More rainy weather forecast as city’s rivers overflow their banks is some areas

Oct 26, 2019 | 1 comment

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology says the “atmospheric conveyor belt” bringing heavy rain from the Amazon to Ecuador’s mountain region will remain in place through the weekend. “The amount of rain we are receiving is unseasonable but we see it continuing in the coming days,” the institute said Friday in a Facebook post.

The Rio Yanuncay is flowing near capacity.

In Cuenca, the rain has pushed the city’s four rivers over their banks in several locations, flooding streets and more than dozen low-lying homes. On Friday morning, flooding was reported in the Sidcay, Manuel Rada and Ordonez Lasso, Balzay Bajo, Ricaurte neighborhoods and officials say more rain add to the overflows. Risk management officials say the situation has been aggravated on city streets by clogged storm drains.

The Cuenca fire department, the municipal police and the city sanitary surveillance service are conducting patrols in flood-prone areas and have helped several families move out of flooded houses.

Police warn resident to stay away from river banks following the Thursday drowning of a fisherman in the Rio Yanuncay.


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