Martes, 18/10/2016: Cuenca holidays agenda available, City takes over tranvía management, Habitat III looks forward

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

chl jeanne logoToday’s events (they’ll be over by the time you get this, but they’re all repeat announcements.)

Danza – The Compañía de Danza Contemporánea of the Cultural Unit of the U. of Cuenca celebrated its 17th anniversary with a performance set to Ravel’s Bolero at the Teatro Carlos Cueva.

Cine – There was a film distribution program Tues. morning for students.

Tuesday movies – “Á (sorry that little thing over the A is pointed in the wrong direction.  I’ve got my keyboard set to Spanish and that’s French.  I’d just as soon get a root canal as go poking around the internet to find out what that symbol is called and how to type it.) Á peine J’ouvre les yeux” showed Tues. at the Alianza Francesa.

Escenarios del Mundo – agenda event for Jueves, 20/10

“Edipo” by the Grupo do Chapitó from Portugal – Teatro Pumapungo at 20:00

Articles about –

Gringos tienen medios propios para informarse (Gringos have their own information sources) – The Cuenca Dispatch is a weekly newspaper in English.  Future plans are to publish it in English and Spanish. In addition, there is “Cuenca Expats,” a magazine. Not to mention the most widely read English-language news source, CuencaHighLife.

UDA – The U. of Azuay performed “Sueño de una noche de carnaval” (A Carnaval Night’s Dream) Tues. in the Teatro Pumapungo as part of the Escenarios del Mundo.

Centros Culturales – Workshops in different areas, geared to all ages, will start this week.  These include a long term danza árabe (Arabic dance) workshop for seniors (would this be belly dancing?  If I just cough, my belly dances.  The image boggles my mind – seniors dressed like Scheherazade.)  in the Casa de Chaguarchimbana. The U. of Cuenca will provide instructors. There are also long term theater workshops at Chaguarchimbana, Los Sauces, Los Eucaliptos, y El Alfarero and recycling, culinary, digital and literacy workshops at other centers.  More info. at the Casa de Chaguarchimbana (calle Las Herrerías, Plaza del Herrero) or at 409 7994.

Otras Cosas

Titular – Urge la planificación urbana (Urban planning urged) – The Habitat III Conference in Quito is looking to define a new agenda for urban planning for the next 20 years that prioritizes sustainable development and improving urban planning.

Tranvía – The City will take over the Tranvía project.  See the Martes CHL article for more details.

Elections – Guillermlo Lasso received the support of the SUMA movement which is led by Quito mayor Mauricio Rodas.  This agreement will allow SUMA to suggest a VP candidate.

Fiestas agenda – The schedule for Cuenca’s Holidays was presented at 10:00 Tues. and has about 200 events during the fiestas.

Mother and Infant Center – A new Center is being built at Paseo de lOs Cañaris y Viracochabamba and will be complete in 6 months.

Superluna (Super moon) – The three times a year event occurred last Domingo.  (It would have been nice to have learned this before last Sun.  Oh, well.)

Huge center page announcement – The trilingual announcement by the CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral) details the electoral process.  It also lists the number of assemblists to be elected from each province.  Guayas will elect 20, Pichincha – 16, Manabí – 9, Los Ríos – 6, Azuay and El Oro – 5.  The rest will elect 2, 3, or 4.  The period for declaring candidacy is from 19/10 to 18/11.  The term of office for Pres. & VP is 24/5/2017 to 23/5/2021.   Dates are slightly different for assemblists and Andean Parliament members.  (Oh, and none of the trilingual announcements is in English.  Sorry to burst your bubble.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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