Lasso boosts minimum wage by $25, plans to reduce exit tax; New films focus on migration and the drug trade; City assumes highway control from feds

Dec 14, 2021 | 2 comments

Lunes, 13/12/2021

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

Titular –

Campeón 2021 – Independiente del Valle won something and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Cuenca –

Tres vías más a cargo de EMOV (EMOV responsible for three more roads ) – Responsibility for stretches of 3 federal highways where they are within the urban sectors of Cuenca has passed to the Empresa de Movilidad (EMOV EP). The roads include the Circunvalación Sur from km. 0 at av. De La Américas to the Guangarcucho interchange; the Panamericana Sur between the sector designated as Control Sur to the entrance a Nero; and av. Enrique Aríaga Toral, also known as the Medio Ejido, from av. De Las Américas to the unidad educativa La Alborada.

President Guillermo Lasso announced Monday night the largest minimum wage increase in eight years.

Juan Carols Aguirre, manager of EMOV EP, said there are plans for a new call for applications to pick 100 new Agentes Civiles de Tránsito (ACT – Civilian Traffic Officers) who will replace agents of the Comisión de Tránsito de Ecuador (CTE). CTE is removing radars in the stretches where EMOV will be responsible, and EMOV will install its own equipment. <I don’t imagine most drivers are going to notice any difference. Neither law enforcement body seems to issue tickets anyway except by email.>

Entregaron 55 tablets a niños (55 tablets delivered to children) – School aged children who are in a state of human mobility and are in the education system were beneficiaries of Casa del Migrante, a municipal program, that received a donation from the Organización International para las Migraciones (OIM). The city has an interinstitutional agreement with OIM through its Dirección de Desarrollo Social (Social Development Department). The amount of the donation was $16,731. OIM promotes inclusive education and social and educational reactivation in Cuenca through its different initiatives.

Árbol de Navidad se enciende en el mirador El Calvario (Christmas tree lit at El Calvario lookout) – A new vista point was opened in the Turi parish, and a Christmas tree that is visible from the southern area of the city was lit. The lookout is 10 km. from the Centro HIstórico and accessed through Carmen de Guzho. <That might explain the fireworks from the south last night.> Work on the mirador took about 4 months and cost about $40,000 and it is hoped it will attract tourism.

Patita Solidaria recolecta comida para perros y gatos (Patita Solidaria collects food for cats and dogs) – Over 700 kilos of food for dogs and cats were collected at the 2n edition of the “Patita Solidaria 2021” which was organized by the Mayor’s office and the Comisión de Gestión Ambiental (CGA – Environmental Management Committee). 18 animals were also adopted at the event in which several foundations participated and which included a musical show, dance presentations, a dog show and raffle.

Enfoque –

“Amarillo, azul y rojo” (<Yellow, blue and red) – The three colors of the flags of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela is also the name of an Ecuadorian film made by 60 young people in a situation of human mobility. It was filmed in Quito, Cuenca and Playas with youth from the 3 countries as protagonists. The Organización Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM) supported this project. The Día Internacional del Migrante will be celebrated el 18/12 with the Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Migracion opening the same day. There are a total of 15 both short and full length films addressing migration from different points of view. <I wonder if one of those points of view is from those self proclaimed border militia on the US side of the Mexican border.>

“Submergible” aspira a los Óscar (“Submergible” aspires to Oscars) – This Ecuadorian film which premiered el pasado marzo, is on the list of 93 full length films competing for the Best International Film. It is the story of 4 people traveling on a home made narco-submarine which is on the point of sinking along with its valuable cargo. <An example the entrepreneurial spirit gone over to the dark side.>

Region –

Intervienen terminal (Intervention at the terminal) – There is a project to upgrade the infrastructure at the Terminal Terrestre in Azogues. The work is concentrated in the loading and unloading platform for buses going to and from Cuenca. The work started in the beginning of diciembre and is expected to be finished by Christmas. The work will include removing the current concrete platform and replacing it with a sub-base 40 cm. thick, another base course 20 cm. thick, and finally, 10 cm. of asphalt which should support the weight of the buses. <Finally – something built for bus traffic that actually has more than a couple of inches of asphalt.>

Nacional –

El salario básico del 2022 será 425 dólares (The base salary for 2022 will be $425) – While the Convención Nacional del Frente Unitario de Trabajadores (FUT) was meeting in Guayaquil, Pres. Lasso announced Monday night that the minimum basic salarly (USB) will increase from the current $400 to $425 in 2022. The increase, part of Lasso campaign promise to raise the USB to $500 in four years, is the largest in dollars in history and the largest percentage-wise in eight years. The FUT, which plans a national strike agaisnt the government on January 19, had insisted that Lasso make good on the pledge for a $25 increase. A coalition of businesses, had proposed a minimum wage increase of $2.60.

Another planned measure, endorsed by decree, would help the agricultural sector with a package of $1 billion in 1% interest loans with 30 year terms, with sources saying the Government expects to start delivering these loans by 3/1. The decree declared the giving of these social interest loans to the microcredit sector to be a nacional priority.

The president is also expected to make a 3d announcement to reduce the impuesto a la salida de capitales (ISD – exit tax <the one gringos are all up in arms against>). This 5% tax applies to a huge majority of the productive sectors except for air transport. For the president, this tax puts a brake on productivity and attracting investment capital. <Another reason to get a retiree visa if you can – no CD or real estate to have to cash out and be subject to taxes if you decide to bail on Ecuador and take your money with you.>

Descuentos y compras –

Automekano – Soueast – free matrícula on all models, immediate delivery, 20% down, raffle for 10 smart TVs – Av. España 10-35, 100 m. from the airport.

And that’s all for today so hasta ? –


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