High court to consider mining referendum, Protection for refugees, Tarqui vigilantes beat suspects, Gov’t seeks private funds for refinery

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Miércoles, 28/8/2019

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Titular – La vicealcaldesa llama a la unidad (mayor) – See Wednesday’s article in CHL for the full story.

Tarqui vigilantes — A crowd of residents captured two suspected thieves Tuesday night in a house in Tarqui, south of Cuenca. Both men were beaten before being rescued by police, one claiming he was an innocent bystander. The men were later released due to lack of evidence against them <Did the mob destroy the evidence?>.

Azuay Prefect Yaku Perez

Mining referendum – On Tuesday, the Corte Constitucional started processing the petitions for a consulta popular (referendum – your word for the day) submitted by Yaku Pérez, prefect of Azuay <You should all know who Yaku Pérez is by now, so I’m going to quit identifying him by his office.> and Baldor Bermeo, mayor of Ponce Enríquez. The constitutional judges have asked for written arguments from the Ministry of Energy, ARCOM, and other institutions.

Refinery – Pres. Moreno authorized the construction of an oil refinery on the coast which would be financed with private capital.

Interruptions in water service – ETAPA announced that drinking water service will be intermittent Thursday in some areas of the cities. Areas affected include the Plaza de las Américas, Colosseum, Free Fair, Humanitarian Clinic, Cazhapata, Puertas del Sol, Av. Ordoñez Laso, former Crea, Simón Bolívar Educational Center, Republic of Ecuador School, Faculty of Arts of the University of Cuenca, Don Bosco avenues, Loja, Solano, Remigio Crespo, Regional Hospital, El Paraíso, Monay Shopping, Parque la Angostura, Heroes of Verdeloma, Paseo de los Cañaris, Las Pencas Altas, Av. del Chofer.

Protection of immigrants – La Junta Cantonal de Protección de Derechos (Cantonal Board for the Protection of Rights) has issued a provision to guarantee the rights of refugees. It focuses specifically on Venezuelan children and adolescents and ordered the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion to submit a report on their care within 20 days.

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