Is Tame the ‘gang that can’t fly straight’? Airline officials and business leaders object to comments on social media and talk radio

Sep 24, 2016 | 0 comments

Officials of government-owned Tame Airlines are complaining about “erroneous and derogatory” comments made on social media and a prominent Cuenca talk radio station.

The Tame jet that skidded off the runway. (El Tiempo)

Tame jet that skidded off the runway in April. (El Tiempo)

“We categorically reject these slanderous expressions and will do what is necessary to protect our good name,” says Tame General Manager Patricio Chávez. Chávez is being supported by the Cuenca Chamber of Commerce that says that public comments are not helpful in reestablishing full service to Cuenca’s Mariscal La Mar Airport.

The telephone lines at talk radio station, Radio Mundo FM 98.1, have been buzzing for weeks with complaints about Tame’s service. A man who identified himself as Rodrigo, who said he is a retired commercial pilot, called the airline unprofessional. “The accident in April had nothing to do with the condition of the runway, it was the result of poorly trained pilots who made a mistake on their approach to the airport,” he said. “The problem is that Tame is run by the government and like any government operation, it is poorly managed.”

Rodrigo added: “Tame is the gang that can’t fly straight.”

Another caller, commenting on Tame’s claim that it does make money on its Cuenca flights, said the airline doesn’t make money on any of its flights. “They lost $50 million last year,” He said. “Why is that Lan makes money and Tame doesn’t. The problem is poor management.”

Callers and social media comments also focus on the fact that Latam, formerly Lan, says it has no problems landing the same jets in Cuenca in all weather that Tame says it cannot land on a wet runway. One Facebook post said: “I’m tired of the cancelled flights. Cuenca will be the winner when Tame goes bankrupt and Latam takes over its routes. Latam is a professional operation.”

In a letter to the media, the Chamber of Commerce urged that the rhetoric be toned down. “The problems being mentioned will be resolved over a period of time,” the statement said.


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