Stray dogs attend viewing and funeral for woman who fed them

Apr 1, 2015 | 0 comments

When a group of stray neighborhood dogs showed up at the viewing and memorial service for a woman who devoted her life to taking care of homeless animals in Cuernavaca, Mexico, her daughter insisted that that be allowed to stay.

Stray dogs at a memorial for

Stray dogs at a memorial for Margarita Suarez.

According to daughter Patricia Urrutia, Margarita Suarez dedicated his life to caring for stray dogs and cats. After first, rejecting the idea, funeral home owners relented and let the dogs stay. “This was entirely unexpected and it is a beautiful and marvelous thing,” Urrutia said.

Besides family and friends of Suarez, the media attended the service and reported that the dogs were well behaved.

“They stayed with my mother all day and then all night, but they left in the morning,” Urrutia said. ¨Then, when we brought my mom to be cremated the dogs came back and gathered to say goodbye,” she said.

Urrutia added: “Dogs and cats were at the center of my mother’s life. She was always an animal lover and had great affection for animals who needed food and help. I am very happy that they came to be with her. I believe my mother is at peace now.”


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