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Evo Morales was ousted by a military coup but the mainstream media won’t report it

By Caitlin Johnstone

There has been a military coup in Bolivia backed by violent right-wing  rioters and the U.S. government, but you’d hardly know this from any of the mainstream media headlines.

“Bolivian President Evo Morales steps down following accusations of election fraud” proclaims CNN. “Bolivia’s Morales resigns amid scathing election report, rising protests” reports The Washington Post. “Bolivian Leader Evo Morales Steps Down” says The New York Times. “Bolivian President Evo Morales resigns amid fraud poll protests” declares the BBC. “President of Bolivia steps down amid allegations of election rigging” we are informed by Telegraph. “Bolivia’s President Morales resigns after backlash to disputed election” says the Sydney Morning Herald.

So there you have it. The indigenous leader of a socialist South American government which has successfully lifted masses of people out of crushing poverty, which happens to control the world’s largest reserves of lithium (which may one day replace oil as a crucial energy resource due to its use in powering smartphones, laptops, hybrid and electric cars), which has an extensive and well-documented history of being targeted for regime change by the U.S. government, simply stepped down due to some sort of scandal involving a “disputed election”. Nothing to do with the fact that right-wing mobs had been terrorizing this leader’s family, or the fact that the nation’s military literally commanded him to step down and would have arrested him if he had not left for Mexico. Other members of his government are being rounded up and held captive by soldiers wearing masks.

All perfectly normal and not suspicious at all.

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales

As is usual, mass media’s reporting on this story is in full alignment with the US State Department, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also advancing the “disputed election” line in a tweet shortly before the forced resignation of Morales. Pompeo cited the evidence-free and discredited allegation of suspicious vote tallies during Morales’ re-election last month from the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS).

As Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic & Policy Research explains in a recent article for The Nation, the OAS receives 60 percent of its funding from Washington, which gives the US tremendous leverage over the supposedly neutral and international body. This ties in interestingly with what we discussed the other day about Washington’s known history of using its disproportionate financial support for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as leverage to force that supposedly neutral and international body to comply with US agendas.

The field of narrative management keeps making more and more advances.

The US-centralized empire just keeps throwing coup attempts at unabsorbed governments until they stick. The coup in Venezuela failed in 2002 and again in 2019, but they’ll just keep attempting them until one takes hold. A kickboxer throws strikes in combinations with the understanding that most attacks will miss or do minimal damage against a trained opponent, but eventually one will get through and score the knockout blow. Imperialist regime change agendas employ the same punches-in-bunches philosophy: just keep attacking and undermining at every possible turn, and eventually something will stick.

And the empire can afford to do this. When you have all the power and resources, you can bide your time, knowing that if the current attempt at toppling the government in a sovereign nation fails, there’s always tomorrow.

At a United Nations Security Council meeting last year, President Morales summed up the true nature of America’s role in the world very accurately, and, it turns out, very presciently.

Bolivian woman shouts at police during Tuesday protest in La Paz.

“I would like to say to you, frankly and openly here, that in no way is the United States interested in upholding democracy,” Morales said. “If such were the case it would not have financed coups d’etat and supported dictators. It would not have threatened with military intervention democratically elected governments as it has done with Venezuela. The United States could not care less about human rights or justice. If this were the case, it would have signed the international conventions and treaties that have protected human rights. It would not have threatened the investigation mechanism of the International Criminal Court, nor would it promote the use of torture, nor would it have walked away from the Human Rights Council. And nor would it have separated migrant children from their families, nor put them in cages.

“The United States is not interested in multilateralism,” Morales continued. “If it were interested in multilateralism it would not have withdrawn from the Paris Agreement or given the cold shoulder to the global compact on migration, it would not have launched unilateral attacks, nor have taken decisions such as illegally declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. This contempt for multilateralism is motivated by the thirst of the United States for political control and for the seizing of natural resources.

“Each time that the United States invades nations, launches missiles, or finances regime change, it does so behind a propaganda campaign which incessantly repeats the message that it is acting in the course of justice, freedom and democracy, in the cause of human rights or for humanitarian reasons,” Morales said.

He continued: “The responsibility of our generation is to hand over a fairer and more secure world to the following generation,” Morales concluded. “We will only achieve this dream if we work together to consolidate a multipolar world, a world with common rules that are respected by and defended from all the threats ranged against the United Nations.”

