – The 15th edition of the expoferia “Eres Azuay” will run from este sábado until el próximo martes, 12/4 in the Casa de la Provincia (parque San Blas). The provincial government and the “Los del Portal” collective organized the event to show sweets, crafts, “Panama” hats, and other things.

Candidatas a reina (Candidates for queen) – The candidates for queen and cholita of Chordeleg will be presented este domingo a las 14:00 in the Plaza “José María Vargas.” The activity is part of the 30th anniversary of Chordeleg’s cantonization.

“Guardianes del cerro” (“Guardians of the Hill”) – The City of Azogues and the Universidad Nacional de Educación (UNAE) are promoting the Rutas del Cojitambo” program el próximo 29/4. This will reunite researchers, teachers, students and the community in a day of cultural, tourist, academic activities to revitalize the economy. Those interested should register at the offices of the city or of UNAE. The cost of $6.25 covers food, the expedition, and a certificate. The certificate will be given to those who provide feedback on what they have learned and will certify participants as Guardians of Cojitambo.

Titular –

Ni Llori ni mayoría dan brazo a torcer (Neither Llori nor the majority will budge) – While the full Assembly was in session, a notice from the Criminal Guarantees Court of Pichincha was received approving precautionary measures requested by the president of the Legislature, Guadalupe Llori. The measures were requested to stop the creation of a commission to investigate and eventually to impeach Llori. The court based the decision on the real threat of violation of her constitutional rights. Her opponents are still trying to create a commission, and will present a complaint to the judges. Salvador Quishpe (Pachakitik), one of Llori’s few supporters, said that the precautionary measures will not stop the Correista wing from their damand to create a commision whose goal is take power in the Consejo de Participación Ciudadana and therefore be able to name the new comptroller. <who could then find that Correa’s adminstration was as clean as Ivory soap?>

Cuenca –

Traslados provisionales y limpieza de celdas en la cárcel de Turi (Provisional transfers and cell cleaning at Turi prison) – Authorities are transferring all of the women prisoners in Turi to Gualaceo to what was known as the hostería Santa Barbara which is currently a property of the State. The 122 women will be there for a few hours to get medical and psychiatric treatment from the MSP and Red Cross. <I think anyone who witnessed the violence of the massacre would need psychiatric help for the rest of their life.> Meanwhile, in the interior of the prison, sociodemographic data collection about the prisoners’ current condition will continue. Also the cells will be cleaned, ward by ward; and the infrastructure will be evaluated to guarantee living conditions. <How about a weekly “cleaning” to look for prohibited articles and done by people not associated with the prison.> Once this is done, the women will be returned to the prison.

Ayer, the Forensic Center of Cuenca continue to give the bodies of the dead to their families who are also receiving psychological assistance. Since diciembre pasado, the Servicio de Atención Integral a Personas Privadas de la Libertad y Adolescentes Infractores (SNAI – Comprehensive Care Service for Persons Deprived of their Liberty and Adolescent Offenders) is focusing on reducing overcrowding to 0% by the end of the year, and increasing and professionalizing the guards.

Cuarta dosis aumenta la inmunidad (Fourth dose increases immunity) – Giving 2nd boosters started this week in the whole country. This dose can be administered 5 months after the 1st booster, and at first, it will be directed to people over 50, and those under 12 who are immunosuppressed. Also included will be health workers including administrators, and people over 18 who were vaccinated overseas with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. José Pazmiño, president of the Colegio de Médicos del Azuay, said that these actions will protect the most vulnerable. He felt that Covid vaccinations will wind up being part of a regular annual vaccination schedule.

Region –

Limpieza en autopista (Highway cleaning) – MTOP started routine maintenance on roads in Azuay. The work will start on the Carmen de Guzho-Guangarcucho stretch of the vía rápida Cuenca-Azogues-Biblián. In the next few days, MTOP will contract with 15 micro-businesses to continue the work.

El atractivo del Cojitambo se reactiva (Cojitambo’s attraction is reactivated) – Azogues is featuring the Cojitambo hill and the archeological ruins at the foot of the hill in a touristic route. The route will include the Cueva del Mashu Juktu, El Chorro, and part of the Qhapac Ñan or Inca Trail. La Cueva del Mashu Juktu or de los Murciélagos or Cave of Bats. <That name just made sure that at least half of you readers will not be visiting under any circumstances whatsoever.> It’s believed that the tunnels in the cave connect the Cojitambo (in Azogues) and Gaugualzhumi (in Cuenca) hills, and that the Cañaris performed rituals in them. There is a theory that El Chorro was a location for the adoration of water and a water cult. The Qhapac Ñan circles the Cojitambo hill and is bounded by rock walls and vegetation. The City of Azogues is preparing tours, talks, and other events in the Cojitambo hill to attract tourists, especially on weekends.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper (please don’t ask her for them). The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.


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