Transferencia Project Update: Meet the women artists making a difference for abused women

Mar 6, 2023 | 1 comment

Plaque From the Bridge Dedicated to Victims of Femicide. Artist: Janda Grove

By Tom Larsen

What is Transferencia?

Transferencia: Impressions of Our City, is the brainchild of Janda Grove, a North American artist now living in Cuenca. The project began in May of 2022. As Janda wandered and explored her adopted hometown, she decided she wanted to use her art to display and celebrate its cultural and architectural beauty. The idea of making rubbings of the architectural designs in El Centro (door signs, metal works, manhole covers, tiles) emerged.

Rubbing is a transfer technique where paper is placed over a textured surface and the image transferred to the paper. In this project, the artists then use oil pastels or graphite on the paper to create an extraordinary artwork.

Janda enlisted her artistic friends and nearly a year later the project is complete.

Where can you see (and purchase) the artwork?

A preview will be held March 7 from 5-7:30 at Mujeres con Éxito (Baltazara de Calderón 2-26 y Miguel Velez) Cash bar and complimentary finger foods.

The main exhibition will be at IdiomArt (Mariscal Lamar 14-25 y Estévez de Toral). Opening March 9, 5:30 to 7:30. Continuing through March 31, the work will be on display Tuesday through Saturday, 11 – 5.

On March 11, 2-4 PM, at Idiom Art, Janda will offer a workshop on making rubbings. She will present a slideshow: “Women Artists Then and Now” on March 18 at 7 PM (Doors open at 6:30).

La Guarida (Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta) is also supporting the project. They will exhibit works from March 7 to March 31. Call 099 806 8071 to make a reservation for one of their wonderful events.

Framed art is priced at $100 to $400. There are a few smaller unframed pieces available for $40 to $80.

Proceeds from sales go to Mujeres con Éxito.

Who are the artists?

Janda Grove is From Muskegon, Michigan

“I have been fascinated by art since childhood, and a working artist — oil painter — for nearly 30 years.

“This art project has allowed me to observe and appreciate the textures and patterns of the colonial city, and inspired contemplation about “keep out/protection” that is so prevalent.   Using our talents to create beauty and support for women and children has been my motivation.”

Tracy Jo Hamilton moved to Cuenca about 6 months ago from Olympia, Washington.

“For most of my adult life, I have been involved, voluntarily and professionally, in social and environmental justice. In all my travels across the globe, the one constant I have noticed how the Arts play an essential role in raising the consciousness and opening the hearts of individuals and communities.  It is an effective tool for change.

“I would never claim to be an artist (luckily, I am surrounded by talented women artists who guide and encourage me), however, I see this project as a chance to help women and children to escape the horrors of domestic violence.”

Linda Walker is from Waialua, Hawaii

“I founded Child Protection Project to bring awareness to the dramatic abuse many children endure. I was drawn to this project to raise money for the good work Mujeres Con Éxito does. I’ve had a lifelong interest in the arts, not as an artist, but as an appreciator. So, this is a new experience for me and it’s fascinating to view the city from the perspective of an artist.”

Kaye Sturgis is from Virginia Beach, VA, and has lived in Cuenca for nearly seven years. She currently writes a blog on seeing each aspect of life navigation through the lens of Love Consciousness. The opportunity to gift inspired art with Janda Grove and other like-minded women to a favorite charity, sang to Kaye’s heart.

“The project has been a lot of fun on more levels than can be mentioned. Helping women and children leave abusive situations behind, making new friends, and seeing the Historic District of Cuenca through my newly opened artists’ eyes top the list.”

Barrio San Roque – Brass Plaque and Iron Work. A Collaboration of Mary Helfrich, Janda Grove and Lisa Jaffee

Tricia Farrell is a professional freelance artist who recently moved to Cuenca. Her passions are painting and working with youth of many cultures through art.

“Though prior to the project I was not familiar with the medium or the technique of transferencia I have really enjoyed the challenge and I feel honored to be part of any effort or Organization that assists and supports women and children in need.”

Jan Fischer, Ph.D. lived mostly in South Dakota, North Africa, and California.

A former educator, consultant, corporate wife, volunteer and traveler interested in empowering women and children, she is drawn to transferencia because it offers new ways to explore and portray the beauty, textures, colors and community connections within Cuenca. Jan is finding inspiration through camaraderie and collaboration with women artists whose curiosity, courage and commitment will help make lasting changes.

Mary Helfrich is from Madison, Wisconsin.

“I grew up in a home where my mother encouraged me to volunteer. I have found it a wonderful way to meet interesting and giving people, and to learn. Although I am not an artist, I live creatively, and I’m drawn to beauty and creative opportunities around me. This is such a joyful project to be a part of; it is humbling to be able to contribute to Mujeres con Éxito.”

Lois Andrews

“My BFA is in Painting and Printing. Professionally, I worked in the graphic end of publishing.  When I retired, I taught computer design in middle and high school. I have made ceramics for 40 years. I love rubbing, reproducing images from Cuenca’s El Centro and collaborating with other women to produce some art to support survivors of domestic abuse.”

Lisa Jaffe moved here 5 years ago from Encinitas California. She calls the decision, ‘One of the best decisions of this life.’

“Upon my recent return from the U.S. I felt compelled to become more involved in worthy causes…I was honored to be invited to participate with this talented group of artists for Mujeres con Éxito.

“This project has challenged my art skills, given me a deeper more intimate look at our beautiful city and introduced me to some very special people.

“I fortunately got an ‘ART DNA’ download from my mother’s side of the family—ceramics, calligraphy, divine cooking, sewing, acrylic painting.

“ME…. always fumbling towards ecstasy with collage, painting, writing, seeing the beauty everywhere and maybe just…ART for the sake of ART! (I still keep my day job!)”

Carved Wooden Door Panel on Luis Cordero. Artist: Tricia Farrell

 Learn more about the great work that Mujeres con Éxito does:


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