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A week into the referendum campaign, Moreno supporters feeling confident; Correa complains about media ‘blackout’ against the ‘no’ position

Following a week of official campaigning, supporters of President Lenin Moreno say they are on the way to a resounding “Sí” victory in the February 4 referendum election.

Former president Rafael Correa was on the “No” stump in Guayaquil on Saturday.

“We feel very good about our position and believe we will have an overwhelming triumph in February,” José Villavicencio, president of the Workers Unity Front (FUT) said Sunday. Villavicencio spoke at rallies over the weekend in Cuenca and plans to move on to Guayaquil and Manta later this week.

“The latest polls show that the people are on our side by a great majority but we cannot rest until the campaign ends,” he said. “We know the tactics of the opposition since we have been subjected to them for many years. We cannot let our guard down.”

Villavicencio was referring to recent polls that show 72% and 75% support for the “yes” side.

FUT is one of 36 political movements authorized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to campaign in favor of the referendum. Four organizations are registered to promote the “No” position.

On Saturday, the Unidad Popular front, another “Sí” supporter, held its annual convention in Quito and announced its schedule for the remainder of the campaign. The Committees of the Citizen Revolution (CRC) also released its schedule, saying it would organize caravans throughout the country in the “Sí” campaign’s remaining weeks.

Meanwhile, former president Rafael Correa is blasting what he calls a “media blackout” against the campaign of “No” supporters. “It is like a wall of silence erected against our side,” he said. “It is the commercial, rightwing media against the people, something I fought hard to correct when I was president. This is one reason we must vote no on February 4.”

In a Saturday rally in Guayaquil, Correa said that opponents of Moreno must work twice as hard to overcome their disadvantage. “We must tell the people about the arrogance and abuse of power of the government. We must also convince them of the corruption of the media.”

16 thoughts on “A week into the referendum campaign, Moreno supporters feeling confident; Correa complains about media ‘blackout’ against the ‘no’ position

  1. Correa should go back to his wife and kids in Belgium and leave governing to Moreno . Correa is old news and the people of Ecuador don’t want a dictator.

    1. Another one speaking for the people of Ecuador. I don’t remember your name on any ballot.

  2. “We must tell the people about the arrogance and abuse of power”………gee! like they don’t already know.
    Not much fun being on the outside looking in, is it?

    1. I was going to say the same thing….and Correa’s hipocrisy is more fun to watch than a comedy of errors….

      1. Moreno is out-correaing Correa. File this one under “careful what you wish for, Rafael”

      2. You’re right. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing the former abuser, being “abused” by the same thing that he used to abuse the populace with.

  3. 10 years of hard work were trashed into the garbage in 7 months. That’s what happened in Ecuador. Moreno betrayed people who voted for him. He has done nothing during these months, but yet, he takes credit of new developments already initiated by Correa’s Goverment. The Ecuadorian media is complete garbage, really unbalenced.

    1. Jajajajajaja Stop whining, Liliana. For us to believe your words, we would have to believe that 75% of the people in Ecuador have been hoodwinked by Moreno and that Correa wasn’t the thin skinned, egotistical despot that he was. Nobody is buying what you’re selling.

      1. Not only are we not buying it, we are flushing it down the sewer along with hopefully Maduro in 2018.

    2. Thanks Liliana. The people that think they know it all will attack you and call you names.

  4. After the way Correa treated the media during his “reign”, if I were he, I wouldn’t expect much support.

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