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Government does not appreciate DiCaprio’s $3.4 million gift to protect Ecuador’s rain forest

U.S. actor Leonardo DiCaprio announced earlier this week that he will donate $ 3.4 million to Ecuadorian indigenous groups fighting to protect the country’s Amazonian rain forest.

Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

According to Ecuador’s ministry that manages oil and mining interests, the gift is not necessary and might promote hostility between the government and those opposing oil drilling and mining projects.

The gift, made through DiCaprio environmental protection foundation, is part of $15 million he is donating worldwide to environmental projects. DiCaprio announced the donations January 19, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he received an award for his environmental work.

According to DiCaprio, his Ecuadorian gift will “support indigenous populations in defending their lands against oil drilling and mining.” He added: “These complex ecosystems can never be replaced if they are lost. They are the foundation for global health and the global economy and without them life as we know it will collapse.”

DiCaprio’s gift will be managed by the ‘Alliance Ceibo,’ created with the Cofan, Secoya, Huaorani and Siona indigenous Ecuadorian nationalities, to protect the land, water and culture of the Amazon.

In addition to his Ecuadorian donation, DiCaprio’s gifts will go to monitor commercial fishing, protect international forests against the palm oil industry, protect a coral reef in the Seychelles, and promote renewable energy projects in the U.S.

Ecuador’s government says that it has taken “strong measures” to protect the rain forest in areas of oil exploration and drilling and no outside support is needed for protection.

  • Frank Penny

    DiCaprio is a shill set up by the banksters to undermine other countries and economies. He wouldn’t even be opening his mouth unless he was ordered to by his puppet masters. Ecuador is wise to turn his “gift” down. Other actors follow this plan, too, not just LDC. Steer clear of them.

    • Demsrule

      So you believe that less then $4 million is a threat to the economy and the government of Ecuador?Based on what exactly?

    • Richard A Mageau

      You have some backing for these statements or is this just a rant?

    • Donald

      When you go to an US football game in a big stadium, John, and you see the players in their huddle, do you think they are plotting against you?

    • M H

      John G. You sound DEEPLY misinformed, gullible and undereducated. What the HELL are you talking about? DO you know OIL/Mining companies are the ones opposed to De Caprio’s funding to local communities?

      You statement does not make sense from ANY point. SO obvious you are clueless about who are the multinationals undermining democracy and basic human rights to exploit natural resources. You should read … books.

    • Steve

      This is the truth unfortunately. Don’t get sucked in to the benevolent humanitarian act from this guy. A good kind face doing something great for Nature, so noble, what could be wrong? Just like a lot of these non-profit groups set up by outside governments as extensions of their own power and influence in another country, it’s called soft power tactics, by the governments themselves. Go research for yourself who these people work for. This a clear example of using money in a tense situation to create even more separation. This money is a small price to pay to create division and bring some international negative pr to Ecuador. The situation is not perfect for sure but at least it is in house. It makes me laugh to see these movie stars given big titles through the UN as ambassadors to this and that, it’s not for nothing. They capture the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting populace. It all sounds so altruistic and noble but these people are working with their own agendas in mind. Actually, more likely someone else’s agenda who they work for. Just have a look at this guys conservationist lifestyle he leads, not so much. It’s time to wake up and challenge everything you read from the mainstream with a healthy degree of doubt before simply believing. Good day to you all! 🙂

      • christine partida

        I saw a movie based on an oil company (owned by an American man) in Africa, that was treated like the owner of their (native town) land. Is this similar to that?

      • weilunion

        DeCaprio is a Soros stooge. He wants one world government. Take nothing from him. Ecuador does not need charity it needs social and economic change and it is thrashing through it now. Don’t let the liberal elites get involved.

    • Raven Whitewing

      So the EcuadorIan government should be allowed to sell the Amazon to China, or other higher bidders? As for the is not being provided to Ecuador, but to the indigenous tribes, who are threatened by the government….selling out their homes, and way of life.

  • Joe Tana

    Take the money and say thank you for the help.

  • Virginia W.

    Say what?? People could use the money on getting more trees planted, which we have not many. Santa Elena, has become a desert for lack of trees and lack of enough rain!

  • Generosity-yes!

    It is sad to see how some people can turn a positive into a negative, what about donating to an orphanage could that be subterfuge too? It is good to see some of these people who have some extra cash spread it around and try to help the world. We need to support these people and hopefully more wealthy folk will follow their lead and make the world a better place.

  • edgeof 2

    Are you drunk again ??

