Ordinance to control plastic bags, Tram education resumes, New airline cleared to fly, Prefect to pursue anti-mining referendum

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Martes, 23/7/2019

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U. of Cuenca museum – The museum which will be in the Facultad de Medicina on av. 12 de Abril will open gradually with the first gallery open el 15/9. The inaugural will be in noviembre. The collection includes 4,718 pieces from all the cultures in Ecuador.

Cookbook – “Saberes y Sabores del Inti Raymi” (Knowledge and Flavors of Inti Raymi) which is a fascicle <look it up for yourself as I had to do> to “Cocina Festiva, una experiencia desde la Agroecología” (Festive Cuisine, an experience from Agroecology) will be launched in the Plaza Central del MIrador de Turi el miércoles, 24/7 a las 11:00.

Azuay Prefect Yaku Perez begins effort for anti-mining referendum.

Exposición – Works by students in the Visual Arts major at the U. of Cuenca are at the Museo de los Metales (av. Solano 11-83) and run until 9/8. Hours are from 9-13:00 and 15.18:00 lunes a viernes and 9-13:00 los sábados.

Painting contest – The contest is for children from 6-15 years old and is held by the IE-NO-HIKARI association in Japan. Enter by 30/9/2019. go to https://www.ienohikari-koubo.com/img/zuga/application_sp.pdf.

Otras cosas –

Titular – El Prefecto ahora recolectará firmas (The Prefect will now collect signatures) – Since the Cámara Provincial (Provincial Chamber of government) did not approve planning for a referendum to prohibit metal mining in Azuay Province, Prefect Yaku Pérez will go to plan B which is to collect signatures directly from the citizens. Two large mining projects in Azuay have been suspended – Loma Larga because of the consulta popular (referendum) in Girón, and Río Blanco whose operator is waiting for a court appeal decision.

Prisons – Two more prisoners were killed in a prison riot bringing the year’s total up to 14. The two were in Latacunga where they were part of a gang operating inside and outside the jail. Jorge Glas’ attorney asked that the ex-Vice President be transferred to a jail in Quito for his safety.

Prisoners – 38.9% of the prisoners in the Centro de Rehabilitación Social Sierra Centro Sur (in Turi) are from the region. One of the proposals of the Asamblea Ciuadana por la Seguridad de Cuenca was that the jail only be for prisoners from this region. The prison has a capacity of 2,700 and houses 2,016 of whom 786 are from el Austro. In addition, there are also 228 imprisoned foreigners. The crimes for which prisoners are at CRS Turi are drugs (19%), sexual (30%), against life (25%), against private property (21%) and other (5%).

13,000 drunks – During controls between 14-21/7, the Policía Nacional took 3.400 drunks off the streets of the province. The number is similar each week so that in a month over 13,000 are removed.

Reto ecológico (Ecological challenge) – EMAC EP cited a study by UDA which said that 3,200,000 plastic bags are used each month or an average of 5.3 bags per person. Councilman Andrés Ugalde is preparing an ordinance to regulate the manufacture, sale and distribution of solo use plastics in the cantón. This would include bags, food containers, cutlery, and straws. One grocery store owner said it would be better for each customer to bring their own shopping bag, which some customers, especially North Americans, do. <Clapping for those gringos.> EMAC is also working on a proposal to reform the ordinances regulating that business.

Tranvía – The executive body of the Tranvía is intensifying its social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter to educate the public about the tranvía signals. The campaign was temporarily suspended following the election of the new Cuenca mayor. <No wonder I haven’t seen anything about it.>

New airline – “EcPlus Airline” has permission to operate, including in Cuenca where it will have 12 weekly Quito-Cuenca-Quito flights. The airline is based in Manta. <So we still can’t fly to Guayaquil.>

From Sunday’s paper –

Pets – The headline story was about the evolution of pets in Cuenca and how they have now become part of the family. <If you’re an animal lover, you can get some background about pet ownership over the years.>

Private chauffeur – <This is for you car owners.> There is a new app in Cuenca called “CHOFI” where you can call for a private driver to drive our car when you’re not able to drive. You can have the driver take your kids to school if you’re tied up, or take you home or to your next party when you’re too drunk to drive. The business was started to address the problem of people driving drunk and is affiliated with over 30 bars, discos, hotels and restaurants who can call a “chofi” if the customer doesn’t have the app. CHOFI drivers have professional licenses. If you want to drive for “CHOFI” get more info at Info@chofi.net or register at www.chofi.net. <Remember you have to have a professional license.>

Public transport – La Agencia Nacional de Tránsito (ANT) has a new app, “ANT-TS” which allows the user to to enter the license plate of an inter or intra provincial bus to find out who’s driving and information about the bus (make, model, year), where the bus is in real time, and report if something’s not right.

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