Former Guayaquil mayor Nebot denies he was aware of Assemblyman’s illegal activities

Mar 7, 2024 | 0 comments

Former Guayaquil mayor and leader of the Social Christian Party (PSC) Jaime Nebot denied a claim by former director of the Guayas Judiciary Council María Josefa Coronel that he was aware of the illegal activities of National Assemblyman Pablo Muentes.

Muentes, a Social Christian, was arrested Monday on corruption charges related to activities in the Guayas provincial court system.

Jaime Nebot

“It is absolutely false that she or anyone else warned me about any illegal actions of Pablo Muentes relating to justice in Guayas Province,” Nebot said on his X account Wednesday.

Nebot asked: “Since she [Coronel] directed the Judiciary Council until January of last year, why didn’t she file a formal complaint against those involved in crimes? It was her job to punish judges and prosecutors who violate the rules.”

In an interview, Nebot acknowledged he had a relationship with Muentes. “Yes, he is a member of my party and he is a fellow Guayaquileño, so of course I know him,” Nebot said. In response to a question, he added that he and Muentes were involved in phone conversations with former president Rafael Correa following the 2021 election.

Colonel said she did not warn Nebot directly about Muentes’ activities but passed on information through third parties. “There is no way he [Nebot] would not have been aware of what was happening,” Colonel said. “It was vox populi that Pablo Muentes was manipulating justice to meet his interests.”

The controversy arose after a video was released Tuesday in which Coronel referred to former Assemblyman Muentes in a radio interview. The interviewer asked her if, at any time, the leaders of the PSC were warned about the Muentes’ illegal activities. Coronel replied: “Of course they were.”


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