Indeed, the only reason the US is able to wage its endless campaign of regime change agendas against unabsorbed governments is because the unipolar world order it rules has allowed it the power, resources and leisure to do so. A multipolar world would enable the citizenry of this planet to have a say in what happens to them in a way that is not dictated by a few sociopaths in and around Washington, DC. A multipolar world is to democracy as a unipolar world is to monarchy. The citizens of the world should oppose this unipolarity.

Credit: Caitlin Johnstone,

34 thoughts on “Evo Morales was ousted by a military coup but the mainstream media won’t report it

  1. This author is very anti US and pro Venezuela Cuba Type government
    The people and protesters in Bolivia that want Morales out say nothing about the US other than they are tired of being the country known for cocaine production and that Morales is the Narco kingpin. No cocaine leaves Bolivia without passing by Morales. They even tell us that the cocaine moves with diplomatic pouches.

    Of course Venezuela Cuba Nicaragua and the countries Bolivia was helping with its cocaine money are going to help Morales get back in power because Morales is their cash cow and the Bolivians are very well aware of that.

    The young generation want Morales out because of the cocaine and say that is why Mexico welcomed Morales

    The Morales supporters are the ones getting new homes and money from the government

    Come to the streets of La Paz and they will tell you exactly this

    1. You are very pro US and anti-Venezuela.

      Nothing in your post addresses anything discussed in this article.

      Furthermore, nothing in your post is true.

      1. I’m not anti Venezuela. I’m anti Maduro ( and anti Hugo Chavez) because they have decimated this once rich country and are not the least bit concerned about having no food or medicine for the people.

  2. Great to see some serious reporting here. In full agreement with author and her analysis of how mainstream media here and in the US intentionally disseminate US and IMF propaganda instead of producing real news through professional journalism. We can no longer rely on mainstream news sources to understand what is happening in the world, including Ecuador. They just parrot US state department releases and quote US-approved “experts.”

  3. Let’s see, the best “evidence” of US involvement here is that the OAS receives 60% of its funding from the US. If that is evidence, then why isn’t the UN a part of the US government, since it is receiving close to 80% of its funding from the US, and it is situated in New York, which is still a part of the US? I would like to see Caitlin’s evidence of US involvement here, the situations, including the people interviewed, those who witnessed something, written or taped documents, anything like that. Just a supposition does not make this a true analysis.

  4. This one sided article is full of BS. The guy, Indian or not was trying to stay as a dictator same as Castro, Ortega, Maduro and all those SOBs that has taken their country into desperation and misery, eventually. The people said NO to his reelection in a democratic referendum, and the SOB cleaned his ass with the people’s decision. Then he
    committed fraud. No amount of BS can change the facts, but Communist, socialist and robo-lucionaries don’t give a s**t about facts. Just like Trump in the USA don’t give a s**t about the truth.

    1. No evidence has been provided by anyone . . . not even the OAS.

      But anyone who is still invoking communists in the 21st century clearly doesn’t care about reality.

      1. People across Bolivia protested in the tens of thousands, and the crisis escalated when the Organization of American States (OAS) published a report saying the vote had forged signatures and that there had been data manipulation.

    1. Then, of course, any election fraud means it is not free and fair to the voters and is not democracy. Just like Maduro in Venezuela cheated his way into being leader. That is what authoritarians do; they hold on to power when they do not deserve it and the people don’t want them anymore once they discover how corrupt and destructive they are.

      Morales will be back. Venezuela Cuba Russia China will make sure of that

      1. There was a report published by the Organization of American States (OAS) saying that the votes had been manipulated and had forged signatures

        1. Clearly you didn’t read the report because it never mentioned anything about votes being manipulated or forged signatures.

          Why do all of your opinions rest on things you make up?

        1. Proof IS fact. What you really mean is that no level of proof will change your beliefs . . . because it never does.

  5. A dictator who illegally ran in an election he was constitutionally ineligible and had to resort to massive vote counting fraud to avoid a run-off he would likely have lost, deserves to be removed by threat of force. So long as those who removed him keep their promise to restore democracy, it’s not a coup, rather it’s a restoration of rule of law.

    1. There isn’t a single shred of evidence of vote counting fraud. Even the OAS had to play word games because they couldn’t find it either. Your “restoration of rule of law” has resulted in overt fascists taking to the streets burning down houses and assassinating anyone that doesn’t look European enough for them.

      You are always useful, Kevin. At least your life has meaning.

      1. Jason Faulkner you can keep asking for proof but that does not change the fact that the Bolivian people feel the election was fraudulent. They even charged the group in charge of the election

        1. Which Bolivian people? Do you speak on behalf of all of them or just the one-third that voted for Meza?

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