No matter how painful our discontent, shrill voices do not change the laws of science

Jan 3, 2021 | 41 comments

A friend of mine got a tattoo the other day. The last few months have been wearying and she needed a talisman to give her strength, an indelible guide leading her out of the cruel cyclone that has caused so many to lose their way and become disoriented. She was exhausted by the hysterical panting that accompanies the tantrums of the self-righteous and the breathless sensation of being held underwater by an unseen current of dread. It was more than she could bear without inspiration.

She chose her tattoo wisely. On her right forearm, she had the word ‘Breathe” scrolled into her skin — a permanent call to reclaim composure and balance.

Much has been made lately of the conflict between politology and hard science. Too often we have been inundated with shrill voices contesting the very nature of science as if such laws were open to an interpretation that can be mutated to conform to our desire and personal observation.


The same laws that require adherence to the requirements necessary for a healthy environment — clean water and unpolluted air — also require an understanding that our mental and physical health is governed by the same inevitable phenomenon.  Acceptance and strict compliance to stay within the boundaries of the earth’s ability to accommodate an ever-increasing population and the complexity of pathology is required. This includes caring for those in need and being socially responsible for the greater good.

This is an appropriate time to embrace the concept of “laminar flow,” a condition that follows turbulence in rushing water; the process of smoothing paths in distinct layers, with each layer moving past the adjacent layers like playing cards. Although our society has always had varying opinions and preferences, some that may even seem quite distasteful or perplexing, they are to be encouraged, but not with the abandon of trying to integrate fire and water. Adjusting our own predilections to conform to the strict laws of science, and behaving accordingly, is not preferable; it is demanded.

The sun will rise and set under rules established eons ago. Rivers will continue to carry the essential ingredients of life from mountain streams to the plains and valleys below; fresh air will continue to fill the sky, delivering the basic elements of survival. Nighttime will continue to do its duty to offer an opportunity for nocturnal critters to hunt, and others to hide while securing a period of repose for the rest.

The laws of nature will forever rule over every manner of life on the planet, not simply or primarily our own. The imagined world of man’s convenience or preference is not Mother Nature’s concern, she wrote the book of rules at the creation and has shown no evidence to bend to our will now.

Our salvation will be determined by our commitment to acceptance and compliance with these laws. The nature of science is not determined by one’s point of view.

It is Mother Nature and her rules understood through the knowledge of science, that are the facts of life.