Lunes, 12/6/2017: Anti-corruption meeting, Festivals of hats, Inti Raymi, Corpus Christi, corn & music kick off, 8k run

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda events

Taller-laboratorio – A workshop-lab on Viewpoints given by Anne Bogart will be tomorrow in the Cento Cultural La Guarida. Cost: $60.00. <Gee, I always thought having a viewpoint was free even though it might cost you in other ways.>

Ciclo de Cine – “La Haine” will be shown in the centro El Prohibido this viernes. Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz of France, it’s about 3 friends who witness something during a night of disturbances in a marginal barrio in Paris, leaving one of them injured by the police.

Desfile de modas (fashion show) – The Escuela de Educación Básica San Jo ZAsé de Calasanz will hold a fashion show el jueves at 17:00 in the teatro Sucre. The disabled students will model clothes made in a dressmaking workshop.

Exposición colectiva – “Divergente” (Divergent), a collective show by artists in the 7th cycle of Visual Arts in the College of Arts at the U. of Cuenca, will be on sábado in the Yuyay Galería.

Articles about –

“Un secreto en la caja” (A secret in the box) – The Ecuadorian film by Xavier Izquierdo won the Best Film Award in the Festival de Cine de Cuenca.

“Anarkía: Perspectivas para una sociedad cooperativa” – The 9th book by author Sebastián Endara will be presented on 22/6 at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE.

Festival del Sombrero – The third edition of this festival will be from el jueves to el domingo in the Calle Santa Ana. <If you’re a tourist searching for the street in your Lonely Planet, it’s new. It runs from Benigono Malo to Padre Aguirre between the New Cathedral and the former San Luis Seminary.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Corpus y tres fiestas más marcan semana (Corpus and 3 more festivals mark the week) – In addition to the traditional Septenario (Corpus Cristi) which starts jueves and lasts a week, there is also the Fiesta de la Música el viernes y sábado, Inti Raymi el viernes to domingo, and Fathers’ Day el domingo. <I’m hoping that those of you who do have Spanish barely notice the days in Spanish, and that this will help those of you who are learning by exposing you to Spanish outside of a class, and for those of you who don’t want to learn, tough s**t.>

Corpus Cristi will start el jueves at 17:00 in the iglesia San Sebastián followed by a procession to the New Cathedral at 18:00 and mass starting the Septenario (a 7 day fiesta) at 19:00. This festival is noted for the sale of traditional sweets around the Cathedral. <Tons of sugar in different colors. Thinking about it makes my teeth hurt.>

Fiesta de la Música will start el viernes at 14:00 with concerts in outdoor venues and the Abraham Lincoln Center. The opening performance will be by the OSC at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Saturday concerts will start at 17:00 in the Parque Calderón, teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz, Plazoleta del Otorongo, Unidad de Cultura and Parque de La Madre.

Inti Raymi will be celebrated at Ingapirca and start el viernes at 20:00 with a theatrical presentation of the ceremony, election of the Ñusta Ingapirca 2017, and more. Sábado at 10:00 there will be a ritual to allow passage for a national dance contest and music groups. The concluding ritual will be on domingo at 10:00.

Día del Padre – <Go to any shopping center or district to celebrate this day. Preferably, somewhere that sells big screen TVs and Lazyboys.>

Business page – The article is about the necessity of having a “Contrato Laboral escrito” (written Labor Contract).

Plant nursery – EMAC has a nursery on av. 24 de Mayo diagonal from the Manuela Garaicoa High School. There are over 100 plant species on show with 40 native to Cuenca. In addition to plants, BioEMAC also sells humus and compost. You can also get advice on what, where, how, and when to plant. Two classes are being organized for July, one on container gardening and the other on soil preparation and “abono” (fertilizer). The aim of the workshops is organic gardening. You can also trade in your carefully selected organic garbage for abono. Hours are miércoles a domingo from 9-17:00.

Anti-corruption – The Frente de Transparencia y Lucha contra (Fight against) la Corrupción, created by Pres. Moreno with a Presidential Decree, had its first meeting today with the Director of the National Public Contracting Service (Sercop) in Quito. In 30 days, the committee will present a National Strategy for the Fight against Corruption.

Amenidades –

“Esteban Encalada” Jazz Trío – This group performs every lunes at Jazz en Nuna (Paseo 3 de Noviembre “junto” (next to – your word for the day.) the Puente Roto at 20:00. On martes, it plays in the Sucre Sale Café (Luis Cordero y Mariscal Sucre) at 20:00. They rehearse 2 or 3 hours every day.

Festival del Maíz” (Corn Festival) – Cojitambo will celebrate from 23-25/6 in the temple at the archeological complex on the Cojitambo hill. Activities start at 9:00 on viernes, sábado y domingo and pretty much run all day.


El Vergel 8K – The Circuito Pedestre 8K will be on domingo, 25/6 at 8:00 leaving from El Vergel barrio. The run benefits FASEC, a foundation that helps cancer patients with limited resources. Register at the Salón Parroquial on the plazoleta El Vergel, the Sede Barrial behind the church, in DECAD-Internet on las Herrerías, and at the FASEC offices on 10 de Agosto. Cost: $3 for adults and $2 for kids. More info at Facebook El Vergel and 099 713 6711.

Discuentos y compras

Volkswagon – Amarok from $39,990 – 60 mo. financing with 25% down – maintenance included for the first 2 yrs or 30,000 km. – Recordmotor – (07) 2882 669 or 2883 049.

And that´s all for today so hasta el lunes, 19/6 –



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