The U.S. is quickly becoming multicultural as the white population will soon become a minority

Jan 22, 2024 | 0 comments

By Cheyanne Daniels

A new analysis has found that minority Americans will make up the majority of the nation’s population by 2050. Using data from the American Community Survey, Collage Group found that since 2021, America’s multicultural population has increased by nearly 4 million.

The cultural and racial mix of the U.S. population is changing rapidly.

About 192.2 million white Americans make up about 58 percent of the population. Black, Hispanic, Asian and other races account for about 141.1 million Americans, according to the group’s report.

By 2050, Hispanic Americans are expected to have the most population growth — an increase of about 6 percent — while the white population is expected to decrease by about 11 percent.

“The growth in Multicultural populations in the U.S. means these segments wield immense influence. Their desire for diverse perspectives and a deep understanding of their cultural identity by brands and organizations will be ever more critical in the future,” Sudipti Kumar, director of multicultural Insights at Collage Group, told The Hill in a statement.

The reasons behind the changes vary. For instance, the growth in the Asian American population is mostly attributed to immigration, the report said.

The report also broke down different characteristics and viewpoints of the growing multicultural population, and these population changes could impact political outcomes.

More than 30 percent each of Hispanic, Black and Asian Americans reported that they identify as liberal in their political views, a higher percentage than white Americans. Black Americans were most likely to say so, with 37 percent identifying as liberal.

But the demographic change also could mean an increase in the need for foreign language services.

While most Hispanics speak English proficiently, more than two-thirds speak Spanish at home. Nine percent of Black Americans speak non-English at home, and 68 percent of Asian Americans speak a non-English language at home.

The growth is spurring a cultural transformation faster than originally projected, and brands will now need to speak to cultural diversity at “an even more granular and nuanced level,” said Jenny Wolski, Senior Analyst of Cultural Insights at Collage Group.

“Americans are expecting this interaction from brands and at a higher rate,” said Wolski. “Moreover, such engagement is what will set brands apart from others and help resonate with the diversifying American population.”
Despite the increasing multiculturalism in America, the report found that Black Americans are particularly affected by systemic inequalities.

Both Hispanics and Black Americans are least likely to have earned a bachelor’s degree and earn less than the total population median.

Asian Americans and white Americans are most likely to own their own homes, and Asian Americans are the highest-earning demographic of all races and ethnicities.

Credit: The Hill


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