Viernes, 11/3/2016: Collapsed roads and landslides, Cops arrest cops, Kinetic sculpture, Oil meeting delayed, Tram work schedule

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A kinetic sculpture exhibit of 5 pieces by Maurice Montero is on display in the Sala Paúl Cézanne at the Alianza Francesa de Cuenca. The sculptures arechl jeanne logo mechanical and you can wind a crank to move them, and others you can blow on them to move them. The exhibit continues to April. (No Spanish needed to enjoy this.)

A book of short stories, “Los Discípulos y Otros Cuentos” (The Disciples and Other Stories) by Karla Idrovo was launched Fri in the Sala de Conciertos de la Casa de la Cultura del Azuay.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Colapsan las vías (Roadways collapse) – on the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-Puerto Inca at km 92.5 (Sounds like a radio station) near Tamarindo in Cañar. There was an “hundimiento” (sinking, subsidence, sagging – your word for the day – “hundir” can be applied to a boat that is no longer floating.) along a 50 meter stretch. The photo shows one whole side of a road about 2-1/2′ lower than the other side. (The original road is hip high to a person standing on the lower part.) Heavy vehicles will probably be restricted.

More road newsEs intransitable un tramo de la Cuenca-Dizha (A stretch of the (vía) Cuenca-Dizha is unpassible). This includes a stretch from El Valle to Cochapamba which is heavily populated. The contractor for the project abandoned it last 5/2 due to financial problems. A resident of Cochalpamba asked that the province at least fill in the potholes since the condition of the road is “insoportable” (unbearable). He threatened that the neighbors would fill in the holes with rocks themselves. (More good old Ecuadorian self sufficiency.)

More weather related stuff –

Increase in flow rates on the río Machangara caused suspension of operations at the Tixán water plant for 12 consecutive hours, leaving 45-50% of Cuenca without water. It should have started up again at 15:00. The flow rate was 20 cubic meters per second with a turbidity measurement of 9,000 (NTU). The plant can treat water up to 2,000 in turbidity.

Forecast for rain – 60% for Sat and Sun.

A landslide in Ponce Enríquez near Bella Rica closed a 3d order road. (Wonder if a 3d order road is a seasonal one lane dirt road or something more drivable when it’s not closed.)

A landslide on the vía Chaucha-La Ibería at the Curva de Yunguilla.
A woman lost her life in the río Culebrillas in Sayausí. The article ends with a warning to NOT go near the banks when the river is running high. (I think any sensible person would be afraid to get too near the river.)

Robots – were built by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering students at the UPS to support therapy for children with autism and problems with language. Because autistic children can respond better to animals than people, the robot Siro wears a cow costume.

Una banda criminal (a criminal gang) – allegedly led by an active police officer was broken up. 12 people including 4 active cops were detained after a 3 month investigation. The gang would break into homes and then the cops in uniform would tell the victims not to report it since the criminals were very dangerous.

A meeting – of Latin American oil producing countries, originally scheduled for Fri, has been postponed due to the schedules of the various ministers. The new Secretary of State, Guillaume Long, said that Latin American represents a third of the world’s oil resources and 12% or the world’s reserves, so it’s important that the region come to a common position to improve oil income before OPEC meets at the end of this month.

Tranvía scheduling – This coming Mon. work will start 24/7 for about 5-1/2 months. There will be 3 shifts – 6-14:00, 14-22:00 and 22-6:00 with 60 workers in each “frente” (I think a section of work) in groups of 20 per shift with a 4th group to fill in vacancies. El Centro will be the priority with other areas getting extended hours as needed. (Kind of like taking a bandage off – one painful rip, or pulling it off slowly for less pain. It’s easy for me to make such a facile comparison because I’m kilometers away from any Tranvía work.)

Feria de la medicina ancestral (No translation needed there, is there? Better not be unless English isn’t your primary language either.) – a ritual with a Chacana (the Cruz Andina or Andean cross) started the fair at the Plaza Guayaquil in Gualaceo. The Chacana was made of rose petals, dried grains in different colors, and fruits such as piña, oritos, frutillas and more. (Those three fruits are your homework for the day. Except for oritos which are the baby bananas. At the Supermaxi but not in my dictionary.) There are healers and shamans from various places in Ecuador and from other countries and Antonio Peláez conducted the ceremony of brotherhood and gratitude for la Pachamama, a la Divinidad y la Naturaleza (Mother Earth, Divinity and Nature). (I wonder if an acupuncturist or herbalist showed up? I bet local healers would be interested in traditional medicines from other cultures. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Ecuadorians are curious and ask about all sorts of things. In fact, I imagine that this event might be interesting to many of you out there.) The fair will run every day to Sun. Cleansings cost $3 for adults and $2 for children and healings cost an average of $10.

Your sliver of life article today – is about an agreement between a cooperative of 150 women hatweavers in Biblián and a a major hatmaker in Italy. The women have cut out the middlemen and their total production is going to Italy. Currently they are shipping unfinished hats, but they are saving to buy machines so they can send finished hats.

Mercado de hierba y carbon (Grass – no not that kind – and charcoal market) opened in Chacapamba in Azoguez. 20 permanent booths were built. (I guess if you’ve got a couple hundred cuyes to feed, you need to buy food instead of cutting it yourself.)

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movies open this week.
2D Divergente Leal – Esp
2D Resurrección de Cristo – Esp. & Sub.
The following movies are continuing.
2D & 3D Zootopia – Esp.
2 & 3D Dioses de Egipto – Esp.
2D Deadpool – Esp & Sub.
2D Point Break – Esp.
2D Revenant – Esp.
2D Alfaro vive carajo – Esp. (and you should Google carajo for yourself – most of you will be glad you did – just don’t run around shouting it in public spaces.)

Internacional –

Venezuela – the parliament approved the 1st debate for a project about the referendum law as an instrument that could speed up the constitutional process to remove Pres. Maduro. (The revolution will wear a suit and tie and will be televised. This is a reference to a Gil Scott-Heron song.)

Deportes –

Deportivo Cuenca – opened an official store in their offices at the estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar. The prices range from $10-65 for caps, buffs (wazzat?), turtleneck shirts, and sweaters. (Now this is my idea of a sports story – team clothes.)

Discuenos y compras –

Sukasa – a new collection – “Mon Amour” – is coming Sat, 12/3.

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