Jueves, 19/1/2017: Bienal tour, AG goes to U.S. for Odebrecht information, San Fran vendors don’t like kiosks, Speed traps

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Teatro – There are two new dates for performances of “La Frastera” (The Border) which is based on a popular story in the Michoacán area of México.  Actress Eloísa Ríos plays 6 characters.  The additional shows will be Fri. y sábado at 20:00 in el Sono.

Conferencia – A conference on “El talento del inconsciente” (The talent of the unconscious) will be held mañana at 19:30 by Dr. Eudoro Falconí, a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of professional experience, in the Sala de Conciertos of the CCE (Pres. Córdova y Luis Cordero.

Obra teatral (Theatrical work) – “La Gallina de Edmundo” (Edmundo’s Hen) will play mañana at 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” (Cordero y Pres. Córdova)

Articles about –

Artesanal training – “Soy artesano, soy patrimonio” (I am a craftsman, I am heritage) is a program by CIDAP to sensitize artisans in all branches of crafts to the importance of immaterial heritage.  A workshop was held in Gualaceo ayer (yesterday – another word to remember.).  CIDAP has also signed an outline agreement with CCE to cooperate on activities that support the artisan sector.

Bienal tour – There are tours with docents until 4/2 to visit 4 of the Bienal venues.  Call Marcela Orellana at 2831-788, ext. 114 to make a reservation.

Other Bienal events include a dialogue with artist Damián Sinchi este sábado at 12:00 in the MMAM.  Mañana at 10:00 in the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, there will be a package of audiovisual works about the Bienal made by students for their graduation projects.

Another Bienal venue is the Alianza Francesa where Haze and Fog (Humo y niebla – the translation was backward since the work is titled in English), a video by Cao Fei is showing.  The video shows the changes in behavior in the lives of people in China, from adulthood to old age.

Gabriel Zamora – This Cuencano artist is showing “Romper para ver por dentro” (Break to see inside) at the Alianza Francesa de Quito.

Cuencan characters – The Teatro Barojo is bringing 3 real characters from their “Cuenca en Cuentos” series, El Atacocos, Juana de Arco and El Negro Valentín, to a show at the bar Lirón Lirón (Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo).  Cost: $5 for men and $3 for women.  (Don’t hit that keyboard yet, I’ve read that article 4 times and still can’t find a day or time.  So I did your work for you, googled it, and the show is esta noche a las 20:00.)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Ponen contra la pared al CCRC (CCRC up against the wall) – The Mayor gave the CCRC ten days to justify why it has not finished the Tranvía project which was supposed to be delivered to the city at the end of 2016.  If after the 10 days the CCRC is not disposed to correct the situation, the Mayor will declare a unilateral termination of the contract.  The CCRC issued a press release saying it wants to finish the project it was contracted to do for $72 million.  It also denied responsibility for the lack of plans, expropriation of land, and changes to the original design.  It expressed its willingness to finish the project quickly and successfully and said that it hasn’t abandoned the project which is continuing and that it is continuing to work. (What you can’t see is me rolling my eyes.  You can’t see me because you’re probably rolling your eyes, too.)

Speed traps – The city is getting serious about its speed control campaign.  A speed trap was set up on 12 de octubre ayer, near the Circunvalación Sur and it caught 12 drivers.  The highest speed limit on urban roads is 50 kph.  If you are only moderately speeding (50-60 kph) the sanction is 30% of the basic salary which would be $112.50 and the loss of 6 points off your license. If you go over 60 kph, the fine is $375 (one basic salary), loss of 10 points and 3 days in jail.  (Is getting to your destination 90 seconds sooner worth the risk of 3 days in jail?  Who’ll feed the dog? Hell, who’ll even know you’re even in jail.  Do you have the right to a phone call?)

Odebrecht – Attorney General Galo Chiriboga announced a visit to the US to meet with the US Justice Department for information about the bribes paid by the Brazilian construction firm.  (The Tranvía project could be worse – it could have been contracted to Odebrecht, and come to a standstill because the contractor was under investigation for corruption.)  A.G. Chiriboga confirmed that officials from Odebrecht who are working on various contracts in Ecuador were interviewed, and the contracts being analyzed.  Chiriboga also said we will solve this before we get an answer from the US, citing his experience with the FIFA (football corruption) case where the US never gave out any information.  If he does get the information he wants, he is prohibited by law from naming anyone possibly involved.

Documents were received by the AG’s office about the current Mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rodas, who took trips to Brazil, México and Panamá and recently bought a house.  The Mayor answered that his agenda in Brazil is documented by his Twitter account, he talked to the former leader of the gov’t of Mexico, DF about a bike path program, and attended the World Economic Forum in Panama.  His house was bought with savings and loans from a brother.

Voto  2017 – The vote page has started a series of interviews with candidates for the Provincial Assemblies.  If you’re a political junkie, go to www.elmercurio.com.ec to read the article which also lists the duties of assembly members and all of the parties fielding candidates.  In Azuay, there are 14 party slates on the ballot and voters will elect 5 representatives.

Radio frequencies – The national competition for radio frequencies is under way.  The Communications Law changed how frequencies are awarded.  Ondas Azuayas (1110 AM) and Radio Cuenca (1180 AM) have been disqualified and are complaining.

Calle Santa Ana – The pedestrian street between the New Cathedral and Seminario San Luis that connects Benigno Malo and Padre Aguirre is 97% complete and the street should be opened by the end of the month.  The fate of the house that sits in the middle is being debated.

SF Plaza – The merchants don’t like the furniture.  The prototype is set up at PRAC (Bolívar y Huayna Cápac).  The merchants say the structure doesn’t provide them what they need for their normal activities and they are inadequate for weather protection. Additionally, they have to pack things away every day, and many of the merchants are “tercera edad.”  (From the picture, I’d say they’re right.  What they’ve got is a center post supporting a 2 meter x 3 m. roof, and I bet in the first two days, they’ll put up corrugated metal or plastic walls and make things look more like the “old” plaza.)  Currently there are 135 permanent, formal vendors and 28 vendors in the Gremio de Otavaleños (Otavalen Guild or Union).  (I really think they should just let it alone to fall down on its own.  It’s got a gritty appeal – and stuff is cheap.)

Amenidades –

Ad – Gran Mercado de Pulgas (Big Flea Market) – viernes 20 de enero desde las 9 a.m. hasta (to) las 5 p.m., sábádo 21 de enero desde las 9 a.m. hasta las 3 p.m. (if you read that, what do you need me for?) – Club Rotario Tomebamba, av. 27 de Febrero 41-15 y Francisco Moscoso – 2 888 550 – proceeds benefit the Posada San Francisco.

Internacional –

Colombia – After several days of closed door sessions, the negotiating teams for the ELN and the Government announced the formal start of peace talks on 7/2 in Quito. On 2/2 (Ground Hog Day although I doubt that was considered in the talks), the guerillas will release ex-congressperson Odín Sánchez Montes de Oca who has been held “desde abril del pasado año” (since April of last year – slowly building a vocabulary here.  Your new word is “desde” – from or since.  I’ll give you “hasta” as well, to pair with “desde” – from, to – see the Flea market ad above) and the Government will pardon 2 members of ELN.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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