Surveys show public security is the top issue for Ecuadorians; Noboa, military get high ratings

Feb 29, 2024 | 0 comments

Ecuadorians continue to rank public security as the country’s most important issue, according to new public opinion surveys. Overwhelmingly, they also say that the “internal conflict” with organized criminal gangs is affecting their employment and businesses.

According to new polls, Ecuadorians continue to give the armed forces the highest approval among government institutions.

A survey by Multitrabajos showed 55% of respondents rated security their number one concern followed by unemployment and underemployment at 32% and healthcare at 19%. 78% said that crime negatively affects their work or business.

According to a “snap poll” released Monday by Comunicaliza, the public maintains its strong support for President Daniel Noboa’s “war on narco terrorists,” with 85% approving the government’s response. Noboa received 81% approval for his handling of the presidency.

Among national institutions, a Cedatos poll released last week ranks the armed forces first, with 93% approval, followed by the presidency at 85%, the National Police at 59%, and the Attorney General’s office at 58%. The National Assembly and the judicial system received negative ratings at 27% and 13% respectively.

On a question about the 11 referendum questions voters will answer in April, 54% said they would vote “yes” while 34% were opposed.

In comments about his poll, Cedatas director Ángel Polibio said public opinion shows little change from the survey taken shortly after Noboa declared a national emergency to combat organized crime. “Seven weeks into the state of emergency, support for the military remains almost unchanged while the president’s approval has increased despite his decision to increase the IVA tax,” he said.

Polibio added that he expects Noboa’s approval rating to drop in coming weeks as political parties announce their presidential candidates for the February 2025 election.


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