Jueves, 26/11/2015: An explanation, orchid expo, and Black Friday (whoopie)

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Hola, Todos – 

I think I need to clarify how and when these translations are sent. After the El Mercuiro newspaper comes out at some unseemly hour of the morning and sometime before midnight, I read, translate,chl jeanne logo and send it to my original list of subscribers. While CuencaHighLife often posts it on the website at the same time it is announced in their daily eletter the following morning which means that references to “today” would be the date on the heading of the post (Jueves, 26/11/2015). For the sake of clarity, I have asked the editors of CHL to parenthetically include in the date after references to “today” and “tomorrow,” etc.  In other words, you will see “today (26/11)” indicating that the “today” is November 26, to eliminate confusion for those who read the post the following day (All clear now?).

Pagina cultural –

Catálogo – the catalogue for the Festival de Arte de Acción Cuenca (FAAC) was presented today (26/11) at 17:00 in the Escuela Central. The publication includes writings, photos and 2 DVDs.

Alemania – for the Semana de Alemania (Week of Germany – the Alemania sounds like some sort of manic mental disorder), an award was presented for the essay contest this morning (26/11) at 10:00 and at 19:00 there will be a VW exhibit at the Puente Roto.  (Fire up all those clackety engines!)

Libros – two books of research in the area of Social Science will be presented today (26/11) at 19:00 in the Unidad de Cultura (Culture Unit) of the U of Cuenca.  (I thought I should give you the location in Spanish on the way out chance that any of you goes to this event.)

Articles about –

La Lira:  Poetry Contest winners were announced today (26/11) at 9:00. The prize of $30,000 will be given by the Cultural Foundation of the Banco del Austro. (Does Ecuador have laws that businesses have a community service obligation?  Or is that just how business is done here – you give something back to where you’re located? And go to meetings where you can meet other movers and shakers.)

The Enriqueta Aymer School of the Sacred Hearts celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Orquesta Sinfónica Cuenca (OSC) presents concerts today (26/11) and tomorrow (27/11) 20:00 in the Teatro Sucre.  The program includes Leonora by Beethoven, Pequeña Suite by Debussy, La bruja de medio dia by Dvorak and Belkis, Reina de Saba by Respighi.  (I’m not going to translate because I’ll probably render the English version unrecognizable to anyone who knows music.)

The School of Architecture at the U of Cuenca will have an international event starting tomorrow (27/11) on “América Latina: Espacios urbanos, arquitectónicos y visualidades en transición. 1860-1040.  (Latin America:  Urban, architectural and visual spaces in transition. 1860-1940.)  (I bet you translated it word by word and still didn’t understand what it means since Archi.speak is as unintelligible as Art-speak and other jargons.) This event is linked with a new masters program in Maestría de Historia Teoría del Arte y la Arquitectura (Masters of History Theory of Art and Architecture. Or History of Art and Architecture Theory. I´m not sure what word is modifying which other word or if there’s a comma missing.  Google says it’s a Masters in Art History and Architecture Theory, but I don’t see how that works.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Mujeres persisten en su lucha (Women persist in their struggle). Since 2013, the number of deaths of women due to violence decreased by 26%.

Orchid Expo – Runs to Sun. (29/11) from 10-20:00 in the old seminary San Luis.  Enter through the side door from Benigno Malo next to Raymipamba Restaurant.  Admission: $2 adults, $1 children (I think very well behaved children.  If they’re at that grab everything stage, get a babysitter.)

Bus talks – about converting to electronic fare payment only and raising fares. Your sliver of life item is how the bus system is organized.  The 475 urban buses (red and blue) are grouped into the Cuenca Chamber of Transportation.  The buses are divided among 7 operators.  In 2009, a $6 million investment was made in the electronic fare box system making the city of Cuenca unique in Ecuador.

The Ordinance for the Protection of Domestic Animals is ready for the 2nd and final debate. The Ordinance creates two new committees and proposes an animal shelter.

Tranvía – workers will be installing anti-vibration blankets to the rails on Gran Colombia between Tomás Ordóñez an Huayna Cápac fro the next 20 days.  This will reduce vibration (duh) and noise in El Centro.  (And these systems are quiet to begin with.)

Police – found 232 grams of cocaine hidden in 11 tortillas de maiz destined for Newark.  (Can you imagine how gross those tortillas would have been after 3 weeks in the mail?)

An American tourist – died in the Reserva de Fauna Chimborazo near the 2nd refuge. The tour guide said the tourist returned to the summit with a group of climbers.  An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Students vote electronically – in school elections para agitar tiempos (to stir time? speed things up?) and for ecological reasons.

Internacional – 

Venezuela – a member of the Acción Democrática Party was shot by a carful of Partido Socialist Unido party members.  (This takes partisan politics way too far, although it would be interesting to see duelling reintroduced in Congress.)

Deportes –

Ajedrez (chess – a good word for the day) – Azuay leads in the National Youth Tournament.  (Nice to see a non-athletic sport featured.)

Descuentos – (Warning – Black Friday is coming to a country near you tomorrow (27/11) (or today depending on when you´re reading this.)

Artefacta – up to 50% from Fri 27/11 to 29/11.  (I have no idea what they sell, but they’ve got a half page ad.)

CEDEI – Special Christmas discount for English classes.

Colineal – 30% discounts on accessories for Black Friday – from 26-29/11, 10:00-20:00.

Tirecity – 20% discounts for Balck Tire Days – from 26/11 to 30/11 – Av. España 1437, Phones: 286 2303 and 286 2263.

Comercial Solis – 20,30, and 40% discounts – TVs, washers, blenders, cell phones and digital cameras (do they still make film cameras or film?) 27 and 28/11 – Lamar 3-41 y Tomás Ordónez.

Coral – 20, 30, 50 and 70% discounts – extended hours from 10-22:00 on Fri. (27/11).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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