Gang of women attack and brutalize model in a crime that shocks Guayaquil

Jul 9, 2015 | 0 comments

With one of the country’s highest crime rate, residents of Guayaquil are rarely shocked by a crime. They were shocked by one that occurred early last Sunday morning.2A475E9A00000578-0-image-m-2_1436197454955

A young female model was attacked by a group of women near a popular discotec, stripped, beaten and cut with broken bottles. Although there have only been two arrests, a witness said that as many as 20 women may have been involved in the assault.

The victim who was identified by police only as Angie JSP, due to a law against publishing full names of crime victims, was with her husband, identified as Kevin, as the attack began. According to the police report, the husband was forcibly restrained by several men and women.

The couple, who visited the disco after a late night dinner, were shown by a surveillance camera entering a taxi when they were attacked. Angie was pulled from the taxi and Kevin, who tried to help, was forced to the ground.

Angie after the attack. Doctors say she will recover but will require plastic surgery.

Angie after the attack. Doctors say she will recover but will require plastic surgery.

According to Kevin, a large group of women shouted, “Get them! Get them!”

Angie broke free from the women but tripped and fell and the attack began. According to police, Kevin was told that his wife would be killed if he resisted.

During the attack, Angie was stripped, beaten with fists, shoes and sticks, and was cut with broken bottles on her face, stomach and legs. Later, at the hospital, she needed more than 160 stitches to close the wounds.

Although there was concern that she might lose sight in one eye, doctors said on Monday that the eye would recover.

Doctors said she would need extensive plastic surgery to repair damage from the cuts.

On Tuesday, police said the motive for the attack was revenge but didn’t provide more details. They also said that employees of the club are being questioned since they witnessed the attack and did not intervene.

The attackers face up to three years in jail for assault.



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