Large companies vaccinate employees; Air Force tracks narco flights; Police imposters commit home invasions; Vaccines for ages 42 to 48 this week

Jul 13, 2021 | 9 comments

Lunes, 12/7/2021

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Quieren potenciar sistema de peaje (They want to upgrade toll systems)

Cuenca –

Dispositiva ayuda a peatones y ciclistas (Device helps pedestrians and cyclists) – Two university students have invented a device that has been installed at the crosswalk on av. Solano y av. del Estadio. Their “Baliza retangular de destello rápido” (Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon) will allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely. The user pushes a button which activates the flashing beacon and alerts drivers that someone wants to cross. The beaon will flash for 20 seconds giving drivers 3 seconds to react and brake, and the crosser 17 second to cross. The test for this device will last for 2 more weeks. <After that, the system will revert back to wait for a break in traffic, then run for your life.>

A small aircraft loaded with illegal drugs is seized by police in Esmeraldas Province.

Esta semana vacunan a los de 48 a 42 años (48 to 42 year olds vaccinated this week) – 48 year olds were vaccinated today, 47 year olds tomorrow, 46 on miércoles, etc. Youth between 16 & 19 with aggravated illnesses will also be vaccinated this week. If you got a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine el 14/6, you should have gotten your second dose today. For those who got their first doses el 15/6, get your second dose tomorrow; and first dose on el 16/6 get 2nd doses el miércoles; etc. First dose of Sinovac el 14/6, 2nd dose hoy; first dose el 15/6, 2nd dose mañana; first dose el 16/6, 2nd dose el miércoles; etc. First dose of AstraZeneca el 19/4, 2nd dose hoy; 1st dose el 20/4, 2nd dose mañana; 1st dose el 21/4, 2nd dose el miércoles, etc.

The Plan Piloto de Vacunación for workers at private businesses started el último viernes in Cuenca with employees from the grupos Eljuri, Vázquez, Ortiz y Cartopel. The plan is to vaccinate about 3,300 workers in these companies.

Sucesos –

Policía Nacional investiga a una agrupación delictiva (National Police investigates a criminal group) – Police are investigating a group of criminals passing themselves off as members of the National Police. The criminals who were wearing green vests with reflectors and carrying firearms went to a house on Huayna Cápac entre Vega Muñoz y Pío Bravo el sábado and presented themselves as Dinapen officers who had received a report that there were children at risk. When they entered the house, they handcuffed the victims and took cash and cellphones. The victims were extranjeros <nationality not specified>. A similar crime was commited on calle Clemente Mendoza y av. Turuhuayco near the parque Miraflores. In that case they represented themselves as antinarcotic agents.

Region –

Analizan modelo vial autosustenable (Self-sustaining road model analyzed) – The Gobierno Provincial del Azuay is looking for a new model for self-sustaining road maintenance. The need arose after an analysis of low collections on 4 toll roads administered by the Asfaltar-EP public company. The toll stations are on the viás Ramada-Nabón with 16.5 km, Girón-San Fernando (24.8 km), Zhucay-Tutupali (8.1 km), and Turi-Tarqui (15.1 km). The money collected, $340,000 per year, covers half of the costs of operating the toll booths which cost $740,000 a year. <At that rate, it would be better to shut the tollbooths down and use the money for the actual maintenance.> Costs include salaries for 40 people including “peones” at $423, toll collectors and guards at $516, up to inspectors at $817 plus costs for electricity. water, Internet and more.

Nacional –

Otras narcoavionetas intenarán volver (Other narco planes will try to return) – General Geovanny Espinel, commander of the Ecuadorian Air Force, was interviewed about drug flights. He gave details about 5 unidentified flights over Ecuadorian airspace that were intercepted so far in 2021. The air force exchanges information with neighboring countries’ air forces. One plane landed in Borbón, Esmeraldas with a half ton of drugs and another landed <or was forced down?> in Santa Elena at the Maglaralto runway with a quarter ton of drugs. Two more planes were tracked by radar, but lost when the planes flew below 200 feet. They were later found. A fifth plane took off, and air force planes tried it to force it to land but the air force does not have a ley de derribo (demolition law) <The law that allows the air force to shoot the plane down?> so the military planes chased it until it left Ecuadorian air space. General Espinel said that the captured planes will be kept because they are part of the investigation. But he said that more will come because drugs that cost between $1500 & $2000 can be sold in the US for $25-30,000, in Europe for $60,000, and up to $300,000 in Australia.

Mundo –

Vacuna de la gripe puede proteger de efectos graves de la COVID-19 (Flu vaccine may protect against serious effects of COVID-19) – A study of patients in the whole world suggested that the flu vaccine can protect people from serious effects of Covid-19. Those who are unvaccinated have a 20% greater chance of being hospitalized in ICU beds. Getting a flu shot before you get Covid reduces the risk of stroke, sepsis, and deep vein thrombosis. However, the risk of death is not reduced. <Sounds like you’re just as likely to die, but you’ll be in slightly better health when you do.> Although why the flu shot protects against Covid is unknown, most theories are that it reinforces the natural immune system.

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