Jueves, 25/8/2016: City asks contractors to add tram workers in Centro, Frenchman dies in Cuenca love triangle, Family needs help

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina Cultural –

Today’s (Thu.) agenda events –chl jeanne logo

Cine – “Pescador” screebed today in the Teatro Casa de la Cultura as part of retrospective to Sebastián Cordero.  The movie is about a fishing village in Manabí where packages of cocaine are found floating around and the involvement of the villagers with this dangerous cargo.

Curso – The vacation music course at El Centro Musical Santa Cecilia (las Herrerías 2-20 y del Arupo) closed this morning at 9:30.

Concurso – The Casa del Migrante, Consejo de Protección de Derechos y Consejo de Movilidad Humana launched a “Concurso de Cortos en Red sobre Movilidad y Discriminación” (Short Film Competition in the Network about Mobility and Discrimination).

Música – The Ciclotaller Historia del Rock and Roll (The History of Rock and Roll Workshop Series) featured Metallica and Megadeth Thurs. in the Escuela Central/Museo de la Ciudad.  Free

Upcoming agenda events –

Artesanías – The Artesanos del Azuay (Artisans of Azuay) will inaugurate a new space to show their work Fri. at 10:00 in the Pasaje Artesanal (Bolívar 4-30 y Vargas Machuca)

Programa – The Psycho Rok Fusión Collective will present Juegos de Ira, Maniati, Revolver & Oliver Atom Fri. in the República Sur.  Cost:  $5.00.

Libro – “Monólogo de un Desgajado” by Rodrigo Aguilar will be presented in Zaruma on 31/8.  (I don’t suppose it matters to you if there’s no time given because of the location of the book launch and because it’s in Spanish.)

Articles about –

Poetry – Brother and sister Susana y Fernando Moreno Ortiz will present their two new books of poetry on 1/9 in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE (Pres. Córdova y Cordero).

CCE – The Casa de la Cultura has been filling vacancies created by retirement of several staff members.

Tragedía de “La Cusinga” – The Teatro Experimental Barojo will stage “La Cusinga” on 31/8 and 1/9 at 20:00 in el Sono (Borrero 6-83).  The play is about romance, scandal, and murder.  In 1739, Dr. Jean Seniergues, who accompanied the French Geodesic Mission to Ecuador fell in love with a young Cuencana, Manuela Quesada, nicknamed “La Cusinga.”  They scandalized the very conservative Cuencanos at the time with their public displays of affection.  (And I bet they weren’t even laying around in the linear parks wrapped up in each other arms.)  The doctor was killed during a bullfight in San Sebastián by an ex-boyfriend and his buddies.

Otras Cosas –

Titular – Muerte y destrucción tras sismo en Italia (Death and destruction after earthquake in Italy) – Go to elmercurio.com.ec to see two photos of before and after in Amatrice.  The before looks so much like El Centro.

Livestock market and slaughterhouse –  At 16:00 Thurs. the directors of Emurplag EP decided on a date when those activities will be switched to Cumbe, to land in the Los Álamos sector.

City finances – The city’s Finance Director reports that the city is liquid and has the capacity to apply for credit.  (I can already hear the alarm bells going off in some of you people’s heads from here.)

Irán – Ecuador signed trade agreement with Irán yesterdy in Quito.   Both countries have an interest in stabilizing the price of oil and Irán’s Secy of State was willing to explore reducing tariffs on Ecuadorian products, especially agricultural products.  (I bet Irani women like roses, too.)  Iran is offering a $100 million line of credit to Ecuador for different uses including the rebuilding of earthquake affected áreas and in the áreas of science and technology.  (Whooooo …will Ecuador be getting Iran’s nuclear technology?  That would really put this country in the US’s cross hairs.)

Road news – Av. De Las Americas in the sector of the Simón Bolívar roundabout will reopen this coming Mon., 5/9 – the same day schools restart.  The bridge over the Tomebamba is 25% complete and should be finished towards the end of Oct.  The City has asked one of the Tranvía contractors to increase the number of workers in El Centro and other zones so work can be finished as scheduled.  The Tranvía is at 77.7% complete.

Red river – The red color of the water in Sinincay in a tributary of the Río Machangara on Tues was due to a landslide of red clay soil.  ETAPA started work to clear the soil and build a wall to prevent future slides.

Family needs help – The family of Wilmer Zambrano was burned out of their house after a gas tank exploded.  He supports his wife and 4 minor children by singing on buses, accompanying himself on his guitar which was lost in the fire.  You can contact the family at 418 7447 or 099 354 5792.

Amenidades –

Chino y Nacho – The Venezuelan duo will perform in Cuenca on Wed, 2/11 at 20:00 in the estadio Alejandro Aguilar.  (No ticket information given, but have any of you even heard of Chino y Nacho?)

Internacional –

Colombia – Pres. Juan Manuel Santos will sent the text of the peace agreement with FARC to convene a plebescite this coming 2/10 to approve its signature.  (Who wouldn’t be for peace besides the military/industrial complex and a couple of presidential candidates.)

And that’s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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