Miércoles, 21/9/2016: Cuenca air quality meets int’l standards, Airport, Tranvía

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“El Miche” – Humorist Carlos Michelena will present his show, “Entre caretas y caretucos” (Between masks and scoundrels) in which electoral faces and masks start sounding off – tonight (Miércoles) at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. (I wonder if he’ll caricaturize the president and risk getting sued.)

Conferencia – “El Efecto Compuesto: cómo multiplicar el éxito de manera sensilla” (The Compound Effect:  How to multiply success simply) by Douglas Saito Melo was today at 18:30 in the Sala de Conciertos.

Charla – “Técnicas del Ho Oponopono” (Techniques of Ho Oponopono – is that a person or some kind of belief system?) for emotional wellbeing is today at 19:00 and 20:30 in the Centro Cultual Pascana (Puente de Todos Santos y Paseo 3 de Nov.) (You mean just living in Cuenca isn’t enough for emotional wellbeing?)

Upcoming agenda events –

Jazz concert – A concert with The Roots and Hipsteria bands will be tomorrow (Jueves) at 19:00 in the Teatro Carlos Cueva.  Tickets at Lislop and Más Música.

Música – Karen Kennedy will offer a concert tomorrow (still Jueves) at 20:00 in the Teatro Casa de la Cultura.

Articles about –

Insect Exposición – An exhibit at the Quinta Bolívar shows the relation among art, insects and ecology.  A writer and an entomologist opened a show today at 19:30 with photographs and a documentary about insects and arachnids (which include spiders) and their representation in art of the original peoples, and the Colonial era.  Many of the photos were taken at the Itchimbía natural park.  (Coincidence that the insects were photographed in a park starting with Itch.)  The exhibitors also expressed concern about the green areas which are habitat to many species and are being lost to extractive industries.

Exposición y libro – A photo exhibit, “Los mundos de…” (The worlds of….) and a book, “Los mundos de Tita” (The worlds of Tita) by Fabiola Castillo, will be inaugurated in the subsuelo of the Casa de la Cultura (Pres. Córdova y Luis Cordero) tomorrow at 19:00 and will run until 10/10.  After this, the exhibit and book will be presented in Quito, Guayaquil and internationally.

Muestra venta – A show and sale of paintings by Peruvian painters Alberto Soriano and Maité Eusebio will be held tomorrow and Fri. from 16-21:00 in the Café Galería Azul (calle de San Sebastián).  The paintings are small format on a variety of themes related to Cuenca.

Revista – The Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja has issued their magazine “Perspectivas” with various scientific articles.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Según estudio se respira mejor aire (Better air according to study) – Air contamination in Cuenca is below the international danger limits. Data comes from 20 air monitoring stations, the largest of which is on top of City Hall and covers 90% of the city.  Within the urban zone, traffic is the greatest source of pollution with 91.9 of the carbon monoxide emissions, 76.4% of nitrogen oxides, 34.4% of different volatile organic compounds of methane (or something like that – a chemist could tell me), 30.2% of sulpher dioxide, and 42.7% of fine particulates.

Real time information is available through the  Índice de Calidad de Aire de Cuenca) project (Cuenca Air Quality Index) at http://gis.uazuay.eu.ec.  It will give information in values and a color chart ranging from green (good) to dark red (bad). (Handy if you’re like me and wouldn’t know if 8 whatevers of carbon monoxide was breathable or if it would kill you.)

Water in Paute – The landslide that filled the quebrada de San Carlos (San Carlos Creek?) was from an area where an electrical substation is being constructed.  San Carlos supplies the center of Paute canton and about 10-12,000 people.  It has also affected farmers whose irrigation pipes are being stopped up. Water is being rationed to daytimes between 6-18:00.  (Better fill big bucket if you’re one of those who have to get up and pee several times each night.)

Dog training – The National Police will give a “Primer Curso de capacitación a la ciudadanía en adiestramiento básico, cuidado, manejo y tenencia responsable de mascotas” (First Training Course to citizens in basic training, care, management, and responsible pet ownership).  The class will be given on Sat. and Sun. from 9-12:30 over 5 weeks starting on 1/10 and running until 13/11.  Register this coming Lunes, 26/9 and Martes, 27/9 at the facilities of the Grupo de Operaciones Especiales (Tadeo Torres between Solano y Federico Malo).  There is space for 80 participants in this free class which will be given at the Unidad de Equitación y Remonta in the Narancay sector.  Your dog should be between 8 months and 2 years old, have its vaccination certificate, be chipped and pass a temperment test.  (If it won’t get out of the vehicle, I think it fails.  Also if it bites the cop.)

Battle of the parades – There were two parades in El Piedrero over a border conflict. Provincial authorities of Cañar, the canton of El Triunfo and people of El Piedrero, who feel Cañarense, paraded yesterday to mark 65 years since the creation of this sector.  Another parade with the prefect of Guayas, his retinue and a band, staged a competing parade.  (So if Guayas brought beauty queens does that give them points?)  Authorities of Cañar want a referendum for the people to decide.

Your sliver of life article today – is about lighting in rural parishes. 95% of the public lighting projects agreed on in 2015 with 21 parish governments have been done. The remaining 5% in Sidcay and Octavio Cordero will be finished by the end of Oct. The lighting will be in parks, plazas, green spaces and at the entrances to the parishes. (Every day, a little bit better.)

Tranvía – “Advertir finiquito de contrato es alerta”  According to the councilperson who presides over the public works commissions, playing the unilateral cancellation of contract card is an alert to the contractors.  She said that those most directly affected are the businesses fronting the project who have suffered economic losses.

Airport – The Asociación de las Cámaras de la Producción del Azuay (ACPA – Azuay Association of Chambers of Production) made a proposal to the city that Lufthansa, which is also an aviation consultant, do a study about the airport.  It made a preliminary diagnosis that about 350 tons of cargo are moved along with 6,200 aircraft movements per year.  The president of the Tourism Chamber said the study should include reevaluation of fares which he felt were too high.  ACPA is planning on contacting airlines such as Avianca, VivaColombia and Copa to bring service to Cuenca.  (Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the business community can get improvements in service to Cuenca.)

Amenidades –

Photos – The social section includes photos of the award ceremony for Eduardo Vegas.  There are photos of gringas, Deana C., Marcia H., and Susana K.  I will save the paper for you.  Email me (but not at the hotmail address) to arrange for me to get it to you.

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