Viernes, 24/6/2016: Court officer dies in landslide-related accident, Mayor and prefect part ways, Water service

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Friday’s events –

“Mis Adorables Entenados” (My Adorable Stepchildren) – The characters from one of the most popular TV series will be in the teatrochl jeanne logo Casa de la Cultura Fri..

Concierto – The OSC with guest pianist David Encalada performed Fri. in the Teatro Pumapungo.

Cine infantil (Childrens’ film) – Childrens’ films were shown Fri. in the Biblioteca (Library) at the CCE.

Articles about –

Review of Las Marujas – The humorous theatrical work by two Ceuncanas was presented this past Wed and Thu with jokes about Ecuador such as “un amigo quiteño me dijo que Cuenca es el Quito que queremos”  (A Quiteño friend told me that Cuenca is the Quito we want.)  (So aren’t you glad you moved here before all the Quiteños start coming and running up real estate prices?)

“Arquitectura popular del Azuay y Cañar 1977-78 – The architecture book was published the U of Cuenca Dept of Architecture in conjunction with CIDAP and contains 198 pages with 39 photos and 42 pen drawings.

Ruta de las Parroquias y Caminatas a los Cerros Ancestrales (Route of the Parishes and Walks to to Ancestral Hills) – This weekend’s outings will be to Molleturo on Sat. The 7 km walk will be a route parallel to the Paredones and has vestiges of the Camino del Inca (Inca Trail or Qhapac Ñan). On Sun, the parish will be Llacao with a walk up to the Pachamama plateau.  They both start at San Sebastián at 9:00 and end with the sharing of a pampamesa.  Register in the Dirección Municipal de Cultura in the Museo de la Ciudad.

Ad – for a Pimpinela tour – 30 years of hits – Fri, 1/7 at 20:00 in the Convention Center at the Mall del Río.  Tickets on sale at Almacenes La Victoria.  (No price given, but this one won’t be free.)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Júbilo en Colombia al concluir 50 años del conflicto armado (Jubilation in Colombia for the end of 50 years of armed conflict.)  (I think that this story would be covered in the US or English language news.  It’s too important to ignore.)

Highway lighting – A lack of money has led Empresa Eléctrica Azogues to provide temporary lighting to 4 critical stretches of the autopista between El Decanso and Azogues to reduce accidents.

Local politics – The alliance between the Participa party, led by Prefecto Paúl Carrasco, and Igualdad, led by Mayor Cabrera has ended.  Cabrera said the alliance fell apart when “certain” politicians met with members of the ultra-right (Jaime Nebot, mayor of Guayaquil).  Carrasco said that Cabrera didn’t want to meet with him in order to stay on the good side of Correa.  (He said, he said – politics as usual. Bedfellows one day and enemies the next.)

Deslave (mudslide) – (Remember what I said about the slide being scary?  Well, it’s turned deadly)  The President of the Court of Justice of Morona Santiago was killed when the car she was in attempted to cross the landslide shortly after it happened. According to a witness, the car got stuck, was hit by a mass of mud, was pushed off the road and fell 80 meters.  The driver survived.  In a second accident, a truck carrying wood went into a ravine.  The two occupants are in stable condition.

Get current information about the state of the roads in Azuay and Morona Santiago Provinces at the Twitter acounts of the Servicio Integrado de Seguridad (SIS) ECU 911.  (If you passed a drivers test you should be able to navigate a web site.  If you don’t drive, what the heck do you care about the roads if they’re not affecting travel plans.)

Closures – The vía Paute-Guarumales-Méndez is totally closed due to slides in Amaluza, Palmas, Yunkai and Cruz Pamba.  On the vía Gualaceo-Plan de Milagro-Limón, there is a bus bridge at Tinajillas.  Passengers get out and cross the slide on foot and meet another bus on the other side to finish their trip. (I bet they all have their botas de siete vidas on.  Boots with 7 lives – those black rubber boots workers wear.  Leave your high heels at home.)

Public service announcement – Water service will be interrupted on Sat, 25/6 from 8-16:00 in the area bounded by:
Norte:   Quebrada de Milchichig
Sur:      Av. De las Américas
Este:     Barial Blanco, Obispo Miguel León
Oeste:  Camino a Miraflores
(Those four cardinal directions are also your words for the day.  North, south, east and west.  Now you know what the Sur in República Sur means.)

New curriculum – A workshop on building Afro-Ecuadorian ethno-educational modules started today at the Museo Pumapungo. The goal is to bring visibility and support to the “pueblo afro.” They hope to include the material in the next academic year. The modules will cover origins, diaspora and dispersion, territory and territoriality, ancestral knowledge and ancestral medicine.  (I don’t think you want to hear my rant about Black History in the US educational system.)

Car registration – If your license plate ends with 5, you have to this coming Thu. to get your matricula.  Go to the centers in Capulispamba, Mayancela, Terminal Terrestre, or the parking lot at parque De La Madre.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.
2 & 3D Día de la Independencia 2 – Esp.
3D Día de la Independencia 2 – Sub
2D Yo antes de ti – Esp y Sub.
The following movies are continuing.  All are in Español.
2 & 3D Buscando a Dory
2D El Conjuro 2
2D La última ola
2D Warcraft
2D Tortugas Ninja 2

Deportes –

Summer camp – Registration for the Federación Deportiva del Azuay summer sports programs for kids 6-17 will end on 4/7 or until spaces run out.  Register in the lower levels of the coliseo Jefferson Pérez.  There are 28 sports to choose from, and the cost depends on the sport.  The programs start on 4/7.  The most popular are swimming and basketball.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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