Medicine shortage plagues public hospitals; Assembly rejects Lasso’s budget; Urban Culture Festival at Alianza Francesa; Cuenca chocolate company

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Miércoles, 22/9/2021

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

Dos semanas de fiesta con culturas urbanas (Two weeks of festivities with urban cultures) – The 4th Festival de Culturas Urbanas started last night with the opening of a show, “Los poetas del concreto” in the salon of the Alianza Francesa. Except for a master class for which you need to preregister, all activities are free and open to the public. The schedule of activities follows.
22/9, 19:00, Alianza Francesa – Conversation on urban arts in the artistic scene of Ecuador.
23/9, 18:00, Ex Escuela Central – Rap Battles.
24/9, 19:00, Ex Escuela Central – Pista urbana (urban track).
25/9, 15:00, Alianza Francesa – Route of the murals <All of you who are concerned about art v.s. grafitti could go to see what’s considered art.>
27/9, 19:00, Alianza Francesa – A talk about the place of women in urban arts. <Front and center suits me fine, but is probably not the reality.>
30/9, 19:00, Selina – Masterclass with Marko 93.
1/10, 16:00, Ex Escuela Central – Urban dance battle.
2/10, Campus Yanuncay – Inaugural of mural.
2/10, 15:00, Alianza Francesa – Route of the murals.
The activities are presenciales (in person) with limited capacities. They will be transmitted on the social networks of the Alianza Francesa.

Cuenca acogerá a ceramistas del país en feria y seminario (Cuenca will host ceramicists from the country at a fair and seminar) – A national seminar on ceramics will open at the Casa de Chaguarchimbana on 27/9. The seminar is to train ceramicists with techniques that bring professionalism to the craftspeople in the country. To participate in the talks which are both presencial and virtual, contact the Asociación de Ceramistas del Ecuador at In addition to these training meetings, there will be a feria at the Casa de Chaguarchimbana which will run to 1/10. There will be all types of ceramics including pottery, industrial and insumo (supplies?).

Ecuador’s National Assembly rejected President Guillermo Lasso’s first draft of the 2022 budget on Wednesday.

Titular – Escasean medicinas (Medicines in short supply) – Hospitals in Zone 6 have a 50% shortage in medicines. At the Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso, the supply of medicines is at 75% and for medical devices, the supply is at 80%. Nationally, the Ministerio de Salud Pública is committed to covering this gap and is making a large purchase to supply hospitals where there are shortages. Ximena Garzón, minister of Health, said that hospitals are progressively receiving medicines. The ministry is currently distributing 34 medicines of the 123 which are lacking. These are medicines with the highest impact including for cancer, autoimmunity, and transplants. A call for a second round of bidding from suppliers was made last week.

Cuenca –

Donan colección de Julio Matovelle (Julio Matovelle collection donated) – José Conde, a priest and superior of the Congregación de Padres Oblatos in Cuenca, delivered a collection of 9 volumes of writings by Julio María Matovelle to the Remigio Crespo Toral museum. The gift was part of the unveiling of a portrait of Matovelle who was a writer, poet, mystic, orator, jurisconsult, and legislator who represented the provinces of Azuay and Cañar. The museum is planning a public recognition in late octubre of the “tres grandes de Cuenca,” who are Remigio Crespo Toral, Honorato Vázquez, and Julio María Matovelle. <Is the naming of so many streets after cultural figures common in other cities in the world?>

Region –

Inquietan regalías mineras (Mining royalties concern) – A group of citizens in Paute, “Pauteños en acción,” believe royalties to the canton of Paute for mining aggregate and rock should be 20-25% rather than the 5-10% that was established in the current municipal ordinance. The citizens also want a more transparent process and that the mining companies have use permits. Much of this extractive activity is being done along the banks of the Río Paute. Raúl Delgado, the mayor of Paute said that in 2018, thousands of cubic meters of material were theoretically received by the city, but there is no information as to where it was delivered and what was done with the material.

Nacional –

Asamblea devuelve proforma (Assembly returns proforma) – As expected, the Asamblea Nacional approved the motion by Mireya Pazmiño (Pachakutic) to return the Proforma Budget proposed by Pres. Lasso for resubmission. The votes were from the benches of Pachakutic and the correístas <Supporters of Correa) in UNES. The reasons were supposed inconstitutionalities and budget cuts to education and health. Also no funds were assigned to cancel debts owed to teachers for pensions, or for delayed payments to the GADs (Gobierno Autónomos Descentralizados). The President has10 days to submit a new document or ratify it in its initial form.

Negocios –

“Viferchi”, chocolate cuencano con proyección internacional (“Viferchi”, Cuenca chocolate with international aspirations) – Three sisters, Viviana, Fernanda and Ximena (Chiqui) have created the “Viferchi” brand of fine chocolate. The sisters have alliances with hotels, cafeterias and restaurants and in this way, hope to be known in the country and world through tourists who visit Cuenca. The chocolate is available in 50 gr. bars with mint, orange, maracuyá and red fruits flavors, all with 55% fine chocolate. Starting this week there will be an assortment of 15 chocolates of 6 gr. each. The brand is available in stores and supermarkets in Cuenca.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –



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