Jueves, 24/3/2016: Easter activities, New snake species discovered in the jungle, Fanesca updates, Ecuador – EU trade agreement

Mar 24, 2016

Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Upcoming events

Monologue – “Miss tetas lo dicen todo” (Miss titties tells all) by Cuencana Monserrath Astudillo will premier on 31/3 at 20:00 in the Museo Pumapungochl jeanne logo with performances on 1&2/4.  Call 099 289 0121 for reservations.

Yoga conference – “La supremasía de la Jñaña Yoga en la Era del Saber (The supremacy of Jñaña Yoga in the Era of Knowledge) Thurs at 19:00 in the Sala Comunitaria del Museo Pumapungo.

Two plays – “Los Nacimientos (The Births) and Sangre Inmortal (Immortal Blood) (This is not one one of those vampire plays.) by the Teatro Infinito group Thurs at 20:00 in the Teatro de Bolsillo (Pocket theater) del Sono (Pres. Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova).

Rock festival – with 5 bands this Sat. at 20:00 in the Sonora Club (av. Doce de Abril y San Roque).  The bands are Vandan, AniMosh, Cuco, Tribus Ec & La Raza Odiada. Cost: $5.00.

Articles about –

“Batman vs Superman: el origen de la justicia” is taking over the multiplexes.  (Having minimal interest in either superhero, I’m not translating the almost full page article.  You’ll just have to go see the movie for yourself or find the comic book for yourself.)

A day of homage to Umberto Eco at CCE with a talk Thurs at 10:00 in the bibliteca “Manuel Muñoz Cueva” and a screening of The Name of the Rose at 18:00. (Starring Sean Connery if that makes a difference.  And whether they show it in Spanish or English, Connery will be just as handsome. If it’s in Spanish, will the person who dubs Connery do it with a Scots accent?)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Inobservancia perjudica a contratistas (Neglect hurts contractors) – (I can’t untangle the first sentence which is 3 column inches long – a whole paragraph).  45 contractors were selected for $3 million worth of projects, but the contracts were never signed.

Co-titular – La TRI por otros tres puntos (Ecuador by 3 points) (I’m not sure if that’s the prediction or something to do with gambling) – in the match with Paraguay at 16:00 Thurs in Quito. So far, the TRI is unbeaten in the South American World Cup eliminations.

High prices – for fanesca ingredients although a vendor disagrees.  For those of you who don’t have the time or knowledge to make fanesca (and you probably can’t make less than a couple of gallons unless you count each bean and pea), get your bowlful at 10 de Agosto for about $2.50.

Other Easter activities –

The Cena del Señor (Last Supper) – including foot washing Thurs at 19:00 in the New Cathedral.

The Pasión del Señor (the Passion of Christ) – Fri at 15:00.

The Vía Crucis Fri at 19:00 in the streets of El Centro.

A commercial agreement – between Ecuador and the EU is in its final stages.

Snakes – 3 new species were discovered in the Sangay, Llanganates & Podocarpus nature reserves.  The “Arca de Noé” (Noah’s Ark) Project has registered 453 species of reptiles including (and here come your words for the day along with a little science lesson) 32 species of tortugas (turtles), 5 of cocodrilos and caimanes (crocodiles and caimans), 3 of anfisbénidos (amphisbaenids) (I had to look those up – they’re worm lizards.  I had them in the back yard in Oakland – looked like earthworms only dry with little itty bitty legs.  I even called the university to find out what they were – I guess they weren’t anything rare.), 190 species of lagartijas (lizards) and 224 of culebras (or serpientes – snakes or serpents.)

Used batteries – shouldn’t be thrown into the garbage.  ETAPA has bins in various offices where you can dispose of them.

Garbage collection – will stay on its normal schedule during the Semana Santa holidays.

Amenidades – 

Movies – Opening now – go to www.multicines.com.ec for show times and locations.
3D Batman vs Superman – Esp and Sub (You’re in luck!)
2D Batman vs Superman – Esp.
Continuing are:
2D Kung Fu Panda 3 – Esp
2D Zootopia – Esp
2D Divergente: Leal – Esp
2D Resurrección de Cristo – Esp.

Internacional – 

Argentina – Pres. Obama is visiting and the two countries have signed a trade and private investment agreement.  Pres. Obama tried yerba mate for the first time.  (I wonder what he thought of drinking tea out of a silver chased gourd through a “bombilla” (straw with a filter on the end).?)

Artesanal beer – will be brewed in Cuenca at Octavio Chacón 3-09 in the Industrial Park by La Paz. Cervecería Nacional.  They sell the “Latitud Cero” brand in 4 flavors under the direction of master brewer Daniel Kadatz, trained in Berlin.

Discuentos y compras – 

Creta – is serving fanesca today and tomorrow.  Call 2881 477 or 099 784 1827 for reservations.

Madelab and Fabicar – furniture fair and classic wooden cars – 13/3 to 13/4 – Otavio Chacón Moscoso y Cornelio Vintimilla in the Industrial Park.  (Now there’s a combination that reminds me of the liquor and shoe store I saw in Perú).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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