Lunes, 29/2/2016: Monay car washers, Fireworks regulation, Woman’s Day, Bolivian scandal

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Upcoming events –

Día de la Mujer (Woman’s Day) – there will be a concert on 20/3 at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo, “Voces de Mujer” (Women’s Voices) with the Cigarra group. chl jeanne logo
USFQ – the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (#USFQ) will be in Cuenca to hold admissions tests.  Leave your contact info to get more info. (I guess that pound USFQ means something.)

Informativo – for the “más destacada” (most outstanding news) of the week, tune into Cultura Informa Radio  It’s a free Podcast from the Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio.  (Might be a good way to practice your Spanish – at least get used to hearing it, and pray for learning by osmisis.)

Articles about –

Audiobox – an alternative music program that plays on Mon. from 20-21:30, broadcast from Radio of the U of Cuenca on line at
(By the time I got that entered, the program would be over.)

The Alianza Francesa – is preparing its 50th anniversary celebrations for March. They will hold a press conference on 3/3 at 9:30.  (So if you want to be the first to be in the know – go to their press conference.  Otherwise wait for El Mercurio and these translations.)

“Iglesias Unidas en Cuenca” – a concert on Sat, 19/3 at 17:00 in the Calvary Chapel (behind Super Stock on las Americas at the No. 22 bus stop.)  It is organized by the Iglesias Cristianas (Evangelical churches) including la iglesia Centro de Oración para las Naciones, la Iglesia Cristiana Verbo, the Asamblea de Dios, and the Calvary Chapel.  For more info, go to Facebook: RadioVisiónCristianaCuenca.

A boy (he looks about 10 in the photo – cute kid) – won 2 tickets to the Barak concert in Ambato.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Lavadores de carros en Monay siguen activas (Car washes in Monay still active).  15 carwashes (including for heavy vehicles like buses) are operating on av. Pumapungo next to the Tomebamba.  They were supposed to relocate to Capulispamba, but some didn’t.  Customers, also are not going out to Capulispamba. The carwashes that did relocate are complaining.

Fireworks – an ordinance regulating fireworks manufacturing will be ready in March. The Asociación de Artesanos de Pirotécnicos del Azuay (The Association of Fireworks Craftsmen) is supporting the ordinance which addresses illegal workshops, cleaning up after the castillos are burned, safety considerations in the making, transporting and using of fireworks, and changing the powder in rockets to make less noise and not set off car alarms.  (Good luck with that one.)

Intercultural – 

Anthropologist Lingberg Valencia – did a study of Afro-Ecuadorian music from Esmeraldas and El Chota.  (the anthropologist looks like Richard Pryor – not the face, but the attitude.)  Typical instruments include the marimba, and various drums and other percussion instruments.

Internacional – 

Bolivia – Evo Morales’ ex-girlfriend and babymama was taken to jail on charges of illicit enrichment, laundering illicit income and (I think) influence peddling.  (Even if you’re not interested in international news and politics, how about a juicy scandal?)

Perú – a emergency was declared in 16 communities after an oil spill by Oleoducto Norperuano into the Cashacaño ravine in the Morona district.  Rivers used by the native communities for fishing were contaminated.  A 12 year old was injured when collecting the crude oil.  Petroperú, the national company that operates Oleoducto was paying 2 soles (57 cents) for every bucket collected.  (Oh, boy – destroy the land and make the people who live on it do the cleanup.)

Discuentos – 

Cuencauto – cars fully equipped with airbags and ABS from $13,990  – av. España 8-31 y Barcelona – ask for Henry.

Tosi – Gran Explosión de Saldos (Big Sale – do you get the feeling that I’m shortcutting that translation?) – from 1-5/3 from 9:30-7:30pm – Benigno Malo y Bolívar.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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