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Polls show that Moreno is poised for a landslide victory in referendum election

Public opinion polls are in agreement. Only two weeks before Ecuadorian voters go to the polls, President Lenin appears headed for a big victory on all seven of his referendum questions.

President Lenin Moreno is still riding high.

On Thursday, the polling group Cedatos released its latest results showing that 74 percent of voters support the president’s “yes” position on the referendum questions. Results vary by question, with 84 percent saying they will vote to prohibit officials convicted of corruption from running for public office and 71 percent saying they will vote to end the indefinite reelection of some public officials, including the president.

“The Cedatos results correlate closely with the other polls and show that Moreno will get huge win February 4,” says University of San Francsico, Quito, history professor Fernando Ruiz. “The election is essentially in the bag for the president,” he added.

The campaign of former president Rafael Correa for a “no” vote has had virtually no impact, Ruiz says. “The needle hasn’t moved since he came back to the country and it’s possible that he has even helped the ‘yes’ side,” Ruiz says. “Yesterday’s court order that he (Correa) testify in the bribery trial of one of his cabinet members could not have come at a worse time. In the minds of most voters, it simply reinforces Coorea’s connection to corruption.”

The Cedatos poll contained one sharp rebuke to the Moreno administration, however, as respondents overwhelming disapproved of the government’s decision to grant citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. More than 62 percent disagreed to the move with another 22 percent saying they did not have an opinion.

While support of Moreno’s presidency remained strong, it dropped from 70.9 percent in early December 2017 to 68.6 percent in mid-January.

7 thoughts on “Polls show that Moreno is poised for a landslide victory in referendum election

  1. Then president Moreno has a 68 % percent approval while by some polls Trump has half that and no concensus with the American people other thrn only the power he abuses as president of the USA – as he closed down the government and failed any art of any deal. Then he twists the women’s march against him and his sexism saying it is a celebration of his success. Bad times for the USA in an insular, paranoid, ignorant presidential administration and failed conservative movement for the working ckass they pretend to work for. Better times for Ecuador and Moreno.

    1. Congress, not Trump per se, closed the government due to their inability to be reasonable and reach a compromise

      1. I see. Then both Republicans and Democrats are lying to the world about the two bipartisan agreements they presented to Trump who refused to ok either?

        Methinks you are in denial on two facts. 1. No one, even Trump, has a clue what he will sign on anything. 2. The US system of government does not work.

        For example, this fiasco doesn’t happen in other countries. If a budget fails, the entire government is automatically dissolved and must go back to the polls within a month. After all, if any group of elected representatives proves so obviously they can’t run the government, they must be flushed and the electorate must try to do better. This continues until the voters get it right with a bunch that can function.

        1. The only out of the gridlock we see happen in the congress and involves the President is the inability of our system of government–Like you state —Its time to start thinking –constitutional amendment =====Parliament—with a Prime Minister==do a bad job–get rid of the bums -Fast

  2. REDD+, or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, is an activity of governments in concert with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
    REDD+ creates a financial value for the carbon stored in forests. How important is this? Current increases in our planet’s temperature are driven by a yearly imbalance of 10 Billion tons of carbon added to the atmosphere, while tropical forests store 200 Billion tons of carbon. This natural store will only be kept from adding to the imbalance by good governance. Bear in mind the imbalance of carbon let to the atmosphere, 24% from forest management practices, increases each year.
    Let’s hope that voters will strengthen Ecuador’s role in meeting the commitments that countries now pursue to manage climate change.

  3. Seems like an overflow of articles anti- Correa on this site? Correa championed the poor and middle class and any fair-minded person could not argue against the tremendous success of his Government. A little less bias would be appreciated.

    1. I am new in Ecuador so not up to date on what exactly his administration accomplished to improve the lots of poor people ==I see such heartbreaking poverty right in the midst of wealth-I like to enlighten myself of what happened to billions of Dollars China gave to Ecuador for the rights to crude oil –when does this expires–

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