Viernes, 6/12/2016: Rights for foreigners expanded, New vice president, Mining opponents to meet in Cuenca

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Fri.) agenda events

Fiesta de disfraces (Costume party) – An encounter with the invisible world with guide Robag Wrunhme was Fri. in the Salón de Eventos Estancia Rosario (av. 24 de Mayo y Ciurcunvalación Sur).

Articles about –

A review – The “conversatorio” about journalism, attended by communication students at the U. Católica de Cuenca, recalled figures such as Fray Vicente Solano, Manuel de Jesús Calle and Antonio Lloret.

Bienal – The ex Escuela Central is one of the venues for the Bienal and is showing the work of artists from Ecuador, Venezuela, Perú, Boivia, Irán and Cuba.

Teatro drag – The show, “La Rosca de Reyes,” (The thread of kings) is at el Sono Centro Cultural.  The first act makes jokes about daily situations and the obsession with dieting. The 2nd act is about beauty contests.  (All of those are jokable.)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Más derechos para migrantes (More rights for migrants) – The ley de Movilidad Humana (Law of Human Mobility/ Movement) was approved unanimously to protect the rights of all citizens who are in a “condición de movilidad” including Ecuadorians abroad and those returning home as well as simplifying requirements for foreigners in the country.  It says that no one is illegal based on their migratory situation.  (Tell that to El Sapo elect.)   For Ecuadorians abroad, the rights are to political participation (voting?), access to scholarships, long-distance education, repatriating cadavers, search for missing persons, consular protection, health, access to justice, and services from the registro civil and identity.  Returning Ecuadorians can re-enter the educational system at any level, have access to the financial system, priority for venture capital, and the possibility of bringing their household goods without paying “tributos” (taxes?).

For foreigners in Ecuador, the requirements to get your immigration status will be simplified and two types of residency are established – temporary or permanent.  The allowed time of stay in the country will double from 90 to 180 days.  (Something that might make life easier for you part-timers.)  The law also “obliga a los extranjeros a contar con un seguro de salud por el tiempo de su estadía.”  (Requires non-resident foreign visitors) to have health insurance for the duration of their stay.  I include the original text so you can see for yourself what was written and not plague me with questions.  Are foreigners abusing the free medical system here – all of us old gringos having heart attacks on the taxpayer’s dime?)

Campaign – Sandra Naranjo, Currently Secretary of Planning and Development, will replace Jorge Glas as Vice President until el próximo 20/2.  Glas has been granted an unpaid temporary leave.  Correa made other changes to his cabinet.  (I’m guessing because you can’t serve in government while you’re running for office?)

Voto 2017 –

Votación facultativa (Optional voting – your words for the day) – Members of the armed forces, seniors and youth 16-18 have optional voting.  Everyone else if obligated to vote.  46,778 credentials were delivered to the Policía Nacional for optional voting.

Meeting – Anti-mining groups from 5 provinces will meet in Cuenca on el próximo 3/2 in the Salón de la Ciudad.  Invitations have been issued to all 8 candidates.  The idea is to have the candidates sign a pact respecting water sources, biodiversity and la Pachamama.  (Think any politician is going to show up and a put campaign promise on paper?)

Election information – Voters can go to to find out your polling place which has a link to check the “planes de trabajo” (work plans) of the candidates. (Perhaps their campaign schedules?).

Parlamento Andino – Ecuadorians will also elect 5 representatives to the Andean Parliament from a list of 11 candidates fielded by various parties.

Ecological buses – The Cámara de Transporte de Cuenca recently acquired 7 ecological buses of which 2 are in circulation. The buses have .08% “opacidad” (opacity) as opposed to the typical bus with 70-80% opacidad.  (I think it refers to emissions.) Besides not seeing smoke, the buses will be identifiable by their blue, red and white paint jobs and the word “ecologicos.”

Correa in Cuenca – The president will be broadcasting his Enlace Ciudadano 507 speech tomorrow from parque El Paraiso.

TAME –  In the last 3 months, TAME has suspended 47 flights – 32 to/from Quito and 15 to/from Guayaquil. (And during those 3 months from 14/9-14/12 weren’t we were wishing for rain so the rivers wouldn’t dry up completely?) Another 28 Quito flights and at least 9 Guayaquil flights were delayed.  The reasons presented include holidays, unscheduled maintenance, “retiro itinerario” (cancelation of the itinerary?), “aproximación frustada” (aborted landing?), scheduled cancellation (there were 17 of these with Quito), airline decision, lack of scheduling.  (I hope the real reason isn’t “the flight crews show up too drunk to work.”)

In contrast, LANTAM cancelled 5 Cuenca-Quito-Cuenca flights with 6 delays in the same time period.  A councilman said that Avianca has been contacted about serving Cuenca.  In enero of 2015, Aerogal, which merged with Avianca, discontinued service to Cuenca for operational issues.  For the councilman, the goal is implement international connections. (Wouldn’t that be great?)

Mascaradas 2017 – There were 21 entrants, 3 times last years number, in last night’s masquerade parade.  The parade was on Huayna Cápac at La República and ended at the El Vergel bridge.

Business page –

“Oro Moto” – A branch of this motorcycle assembly business has opened on Batán y Las Américas, sector Feria Libre.  The brand and parts are from Japan, China and the US.  They have several models.  (The descriptions of the models make it obvious how little Spanish I know.  So here’s model OM200R: cilindraje 200cc, contrapeso, sistema eléctrica y recificador 9 amperos, motor: 1 cilindro/4 tiempos.  Peso 140 KG, bobina de campo 12 núcleos, guías direccionales dusty LED, amortiguadores con gas.  I bet you gear heads who don’t speak a word of Spanish got more out those specs than I did.)

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.

3D & 2D Assassin’s Creed – Esp.
2D Assassin’s Creed – Sub.
2D Max Steel – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.

2D Star Wars Rogue One – Esp.
2D Sing ven y canta! – Esp.
2D ¿Porque el? – Esp.
2D Pasajeros – Esp.
2D Criminal – mente implacable – Sub.

Concierto – Sara Ontaneda will be at the República Sur on 7/1 at 21:00 with songs from her new CD.  Cost: $5.00.

Internacional –

México – The “gasolinazo” protests left 1 dead, 600 arrested and psychosis in México.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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