Incoming and outgoing Cuenca mayors meet to assure ‘smooth transition’ in change of city administrations

Mar 9, 2014 | 0 comments

Cuenca Mayor-elect Marcelo Cabrera emphasized on Friday that he had no intention of stopping the Tranvia de los Cuatros Rios tram project and does not think the changes his administration might make will affect the construction schedule.chl cabrera granda1

Cabrera met with outgoing Mayor Paul Granda to discuss the changeover of government in May.

“Some people have the idea that I am against the Tranvia,” Cabrera said. “This is not true. It is an important part of the transportation plan for the city and I want the work to continue.” He said that any changes would follow a review of all reports and documents and most would not be noticed the public.

Granda thanked Cabrera for his supoort of the project, saying it had great personal significance for him.

In addition to the tram, Granda and Cabrera also discussed plans for construction of low income housing, a new ring-road freeway to be built around the city, reconstruction of San Francisco Plaza and other projects.chl tram3

Granda said he has asked his staff to provide Cabrera with all reports and documents that have been requested. “We want to make the transition as smooth so that the government of Cuenca can continue to provide residents with high quality services,” he said.

The two men talked briefly with the press before meeting privately at the mayor’s office.

Photo captions: Granda and Cabrera meet the press Friday; Cabrera says the light rail project will continue.


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