  • Eric Johnson

    Disclosure: I am a USA expat, living in Ecuador for the last 5 years.
    Opinion: DiCaprio’s donation is a legitimate support of the goal of leaving carbon in the ground. He should not be labelled a ‘shill’ for that stance. Ecuador government stance is that Ecuador’s resources should be mined and sold at profit, to benefit the citizenry and improve the nation’s infrastructure. Again, a legitimate position.
    The whole world needs to debate this issue with integrity and compassion. And all who enter the discussion should be aware of the degree of need in Ecuador. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Sandy

      I am also a US expat living here for 5 years. Ecuadorians need all the help they can get, especially in areas of rainforest conservation. Ecuador took 15 years, minimum, to address the devastation mining in Esmeraldas has done to the environment and more importantly, the health of it’s citizens! Cancer is one of the milder forms of environmental poisoning left in it’s wake. What the indigenous tribes in the various Amazon areas need is money to insist on the overseeing of environmental issues as they present themselves. No more wool over the eyes of the Ecuadorian peoples.

      • Joseph Somers

        There is also a documentary called “CRUDE” that gives insight into the Role of the once Corporate oil giant TEXACO…Now owned by CHEVRON

        The Documentary show the pollution left in the Amazon rain forest in TEXACO’S wake.

        CHEVRON’S attempts to evade the responsibility while minimizing the damage and evading the Government of Ecuador’s law suits in courts in the USA.

  • George M Forgues

    Paranoia is on the increase, everything is a conspiracy.

    The good thing is with the drop in oil prices, this drilling may no longer be done, at least not in the near future.

  • M H

    OF COURSE the government would be against this. Most governments are nothing more than corporate extensions. Decarpio’s intentions: empower communities to use LAW against the exploitation of natural resources goes against the interest of foreign corporations profiting from the natural resources of the planet.

  • EdGar Toepel

    Sounds good to me: “According to DiCaprio, his Ecuadorian gift will “support indigenous populations in defending their lands against oil drilling and mining.” He added: “These complex ecosystems can never be replaced if they are lost. They are the foundation for global health and the global economy and without them life as we know it will collapse.””

  • Instructor Taller

    These kind of stars, very talented in what respect to filming matters, are completely stupids when approaching geopolitical issues. We can not expect more than inconsistencies from people immersed in the world-wide poisoning business of bullshit spectacle.

  • michael grosser

    Correa has been bought by the Chinese….an honest politician is one that once bought “stays bought”

  • kelo zuñiga

    Mr. Leo D’Caprio give us that economic resources we need to work as we are doing for several years ago.

  • Globetrotter2

    John G? Damaged goods from a damaged society. He should be pitied not ridiculed.

  • TC Sakip Ozatay

    It looks like there is a huge corruption in Ecuador and the politicians looks like they are selling anything…. Ecuador should thank to Di Caprio…

  • Michael

    And so taxable income for America’s indiginous poor is lost. My, how celebrities have so many superior values that reflect their intelligence over my subservient existence. Let’s give him a non-taxable yacht for all his girlfriends to giggle on?

  • John Himbert

    Have we become so hardened a people, suspicious of and not trusting anyone or anything anymore? What have we allowed ourselves to become in not believing that there are still people in this society that are kind, caring wanting to give a hand up to serious needs that we
    have and the means to do this for us! I salute Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio for his very generous
    offer to be of help where help is desperately needed. Why would ANYONE want to criticize a
    fellow human being for wanting to step up and help in a time of need? I have heard and read
    where Mr. DiCaprio has done many wonderful things in the past that gone without any notice
    of fanfare or publicity that we have not even been aware of. I, Mr. DiCaprio for one thank you
    for being who and what you are on behalf of those who cannot or will not accept you for the
    wonderful person that you are.

    • weilunion

      He wants to help but in doing so he will undermine the country. He has no understanding of the complexities of an extractionist country nor does he care. He is an actor, living in a fantasy world.

      Ecuador was right to turn down the offer. It makes complex situation worse. So rather than a gift, it becomes a political tool.

  • krieg93

    We do not want more gringo money in rain forests, we want clothes on our backs and jobs. DiCaprio talks down on us from his Beverly Hills mansion while we struggle with power outages.
    Hippie new age gringos are incredibly cuntish at times, they think their morality goes above the needs of others.

    • weilunion

      Right, it is sickening. He does not, nor do the elites, want to change the way we produce and reproduce our lives, or change the horror of capitalism. They simply want to do advocacy charity.

      Inequality is the problem and DeCaprio, who would never even have made it if he did not re do an old movie, is the poster boy or one of them for inequality. We do not want charity, we want justice.

  • Michael

    His ‘gift’ would have otherwise been an income tax supporting the country that allows him to make ten million a year. But he’s a humanitarian, almost his own government’.